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  1. Cullen equips his hat once again, and he puts on sunglasses. “So we’re lookin’ in the shallow water?” He asks, moving next to her, when she brings up his taste in women. “I figure if I’m gonna be good at cookin’, my gal better be okay with eatin’. All the high maintenance lasses who never eat, worried about what they wear and which celebrity they look like, they only eat salad.” His hands rake through the wet sand as he begins to form something in the sad, like he’s trying to build something. “I learned to cook at the age of 13, Father told me it’d be a great way to get the attention of ladies. I’m okay with any woman, but if she doesn’t like my cookin’ I won’t be so uppity anymore.” His eyes move up to her again, his hands having made the shape of a house, and the tide running up and tearing it down. “Sorry, didn’t mean to vent like that.” His eyes move back down to where the structure was. That was weird, how am I supposed to explain that one? He looks kind of worriedly at the ground and thinks. The look of introspection holding tightly to his face. @Pleue
  2. Clyde laughs as she turns red and he looks out towards the ocean. “I reckon that plan’ll work, depending on what you’re looking for.” He turns his attention back to the small girl. She knows a lot, smart people tend to do better. Just like my sister she is also easy to fluster. This is gonna be fun. He slides his hat off and puts it into his inventory. “While we wait, we could always go swimming. I’m sure it’s better than just hanging out on the beach waiting for something to come to you.” He walks towards the water, removing his boots. “It’s up to you kid. But take too long and I’ll decide for you.” He stands and waits for an answer as he spins his legs and looks at her. Maybe I can make a new friend out of this. It’d be nice to have some one to talk to every now and then. The man strokes his facial hair and smiles. “I’m not making jokes if that’s what you mean. I try to lie as little as possible.” He smiles, stroking his facial hair once again. His legs drop out from under him as he sits with his legs stretched out and his arms holding him up from behind him. @Pleue
  3. Clyde tilts his head for a moment, and he thinks. “I was my brothers’ buckaroo.” He tries to think back to all the pirate movies he watched and what they would call each other. Swashbuckler? No, uh... she’s too smart to think that. Maybe... His eyes light up for a moment then they revert back to normal. “I reckon you’re thinking of Buccaneer.” He sits on the beach, removing his pancho to reveal his regular clothes covered in light leather and metal as he watches the sunset. His entire left arm is covered in light metal and glory bits, and it’s resting on the handle of a beautiful knife handle. Then her question about items with enhancements came up, and he pulls out a necklace with a sword on the end. The hilt on the tiny sword was golden, while the blade was black. “I’m sure my friend won’t be needing this back, so you keep it.” He smirks and stands up, holding the necklace out towards her, “And if he does have a problem, I’d be obligated to take care of it.” His hands rest on his belt as he talks to the girl. I don’t think she liked my earlier comment on her elegance. Maybe if I say something about it, she won’t dislike me. Turning his country boy charm up to 11 he nods to her, takes off his hat and smiles. “I didn’t mean any disrespect, I thought is was beautiful. Not many girls would let a man see that.” He stops smirking, taking on a more serious look. “Just like my sister.” -item given: Kadin’s luck (+3 LD) @Pleue
  4. The man can’t help but chuckle for a moment. So much bread, not enough time. Does she plan to finish that all in one go? “Wow, that’s impressive. I’ve never seen anyone stuff their face so... Elegantly.” He blinks a few times before standing up straight and taking a quick breath. “Buddies can be great, but a buckaroo is always better. No pair of outlaws ever claimed to be buddies.” He smiles and nods, stroking the facial hair around his mouth as he thinks for a moment. As he thinks he tilts his head. “What do you reckon you’ll get? I heard you can use those snacks on anything, got any ideas?” He puffs the cigar and puts it out with his boot, the spurs ringing as he shakes his foot smashing it into blue pixels. “I figure a lady like yourself would like something small and cute, but also fun. Those small dogs in the real world do nothing but annoy me. Sittin’ in those cutlets’ purses growlin’ at any passerby. Then they have the audacity to give you an evil glare. Down in Texas, if a dog weighs less than 40 lbs, it was a cat.” He stops himself from bashing on cats in front of a young lady like the misses right there in front of him. “My apologies ma’am, I reckon you’ve get better things to do than hear of a cowboy’s struggles.” He looks out towards the horizon once again. @Pleue
  5. Arthur’s eyes close as she explains she can walk where the wind doesn’t blow the smoke into her eyes and he nods. “Or, I could be a gentleman and not smoke.” He puts the cigar out and puts it back into his inventory. His follows thE cigar in his hand as he puts it away and they land on a plant on the ground. “Heh, this doesn’t look like regular grass.” He pulls out his knife and cuts the plant’s Stem as he pulls on the top and he chuckles putting it away. “If you just pull it you could damage the plant, something I picked up on my farm.” His knife is back in its sheathe as he stands and examines the plant. “This looks like the one.” The material explodesi to a blue cloud as he stands up and turns towards the girl. “Well I’m not especially good at giving advice, so I wouldn’t ask me.” He spins and leans against a tree and he spits on the ground, the pixels exploding into nothing as he stands. @Hydravion
  6. “Oh we got ourselves a smarty pants here don’t we?” He chuckles for a moment and then tilts his head and smirks, pulling out another cigar and lighting it as he speaks again. “They’re cool facts.” He puffs from the cigar and holds his hat as he reaches out for a handshake. “The name’s Clyde, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He smiles, the scruff on his face mixing with his southern accent to reveal exactly where he’s from. I reckon she’s probably looking for one of those familiar things I’ve seen following the players while they prance about. That would explain the NPC walking away. “So what are we doing other than spouting interesting facts about the world we once lived in?” He raises one eyebrow seeing if he can confirm the suspicion he had. It wasn’t gonna change the outcome, it’s just nice to know if he’s gonna have to fight with his Arkansas Toothpick. His hand drops back towards the dagger as he stands, waiting for the answer. @Pleue
  7. Arthur walks down the shore line, barefoot in his blue jeans after a long day in the fields. “Nothing like taking load off at the beach.” He watches the horizon when he hears a girl over about 100 feet to the right of him. Damn, I wanted to be here alone. Much more fun when there’s no one to keep making noise. He throws his cigar out into the water as far as he can. It explodes into a blue cloud right as it hits the water and the splash dissipates before it even starts. ”Howdy. I assume you’ve been here a while.” He tips his hat towards the girl and looks over at the NPC walking away. “So, what’re you up to? I reckon something relaxing.” He smiles politely and takes his hat off. “If not, would you like help with whatever that NPC asked you to do?” He equips his boots with the spurs to complete the cowboy ensemble like from the western films. @Pleue
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    Trading bling

    Much obliged sir. ~received Kadin’s Luck~
  9. “Well I reckon we won’t be fighting anything dangerous, but if you feel like I’m in trouble you go right on ahead and heal me if you want.” He chuckles and starts to walk towards the edge of town. “The name’s Clyde, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He puts the cigar butt out as it explodes into a cloud of blue polygons. She’s an interesting lass ain’t she? French. He tips his hat and walks as his spurs hit the ground making a light ring with every step. His red pancho dangles down to his lower back as he walks, and his armor under it despite having no stats gleams through. As they finally make it out into the field, Arthur turns and lights another cigar and looks around. “This looks like a nice place to find some materials, what do you think? We gather or we fight?” His accent becoming thicker in the last sentence. “I’m sorry ma’am, the smoking doesn’t bother you does it? I’d hate to inconvenience you.” He looks at her inquisitively, almost like he was waiting to see if she was going to lie or tell the truth. “Thanks for taking the time to help me with this quest, I’m guessing you had better things to do.” His hat comes off revealing his medium brown hair to be a mess under the cowboy hat. @Hydravion
  10. After a few hours of searching Arthur finds it. The shop owned by The old man named Zackiriah. “Howdy.” A grin crosses his face as he greets the shop owner. “I reckon it’s you who gives out the tutorial quests.” His hand moves up and He tips his hat to the man. “So how do I partake in this quest?” His southern accent rings through in the sentence as he talks to the man. You can do quests at any level, but there is always a recommended level. This world is weird. He nods as the old man explains what he’ll be doing and he walks out. From his hat to his pancho to his boots he looks like a cowboy straight out of the movies. Even the cigar takes a spot on his outfit so he looks more like the rootinest tootinest cowboy in the west. “Now, in order to complete this, I need to gather some materials, but He recommended I find myself a Buckaroo to tag along on my little excursion.” He scabs the town, his hands around his belt highlighting the buckle with a cowboy hat and two revolvers engraved on it. His eyes land on a woman, blonde with blue eyes, and he begins to walk towards her. That’s when he gets this feeling, nothing bad nor good, more like he shouldn’t do this, but his mind was made up. ”Excuse me Miss, but I’m headed on a little adventure as the younguns like to say it, would you like to tag along?” His country boy charm all the way up to 11 as he smiles at her and still holds the cigar securely in his mouth. @Hydravion
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    The story of Clyde

    Username: Clyde Real Name: Arthur McCoy Age: 24 - 26 Height: 6’3” History: Arthur McCoy was born in Austin Texas, son of a farmer. He grew up watching westerns and playing cowboys and Indians in his back yard with his 4 siblings. When he was 12, his sister got hurt in an accident on a tractor, and their father, who was angry with himself for doing so, filed a lawsuit and earned millions in court. They never spent too much however, it went to the kids’ college fund. But Arthur knew he wasn’t ever gonna go to college. Arthur, being the oldest, wanted to take the farm after his father. When he graduated high school he got himself another job and started saving up money, which was when his friends from school introduced him to videogames. They had told him about very casual games, old and new, then Arthur started to dig deeper. Keeping gaming as a hobby all through the next few years as his father got sick. The state his father was in meant he had to cut down on His game time and help around the farm more. His father died when he was just 24 years old and it hit Arthur hard. He knew it was going to happen, and had been trying to brace for it, but it still tore him apart. So he left the farm for what he thought was gonna be a few weeks. His friends had decided Arthur redefining to get to Japan and play the game called Sword Art Online, so that’s what he did. And ever since the game’s developer said they were trapped, Arthur has been trying to get back home to live his life on his farm. Virtues: Honorable: Growing up on a farm, Arthur learned that the right way to do stuff is the best way. He learned to be the best man you can be so that when people look at you they see someone they can rely on. Arthur may not always make the easiest decisions, but he does make the ones that end up the best. String-Willed: Arthur was raised in a house with 3 brothers and 1 sister, in that environment you can’t just back down from a decision. He spent most of his high school career defending his sister against guys bigger than him, and when he wasn’t fighting boys chasing his sister, he was fighting his brothers. After all of this, Arthur never changed his mind, he was always right there ready to take a beating for what he believed in. Loyal: Arthur will stand by his friends longer than any sane person would like to admit they’re okay with. He will stick with them until he can’t follow anymore. He’ll pour every ounce of blood sweat and tears into staying with his friends even if it’s impossible. Flaws: Wrathful: Of course, being a teenage boy had its flaws. Arthur was in and out of school thanks to constantly getting into fights. Most of which were for good reason, others for a test of manliness. The sad truth is some were just because the other person made him mad with a sly comment or a rude gesture. He’s easy to anger and once he’s angry, he’s in a fight. Stubborn: Even when his back is against the wall and the odds are stacked against him, Arthur will keep pushing back. Even when jt’s Stupid to keep going, Arthur will walk right on through. That being said, convincing him to do something is more of a chore than a challenge. Walled off: The Man hides his emotions behind a rough exterior. That’s not saying he never shows any, he’s actually a rather happy person, but when something’s bothering him or keeping him down, those are his emotions and no one’s allowed to know about them. Despite this, he does have a few weak spots, but they’re hard to find. Skills: Non-Combat: Combat: Armor: Weapon: Rank 1 Dagger Inventory: (DPS package) Item name: Arkansas Toothpick Item Type: Dagger Quality: Rare tier: 1 Enhancements: 2x DMG Description: A standard Hunting knife with and Ebony handle Col: 2,500 T1 Mats: 10 T2 Mats: T3 Mats: Roleplays: