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  1. Here is where we post which characters in SAO RPG we would ship. If you set up a pair you should give a brief explanation of why you ship them. Keith x Cicila: I ship these two not just because at the time of this post they are currently getting married, but because they have been one of the most solid relationships running going on here. Their affection runs deep and they provide nice reading material. ;D Zelrius x Unknown: These two while only just meeting on the frontlines, seem to share a common goal with one another. They seem to have a deep understanding for each other. And will commonly take on strong bosses together as two of the leading strongest players in the game. Thinker x Frenzy Boars: Because they are always together following and watching players go about their day to day lives.... Creeping the rest of us out.
  2. Thanks for tonight Hun. And to the rest of you who see the strongest tank in Aincrad...


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    2. Miaki


      Careful mate.


      And she looks fierce!

    3. Tristan Delaney

      Tristan Delaney

      Well you do have means to attack, we all do XD also your regen factor only trips for a 50% chance if hit if you're thinking the regen enhancement.

      Don't forget I also have a bleed 2 para 1 weapon so I can para to stop any moves you may do and I'll deal damage beyond mitigation with bleed, along with the battle healing I have. So attrition wise I'd win using the status unless you attack, which would slam into my 69 MIT and Flame Thorns xD

    4. Tristan Delaney

      Tristan Delaney

      Considering you seemingly have no intent to attack me (stupid as that would look in a fight), the paralysis would only work in my favour for more battle healing. Also regen actually has a drop off, battle healing heals more on higher levels as it is a % heal rather than a straight one.

  3. Miaki

    Floor 11 Floor Boss Sign Up

    Miaki is joining the fight alongside Nikki!
  4. Miaki

    [F09] «Guardian of Fire»

    And I'll be doing this with "The River" Styx.
  5. Miaki

    Real Life Picture Thread

    We've been demanding to see his sexy mug for ages it seems like but the guy has yet to reveal himself. I say we draw him out!
  6. Miaki

    Skype Chatgroup

    The call is up and should likely stay up most of the afternoon. Host is currently afk so if you are having issues then you will have to deal with them til he returns.
  7. ^ THIS!!!!!! YES! YES! AND YES!
  8. You give Lady Elyth back her food or I will make you regret it friend. Don't be anywhere alone for if her food is not returned soon your existence in Aincrad will be short lived.... Fair warning.
  9. Well Nikki we did do something, and Aincrad Skype chat certainly exploded when the news hit them a few hours ago. I seriously can't thank everyone enough for the huge response from the community on Skype. Neither Nikki nor I remotely expected such an expression of excitement, love, and support for the engagement. And yes....
  10. Miaki

    Real Life Picture Thread

    Okay, so my last few were still hiding the real me. So I dug through a few and found two that stood out. The first shows how classy I can be and the second shows how dedicated a gamer I am to wait in line 2 1/2 hours to play 2 matches in a game. Hello ladies, I enjoy swimming, biking, long walks on the beach, and reading. :P Oh... I should mention Im also one of those gamers willing to wait hours just for 5 minutes of gameplay for a game not released yet.
  11. Yunah X Aria/Lightfiyr: Call me psychic or something if you want but I see this one happening. Mark my words. Its gonna happen.
  12. Miaki

    Selds Repair and Smithy

    The man running <> had been very successful since Miaki was there last. Today Miaki was looking for two items for a friend of his who was trying to climb the ranks in Aincrad and strengthen herself. But she was dirt broke with almost nothing to her name at the moment so Miaki found out what she needed while window shopping. Miaki entered the establishment and saw the man himself working. "Good afternoon. I'm looking at buying two items from you today." He checked what was in stock and saw that what he was looking for was still in. Miaki pointed to the two items and pulled out a small bag of Col that would be enough for the payment. "These two are the ones I'm looking for. That'll be 1250 Col am I right?" He said tossing the money pouch over to Seldentar.
  13. THAT WAS A LEGITIMATE QUESTION! And another thing. What in the world happened in here while I wasn't paying attention the last two days?!? H-how did...
  14. Naruto and his cohorts don't belong here. They are unworthy and are found wanting. Here are the true kings.
  15. Siren X Zauis: Cause of all the lovely RPing they have done together. Zero X The People of Skype: Cause Zero is very much loved by the people in the Skype group. Lightfiyr/Aria X Nikki Styx: Because HAWT and they would more than likely go at it IRL too given the chance.... Actually, I'm fairly certain of that. -nods approvingly-
  16. 0.0 Wow....... Is it just my imagination or am I getting shipped around the most in here? Seriously.
  17. Shade X Sakura: Although these two may not go anywhere in their bonding with each other, together they could be the co-stars of "Finding Emo". Grim X a <>: Because it seems fitting.... Also, the internetz. Miaki X Z-Man: While Z-Man hasn't started RPing.... (yet) they are buds from childhood and Z-man's actions of diving into SAO even from hearing about the game being a death trap shows his courage and loyalty to his friends.
  18. Alright people keep it in the PMs! Let's stay focused here. BACK TO THE SHIPPING!!!! Keith Yudai X his fangirls OR MAYBE Keith's fan girls X Keith Yudai: I say fangirls because it is true and there are so many that I'd feel bad missing one if I listed any of them.
  19. Miaki


    «Name» Subtitle. Profile » Username: Hicks » Real name: Dwayne » Age: 19 » Gender: Male » Height: 5'8" » About: Dwayne was in ROTC............. » Virtues: Dedications:. Straight-forward. . » Flaws: Reference: http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.html Straight-forward:. . . Profession: Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills : » Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships (optional) » Story Thus Far (optional) » NOTE: THIS IS NOT DONE (CLEARLY) BUT I AM MAKING THE JOURNAL ENTRY NOW AND ILL FINISH IT LATER.
  20. First, I don't think I've even been in the same thread as Megumi. Just so it's clear the shipping has to be realistic. Support your claim with a reason WHY you would ship the two (or three ;D). For example lets reach towards a recent one that has been added. drigun X Grim: Because these two seem to have become close buddies in their lower levels and have been doing a lot of adventuring together becoming the closest of buddies. Discuss these or comment outside of them in the skype chat or in PMs guys lets keep things on topic. (Also that was a funny one Ryujin)
  21. Miaki

    Real Life Picture Thread

    That moment when you are googling your old workplace and you find a picture of yourself on a tourist's blog. This picture was taken on a day which was a special event promoting a new attraction. Several of us guards showed up early to make sure guests only went on the attractions that were running prior to opening to the general public. Based on the lighting, I'd guess that this was taken around 7:30 in the morning during my first year. Full size picture Tourist's blog
  22. Wait, what?!? Hmmmmmmm....... You know what? I'm totally cool with that.
  23. Thinker x Klein x Frenzy Boar Because we need more shipping.
  24. Miaki

    [SP-F3] Search for Atlantis (Iron)

    Watching the <> freeze for a fragment of a second then explode in the glass-like manner, Miaki sheathed his blade looking at Silverwing returning to his side. The post battle screen displayed two more ingots added to Miaki;s inventory and he smiled at the prospect. "I think we're gonna call it a day here Silverwing. I'm tired and I think we did very nicely with our item drops. Sure we could go further but I think we'd just be trying our luck with the drops. We have enough for the day." With that Miaki walked away from the shale and back along the beach toward <>. The [url+https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ia99MoNkL74&feature=kp]BGM changed from an battle theme one to something dramatic and soothing to him. A fine piece to hear having just finished such a successful day of battle on the fields. Looking out at the sea to his left, Miaki watched the waves roll in the distance. Where ever Kayaba was, Miaki wasn't mad at him like nearly every other person in existence was, he was awed by the beautiful world he was trapped in. (OOC: Rolled 18. x2 <> added to inventory.) THREAD CLOSED
  25. Miaki was in need of new weapons and armor. Joining the front lines required that he get himself new armaments as his starter gear was not helping him on the upper floors. He heard of one rather successful smith named <> who could make him some good wares if he were provided the resources. So that's what Miaki was doing here on the 3rd floor, <>, a coastal town on one of the outer regions of the third floor. (OOC: When battling Sealions, a loot roll of 10 on their death results in (1) single <>, loot roll of 15 results in (2) <>, loot roll of 20 results in (3) <>.) (If a GM thinks the loot roll results should be altered, PM me.)