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  1. Arthur’s left eyebrow raised itself. She has no idea how much hard work goes into real farming. Of course I added in a real touch to the in game gathering system, so she probably thinks I’m stupid. He looks at her after her sarcastic question. “Yes. ‘Til he was 20 he went town to town bein’ a farmhand until he reached my hometown. Reality can be more surreal than you think, redcoat.” He puffs on his cigar, putting it out and tossing it away. “I’m lookin’ for a cattle dog.” He frowns at the next comment and looks at her. “So I said somethin’ stupid. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little stupid.” He nods toward her with a smile on his face. “But you ever go and get yerself lost in them woods in the real world, ya go’n need that knowledge to make it back home. Can’t ask your queen for with no cell service, can ya?” He chuckles a little. “I’m just playin’, just stay safe ya know?” He leans forwards and walks to where the sage was. “That’s not the only plant in the world.” His spurs sing as he walks deeper into the woods and comes across a path, the path he was on before. @Kirbs
  2. A Brit? Oh boy, this ain’t go’n go too smoothly now will it? His hand flips the dagger and sheathes it in an instant. “Ah, good ol’ fashioned farming? Well I know a thing or two about that.” He drops down, pointing at a plant and taking note of its size and shape. “This one here is sage, but it ain’t ready yet. Y’ain’t go’n have too much luck pickin’ that.” His knife drops down and breaks the stem in a masterful technique. “Smells like sage too, damn Kayaba, you had way too much time on your hands.” The object begins to decay before the two. “When it ain’t ready, that’s what happens. In real life you just can’t use it.” His legs straighten as he stands up tall once again, lumbering over to lean against a tree. “Once you learn your plants well enough, you can gather like a pro. But don’t forget to replant, cause here’s a tip... nothing grows when the seed ain’t planted.” A smirk crosses his face. This was the same talk he had given one of his brothers when hunting. The talk was a modified version of course, because they were in a game where anything you can’t use disappears, but it was the same baseline. “This one time, my dad got lost while taking us boys huntin’ and we had to survive on our own for a bit. That’s when he taught us how to identify, assess and prepare food in the wild.” A weak chuckle places itself in the middle of his sentence. “That’s when I realized my dad was a real cowboy.” He looks at the ground, his smile gone as he fiddles with his knife. @Kirbs
  3. Clyde

    Face Claim Thread

    Clyde: McCree - Overwatch
  4. Clyde watched this fight go to crap in the blink of an eye. Two men attacked the woman and the cowboy’s blood started boiling as the men got their butts whooped and rightfully so. Guess it’s a brawl then. His spurs clinked as he ran in and tackled a man, carrying him out of the equation and then into the wall. Punching him like an angry child fighting over a toy, but a little more expertly placed. His fist slams into the man’s kidney and then into his face. “I reckon that about evens it up ma’am. If you’d like my help just go ahead and ask.” His spurs clink again as he knees the man in the gut. “But considering what I just watched, I should be asking the scum if they would like help.” He chuckles, puffing off his cigar and releasing the smoke. His hat off kilter after beating the idiot to a pulp. “These idiots deserve the ass whooping their about to get.” His southern drawl carrying his smoke mixed with his words. His fist slams into the man against the wall one more time. “You should stay down kid. Ain’t no man allowed to rough up a lady in front of a cowboy, that’s about the stupidest mistake you could possibly manage to make you dog gone fool.” His face so intense that the man was a little scared and decided to stay down. “Good choice, now, let’s watch these kids get their butts handed to them.” He sits against the wall, holding down a can of chew. @Embers
  5. The man had been walking through the woods, now that the gypsy lady was gone, he was gonna find him a good dog, one that would help him fight. As he walked he heard a thud followed by a shouting girl out about 30 feet. Not too far to hear my spurs. Surprised she don’t know I’m here. He turns and the light clink of the small wheels on his feet ring as he makes his way to see a girl with another monstrosity on her shoulder. Why do all the girls have the weirdest animals? He walks up to her, takes off his hat and holds out his hand. “The name’s Clyde, and who might you be?” His southern charm still there without him even trying. He then puts his hat into his inventory, because it’s rude to speak to a lady with a hat on, and pulls out his knife. “Y’ain’t gonna get too far with just your head.” He spins quickly holdin his knife with an ice pick grip and slams it into the tree. An immortal object window pops up. “Damn, this game knows how to ruin all the fun stuff.” A chuckle flows out, well, as much as a chuckle can flow. “What’re ya out here for ma’am?” A tilt of the head keeps this question from being too polite. @Kirbs
  6. So Arthur, I reckon today should be a relaxing day. Take a load off and sit in a tavern. He watched as the trees danced in the wind, his pancho following suit and revealing his plaid dress shirt underneath it. His had would normally have shifted or even blown off, but this game didn’t allow stuff like that to happen. One hand on his belt buckle the other holding a cigar in his mouth as he smiles. It’s a damned fine day if I do say so myself. His inner thoughts interrupted by an old woman, looks to be a gypsy. “You know, you don’t have to stand here alone.” She starts her conversation so politely. “I know, but some people just get on my nerves. Makes me wish this place was more like back home.” He chuckles, so does she. “I feel the same way, but I’m not recommending you stand with people.” The cowboy removes his cigar and looks at her with the side eye of death, “So you’re the one who activated that quest?” He nods. “I’ll take it. No point in rotting away in a death game without anyone at your side.” His spurs click as he walks away from the lady with a finger gun out to the side and a wink. “Much obliged.” He flicks his cigar out to the side and walks, eating a piece of garlic bread and moving towards the woods. He spins a pouch around and eventually attaches it to his belt, like a gold pouch in the old movies about knights. -golden garlic bread consumed (+3 LD) @Kirbs
  7. Clyde

    [F7 - Shop] Tacet Cibum {Rank 9 Cook}

    Clyde had heard about this place from people walking past, and this one kid with brown hair and a blue sweatshirt had mentioned he buys all his snacks from this place. “I reckon I should try this place’s grits.” He runs his hand through his beard as he walks in and looks at the menu. So they all have stat bonuses, nice. Then one item in particular popped out to him, garlic bread. That’s what that one weird girl ate when she found that devil of a critter. His hand points to it as he removes his hat and speaks to the lady. “Pardon me ma’am, but can I have one of those garlic bread things?” His southern drawl carrying his words as he transfers four materials to the shop owner. - golden garlic bread - -4 T1 materials
  8. Arthur noticed a commotion after leaving the old man’s shop. Being here to get a quest was gonna be work anyways, might as well take a load off watching a fight. He pushes himself towards the front of the crowd and notices something weird about this fight. The fights in this game were always different, but a few guys against a single girl. This wasn’t gonna fly for the cowboy without a gun, it was wrong to hit a girl, let alone team up on one. The man positioned himself behind the girl, but remained in the crowd, despite towering over most of the other players there he seemed to fit in quite nicely.a cigar pressed between his lips as he watched to see what would happen, and if it did happen, to step in. “My money’s on the lady in there. Those clowns ain’t got a shot in hell.” He smiles, knowing he might play a part in this real soon. “Kick their asses, lord knows they deserve it.” He says to the woman standing in front of him. Hmm, she looks like she’s gonna enjoy herself. A woman with a heart of fire, just like momma always said. He chuckles and discretely draws his Arkansas Toothpick, hiding it under his pancho. Despite her bein’ a lady, I don’t wanna get in her way. I’ll only step in if the others step in. The man removes his hat and fixes his hair, stepping around towards the middle of the fight but remaining in the crowd, the spurs on his boots making a small jingle as he walks, like his own theme song. “It’s just about high noon, so why are y’all waitin’?” His sarcastic tone mixing perfectly with his southern charm. Enough to make any southern belle lose here daisy dukes. @Embers
  9. The man walks towards the grass a good length from the beach. Then the girl says it’s been a pleasure and he turns towards her. “It definitely wasn’t not fun.” He walks again, turning and walking away from her. His kind words and mannerisms made it less obvious he hadn’t had much fun on that beach. We wasted so much time, and all she did was sit on the beach. Which ain’t a problem, I don’t dislike her, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to do this again. His hands sway as he walks through the grassy areas and navigates through the few parties of players looking for fun on the beach. Then one calls out. “Hey cowboy! Come party with us!” A female player shouts to him. Super tempting offer but I should at least walk the girl back to town. “I’ll be back later to party with y’all.” He responds to all of them. Turning back to the young girl and speaking. “I have to walk you back to town. Pa would have my neck if I just let you walk back to town all by your lonesome.” he tilts his hat and then looks forward, walking towards his destination. (OOC: sorry it took longer than expected, I had a lot of real life stuff) @Pleue
  10. The man slowly moves towards the creature and looks at it closely. “I guess it ain’t so bad.” He pokes the jar and grimaces. “Ain’t exactly a looker though.” He stands up straight again and looks at the short girl, turning and sitting down on the sand. Well, there’s a day wasted. I guess the game likes to take time from us so much that everyday has to be boring. He pulls out his knife and starts to examine it, looking at the edge of the blade, then the flat of it. Nothing out of the ordinary so he sheathes it once again and stands up, re equipping his regular cowboy attire. “It looks to be gettin’ late, I reckon we should head back.” He says to the girl making his way up the beach and towards the main area of the island. “Ain’t you gotta train the thing anyways, I heard the quest ain’t really over til it can pull its own weight.” He looks back as he walks, eyeing the critter once again. @Pleue
  11. Clyde looks down at the small creature and instantly fear creeps up his spine as he stands there. “What in the blazes is that?” He looks at it, obviously scared. His legs move behind him as he backs away. “That’s no pet ma’am, that’s a monster.” His hand moving back to hold the grip of his knife. His eyes examine the small thing as he backs away. “That thing is not of this world.” His voice shaking. He couldn’t hide his terror as he sees an unknown monster right next to the small girl. I reckon it can’t be bad because supergenius isn’t scared. Usually the brainy ones don’t handle their fear so well. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes for a moment. His composure coming back to him as he calms down. Okay, the monster probably can’t hurt me. He looks down at the critter and grins a little. “Okay, I guess I can tolerate it’s existence for now. But that don’t mean I like it.” He stares down at the thing, @Pleue
  12. The man sits down and rakes his hands through the sand. The way he moves makes it look like he’s very experienced at looking for smallcritters in shallow water. “Do you know the trick?” He shoves his fingers into the sand and almost turns it over as he pulls it back. “I used to find critters like this, they’re good bait for catfishin’. I reckon we won’t be using the critter we find fer fishin’, that wouldn’t be so kind.” He chuckles, leaving a trail of overturned sand, small critters like worms and snails crawling their way through the mess. “You ever been fishin’ miss?” He asks, curious to know just how deeply their differences run. I guess having a new friend in her would be very boring. All she does is respond. Has she even started one conversation? He hands her his hat. “Mind holdin’ this for a moment? I’ve got somethin’ to do.” He runs into the water, drawing his knife and diving in, removing his shirt so he’s just in his jeans as he swims down towards the small animal he just saw. This is the best way to fish. He reaches out, grabbing a small animal and slashing it’s guts and swimming back up to the surface, breathing in deeply through his nose with a fish in his mouth, flailing around. His hand moves out as he swims towards the shore, and he spits the fish out. “Back home that’s how we did it.” He takes the material and throws it away. “I reckon we shouldn’t keep spoils so easily taken. Ain’t nothin’ free in this world.” He grabs his hat, putting it back on his head as he nods at her, and he equips his shirt. “Thanks for holdin’ my hat ma’am.” @Pleue
  13. Cullen equips his hat once again, and he puts on sunglasses. “So we’re lookin’ in the shallow water?” He asks, moving next to her, when she brings up his taste in women. “I figure if I’m gonna be good at cookin’, my gal better be okay with eatin’. All the high maintenance lasses who never eat, worried about what they wear and which celebrity they look like, they only eat salad.” His hands rake through the wet sand as he begins to form something in the sad, like he’s trying to build something. “I learned to cook at the age of 13, Father told me it’d be a great way to get the attention of ladies. I’m okay with any woman, but if she doesn’t like my cookin’ I won’t be so uppity anymore.” His eyes move up to her again, his hands having made the shape of a house, and the tide running up and tearing it down. “Sorry, didn’t mean to vent like that.” His eyes move back down to where the structure was. That was weird, how am I supposed to explain that one? He looks kind of worriedly at the ground and thinks. The look of introspection holding tightly to his face. @Pleue
  14. Clyde laughs as she turns red and he looks out towards the ocean. “I reckon that plan’ll work, depending on what you’re looking for.” He turns his attention back to the small girl. She knows a lot, smart people tend to do better. Just like my sister she is also easy to fluster. This is gonna be fun. He slides his hat off and puts it into his inventory. “While we wait, we could always go swimming. I’m sure it’s better than just hanging out on the beach waiting for something to come to you.” He walks towards the water, removing his boots. “It’s up to you kid. But take too long and I’ll decide for you.” He stands and waits for an answer as he spins his legs and looks at her. Maybe I can make a new friend out of this. It’d be nice to have some one to talk to every now and then. The man strokes his facial hair and smiles. “I’m not making jokes if that’s what you mean. I try to lie as little as possible.” He smiles, stroking his facial hair once again. His legs drop out from under him as he sits with his legs stretched out and his arms holding him up from behind him. @Pleue
  15. Clyde tilts his head for a moment, and he thinks. “I was my brothers’ buckaroo.” He tries to think back to all the pirate movies he watched and what they would call each other. Swashbuckler? No, uh... she’s too smart to think that. Maybe... His eyes light up for a moment then they revert back to normal. “I reckon you’re thinking of Buccaneer.” He sits on the beach, removing his pancho to reveal his regular clothes covered in light leather and metal as he watches the sunset. His entire left arm is covered in light metal and glory bits, and it’s resting on the handle of a beautiful knife handle. Then her question about items with enhancements came up, and he pulls out a necklace with a sword on the end. The hilt on the tiny sword was golden, while the blade was black. “I’m sure my friend won’t be needing this back, so you keep it.” He smirks and stands up, holding the necklace out towards her, “And if he does have a problem, I’d be obligated to take care of it.” His hands rest on his belt as he talks to the girl. I don’t think she liked my earlier comment on her elegance. Maybe if I say something about it, she won’t dislike me. Turning his country boy charm up to 11 he nods to her, takes off his hat and smiles. “I didn’t mean any disrespect, I thought is was beautiful. Not many girls would let a man see that.” He stops smirking, taking on a more serious look. “Just like my sister.” -item given: Kadin’s luck (+3 LD) @Pleue