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  1. This store was looking amazing. There were bottles with a great variety of colored liquids in them. All the ingredients and potions made the store smell quite exotic. There was a lady examining a herb. Aerozen took a few steps. It wasn't hard to notice that she was an NPC. She looked at Aerozen and started speaking: "Hello Dear, I see you are in need of a profession, may I interest you in Alchemy?" Aerozen nodded, not listening very much. The liquid she was holding was much more interesting. It would be exciting to make something like that. He also noticed the name of this lady, Evangeline Calora. Well that's a true alchemist. So is this really just a crafting quest? "...I seem to have ran out of some of my precious materials to give you a how-to on crafting, would you be a dear and run off to get me some? I think all I need is five, and I can help you on your way!" Didn't thought that it would be that easy, but it makes sense. This way he would also learn how to gather and fight. "I will return with the required materials!" Aerozen said and went out.
  2. Aerozen was excited. So this is my new life now? This looks perfect! Now I just have to get better and better... He thought. Thanks to his experiences he knew what to do in a MMORPG. It didn't take long for him to find out where to get a quest. Earning a Living? That is just what I am looking for. But wait, which profession would he choose? He thought about this for a while. Blacksmith was sounding nice but was never his king of thing. Tailor, merchant? No, I don't think so... Maybe a cook... After a while of thinking he decided that it would be the best for him to be an alchemist. It would be pretty useful to be able to make his potions himself. Maybe he could even sell some! Before entering the alchemy store he took a look at the street. There was a lot of people wearing armors and holding weapons. This just encouraged him more. He gripped his sword on his back in it's sheath. With a smile on his face, he slowly entered the store.
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    Profile Username: Aerozen Real name: Aiden Rivers Age: 17>19 Gender: Male Height: 180 cm History: Did you ever think that you are not the person you are meant to be? Or did you ever catch a feeling that how your life changes so fast? Minutes to hours, hours to years... If you could’ve a new chance, to start over. Do what you want, desire, ever dreamed of; become what you’ll believe. How would you react? Aiden was living a good life. He was born in Turkey. Raised by a happy family, Aiden was a well-behaved boy. His father was an air force pilot so they never settled in a specific place, they had to move to somewhere else every three to four years. Because of this, Aiden never could have long relationships. This was the main reason of the problems he had in his social life. His self-confidence was weak so he had a lot of problems while meeting and trusting someone new in the real life. Despite all the problems, moving a lot had its positive effects too. While living in Turkey, England, Germany and Japan, Aiden learned to speak the languages of these countries. Due to these problems, Aiden was a very active person in the virtual world. His favorite activity was to play games online. He just loved RPG games. He had a very deep fantasy world in his head, he always imagined himself as an adventurer named 'Aerozen'. Thanks to this imaginary universe, his problems in his social life didn't bother Aiden a lot. At the age of 15, Aiden and his family moved to Japan. As usual, it was hard at the beginning but it wasn't his first time; so he thought it will get better everyday. But this time it wouldn't be that easy. He started to notice that his parents were arguing a lot. At first he thought that whatever the problem is, it would be solved in a couple days but sadly things didn't get any better. Every day the volume and amount of yells and screams raised. After half a year they decided to break up. This part of his life affected Aiden a lot. He was not happy anymore. He became a quieter, negative person. He was living alone with his mother, he didn't have close friends to talk about his feelings, school became harder... He had a lot of problems to deal with. In this period of his life, Aiden was mostly living in his fantasy universe. Not as Aiden but as Aerozen was he happy. He didn't feel like being Aiden anymore. In one of these days he saw the introduction of Sword Art Online. He was just stunned. It was the key to live in his dream world. He could become Aerozen. He applied, but couldn't make a beta tester. After the divorcing process. His father became kinder to Aiden. So he used this chance and asked his father to buy him a nervegear. He was very lucky and got a brand new nervegear and a fresh copy of Sword Art Online laying on his bed. Now he was just ready to dive in. After a couple hours, when he learned about the 'being trapped in a death game' he was not afraid at all. He was looking at his mirror to Aiden- no, even if those were Aiden's eyes, the sparkle in them was someone else's. It was Aerozen, the adventurer Aiden dreamt for years. And now it was time to start his new life. Virtues: Courage: Aerozen is a self-confident person. His has a brave spirit that makes him stay strong against any issue he faces. He doesn't get afraid easily against any monster he sees and yields his sword bravely against them. Creativity: Aerozen has a vivid imagination. He can look at thing from a different angle. This helps him to overcome his problems in a much easier way. Fast-Learner: Aerozen is skilled. He easily figured out how swing his sword against monsters, learned to search for the ingredients he needs, easily crafted his first item. From his experiences, he quickly understands the mechanics of the game and builds his strategy. Flaws: Anger: Aerozen is mosly a calm person but when something or someone makes him truly angry he loses control of himself. It usually doesn't take long, but while he is angry he forgets what being calm and thinking for a while is. He doesn't listen to anyone near him and only does what he thinks is true in that position. This mostly leads himself to very bad situations. Overambitious: He gets sad or angry when he just can't deal with something even if he worked hard. This does not happen a lot but when it does, Aerozen just loses interest in what he is trying to do. In times like these he just wants to stay alone for some time to encourage himself again. Unpredictable: Aerozen doesn't talk a lot about his feelings. It is hard to understand what true and false for him is. This can cause problems when he works together with a team. He usually is respectful but when someone is not doing a good job, Aerozen really struggles to work with him/her. Profession: Stats: • Level: 1 • HP: 20 • EP: 2 • Available SP: 0 • Total SP: 5 Skills Non-combat: Passive: Combat: Weapon skills: Inventory •Set B "DPS Package" Weapons: Armor: Items: Tools: Col: Roleplays In-Progress: Completed: Incomplete: Relationships None right now Story Thus Far None right now