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  1. She blushes at the sight of the smile that was given to her, then covers her face a little while she fills out the form there on his counter top. When finished she sent him a friend request and decided to look around for the last time around the shop and take her leave. She stops at the door way and turns around to face Kyoto, then bows slightly while saying " Thank you for your time mister." before turning back around and leaving. Name: [Swift Evasion] Your Profession: tailor Your Rank: 4 ID: Roll: Item Type: [Light Armor] Tier: [1] Quality: [Perfect] Enhancements: [+3 Eva] Description: [when worn this light armor gives the user a reduction on die value when an enemy attacks] Post Link:
  2. When entering Floor 22, I decided to go get new light armor from a well known Shop "Wabash Lake Tailor Shop." I walked in to a clean fancy looking shop. I notice Kyoto behind the counter minding his own, i walked towards him trying to make as little eye contact as possible until he notice me. my eyes darted around the room in desperation, looking for what I needed to no avail. I approach him. "Umm..h-hii umm, do you mind if i order some light armor mister, i would like some with Evasion if you can for me..please?"
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    Rym's Story so Far

    Profile Username: White Rose Real name: Rym Age: 17 Gender: Female Height: 5’8” Weight: 107lbs About: History/personality Rym comes from a very standard upbringing. She has both his parents a part of her life. A dog whom she cares for more than most people. Rym is considered to be a shy and distant kid, she doesn’t speak to many people face to face. Yet when she plays games she feels a certain feeling rise in her, a feeling of belonging she doesn’t feel in the real world. She attends Cross High which made two friends which got her into gaming and exposed her to VRPG. They mentioned a game called SAO that will be releasing soon. Parents are well off so buying the gear was never an issue because they were excited that I was making new friends and eager to help me socialize. She doesn’t talk much to people at her school just good to be alone. Most of her family sees her as a distant and lonely person, yet though she doesn’t show it much she is a loving and caring person. Rym snuck out of her bedroom to go wait in line for a copy of SAO. Virtues: Loyalty- When Rym actually trusts someone she gives her unwavering loyalty to them. She's not someone who would leave someone to suffer or struggle alone. She will do pretty much anything for those she trusts the most. Dedication- When Rym gets dedicated to doing something then she'll do it till she comes out successful. She won’t give up till what needs to be done is done. Her dedication is one of her biggest values. Courage- Rym isn’t easily scared she will stand her ground against those that oppose her or her friends. No matter the obstacle Rym won’t waver in light of it. Her sense of courage ties to her loyalty Flaws: Anti-social- when she see a group enjoying themselves she feels awkward and doesn't really know how to react to the situation. this really shows when people try to talk to her, she blushes and some what tries to avoid conversation. Reserved- Since Rym doesn’t really talk to many people she is usually reserved and slow to trust people. Her being reserved also definitely hasn’t helped her social abilities. This can also be mistaken as her being social awkward. Lack of cooperation- Since she doesn’t talk to many people, she doesn’t have much in the way of leadership skills. In a crisis situation, she wouldn’t be able to step up to the plate. she had a hard time working with or under others since her people skills aren’t the best. Profession: Skills (SP: 0) Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Rare | Chaotic | Dagger [Bleed 2] Inventory Set B "DPS Package" Weapons/Tools: » Weapon of choice, of Rare or lower quality: Rare | Chaotic | Dagger [Bleed 2] Vanity Armor of choice (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials Roleplays: Relationships: Single (Ready to mingle) Story Thus Far: Rym took on the quest [SP-F1] To start a new life <<The First Lesson is Free>>