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  1. Thanks for tonight Hun. And to the rest of you who see the strongest tank in Aincrad...


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    2. Miaki


      Careful mate.


      And she looks fierce!

    3. Tristan Delaney

      Tristan Delaney

      Well you do have means to attack, we all do XD also your regen factor only trips for a 50% chance if hit if you're thinking the regen enhancement.

      Don't forget I also have a bleed 2 para 1 weapon so I can para to stop any moves you may do and I'll deal damage beyond mitigation with bleed, along with the battle healing I have. So attrition wise I'd win using the status unless you attack, which would slam into my 69 MIT and Flame Thorns xD

    4. Tristan Delaney

      Tristan Delaney

      Considering you seemingly have no intent to attack me (stupid as that would look in a fight), the paralysis would only work in my favour for more battle healing. Also regen actually has a drop off, battle healing heals more on higher levels as it is a % heal rather than a straight one.

  2. Miaki is joining the fight alongside Nikki!
  3. We've been demanding to see his sexy mug for ages it seems like but the guy has yet to reveal himself. I say we draw him out!
  4. The call is up and should likely stay up most of the afternoon. Host is currently afk so if you are having issues then you will have to deal with them til he returns.
  5. Okay, so my last few were still hiding the real me. So I dug through a few and found two that stood out. The first shows how classy I can be and the second shows how dedicated a gamer I am to wait in line 2 1/2 hours to play 2 matches in a game. Hello ladies, I enjoy swimming, biking, long walks on the beach, and reading. :P Oh... I should mention Im also one of those gamers willing to wait hours just for 5 minutes of gameplay for a game not released yet.
  6. The man running <> had been very successful since Miaki was there last. Today Miaki was looking for two items for a friend of his who was trying to climb the ranks in Aincrad and strengthen herself. But she was dirt broke with almost nothing to her name at the moment so Miaki found out what she needed while window shopping. Miaki entered the establishment and saw the man himself working. "Good afternoon. I'm looking at buying two items from you today." He checked what was in stock and saw that what he was looking for was still in. Miaki pointed to the two items and pulled out a small bag
  7. Miaki


    «Name» Subtitle. Profile » Username: Hicks » Real name: Dwayne » Age: 19 » Gender: Male » Height: 5'8" » About: Dwayne was in ROTC............. » Virtues: Dedications:. Straight-forward. . » Flaws: Reference: http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.html Straight-forward:. . . Profession: Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills : » Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Roleplays » [solo/pr
  8. That moment when you are googling your old workplace and you find a picture of yourself on a tourist's blog. This picture was taken on a day which was a special event promoting a new attraction. Several of us guards showed up early to make sure guests only went on the attractions that were running prior to opening to the general public. Based on the lighting, I'd guess that this was taken around 7:30 in the morning during my first year. Full size picture Tourist's blog
  9. Watching the <> freeze for a fragment of a second then explode in the glass-like manner, Miaki sheathed his blade looking at Silverwing returning to his side. The post battle screen displayed two more ingots added to Miaki;s inventory and he smiled at the prospect. "I think we're gonna call it a day here Silverwing. I'm tired and I think we did very nicely with our item drops. Sure we could go further but I think we'd just be trying our luck with the drops. We have enough for the day." With that Miaki walked away from the shale and back along the beach toward <>. The [url+https
  10. Angered by the critical attack the <> dealt to himself, commanded Silverwing to distract the monster long enough for Miaki to finish it off for good. He held his sword down toward the ground as it started glowing a bright silver. The attack was a gamble in regards to hitting but it was a risk Miaki had no problem in taking. He held the charged blade in his right hand as the <> was violently trying to scare off the silver-winged falcon. Miaki leaped forward performing a sword art 3-hit combo attack he was still working very hard to perfect, it was called <>. Slashing at th
  11. <> Counterattack Battle Roll Miaki : 24/31 Silverwing : 24/26 <>: 4/13
  12. Before Silverwing could increased the distance between himself and the <>, the monster managed to connect another attack on Silverwing. (RESULT: MISSED!) Miaki : 26/31 Silverwing : 24/26 <>: 4/13 (<> adds x2 attack. Ex: Roll 8 = 2 HP loss; Roll 9 = 4HP loss)
  13. <> Counterattack Battle Roll Miaki : 26/31 Silverwing : 24/26 <>: 4/13
  14. While attacking the <> in the face, the monster clipped Silverwing with one of it's tusks. "Take it for the team!" Miaki shouted to his falcon as SIlverwing flew away from the beast. (Result: Missed.) Miaki : 26/31 Silverwing : 25/26 <>: 4/13 (<> adds x2 attack. Ex: Roll 8 = 2 HP loss; Roll 9 = 4HP loss)
  15. <> Counterattack Battle Roll Miaki : 26/31 Silverwing : 25/26 <>: 4/13
  16. The oversized <> attempted to attack but was too slow for Miaki's speed parameters. Silverwing flew in while Miaki dodged the oncoming attack and lashed out on the monster's face. "Thanks for the assist bud!" Miaki : 26/31 Silverwing : 26/26 <>: 4/13 (<> adds x2 attack. Ex: Roll 8 = 2 HP loss; Roll 9 = 4HP loss)
  17. <> Counterattack Battle Roll Miaki : 26/31 Silverwing : 26/26 <>: 6/13
  18. Miaki missed his next attack and was getting annoyed at it's incredible luck. Miaki : 26/31 Silverwing : 26/26 <>: 6/13 (<> adds x2 attack. Ex: Roll 8 = 2 HP loss; Roll 9 = 4HP loss)
  19. <> Counterattack Battle Roll Miaki : 26/31 Silverwing : 26/26 <>: 6/13
  20. Ignoring the pain in his side, Miaki continued his relentless barrage of attacks on the <>. (RESULT: MISSED) (OOC: Current sword skill cooldown = 1 post) Miaki : 27/31 Silverwing : 26/26 <>: 6/13 (<> adds x2 attack. Ex: Roll 8 = 2 HP loss; Roll 9 = 4HP loss)
  21. <> Counterattack Battle Roll Miaki : 27/31 Silverwing : 26/26 <>: 6/13
  22. Miaki swung at the <>, aiming for it's head but was too slow and the enemy ducked from the attack aiming for it's head. (OOC: Current sword skill cooldown = 2 posts) Miaki : 28/31 Silverwing : 26/26 <>: 6/13 (<> adds x2 attack. Ex: Roll 8 = 2 HP loss; Roll 9 = 4HP loss)
  23. <> Counterattack Battle Roll Miaki : 28/31 Silverwing : 26/26 <>: 6/13
  24. Miaki held his blade behind his head and charged the sword skill <>. Once his blade started to hum and glow bright green Miaki released the attack. "Here we go! Raaaahhh!" Miaki yelled as he slashed the <> across it's skin hide. (OOC: Roll above 5 to deal 4 damage not factoring Silverwing's additional attack. Sword skill cooldown = 2 posts) Miaki : 28/31 Silverwing : 26/26 <>: 6/13 (<> adds x2 attack. Ex: Roll 8 = 2 HP loss; Roll 9 = 4HP loss)
  25. <> Counterattack Battle Roll Miaki : 28/31 Silverwing : 26/26 <>: 11/13
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