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  1. A quick vault to his feet, Gaius leads himself to a small glimmer in the distance. With narrow eyes and a peak of interest Gaius begins to trail toward the light hidden just out of view. A rustle along the trees alerts him to a presence, Gaius instinctually prepares his weapon for the aggressor. A similar key of wildlife tears past him into the clearing, stomping through where the previous fell and turning around to face Griswold. "Watch yourself big guy, we got another angry steak on our hands," Gaius remarked checking his energy pool taking notice it wasn't fully recovered as of yet, but what he had would have to make due. Moving to Griswold's side as the beast continued its slowed approach in sizing up the group. "You ready?" Gaius spoke toward the massive man on his right, a grin strapped to his mouth to signify his own eagerness to get this underway. Looking for a chest ID# 136413 results: Loot: 1+2, Failure! Gaius: 120/120 HP, 7/12 EN, DMG 7, Miti 9, Acc 2, H.M: 2, Prosperity 3
  2. Simmone starts to berate Gaius who is visibly shaken by the phrase "Why don't you shut your f*** mouth! I've got it just watch!" Twirling his glaive and prepping for the kill. While the creature is engaged with Griswold, doing its best to break through his shield and gore him something fierce. Gaius starts to dash up with a green glow building on his glaive and begins to swing wildly. The first swing falls short before he starts to tear deeper and deeper into the side of the creature with each arc of color digging in until its HP drains to nothing and popping into data. Left behind at the foot of its demise are a small collection of items Gaius retrieves including a couple of flanks of venison. "See? I had it, hold on to your panties." Gaius remarks firing a shot right back at Simmone with a grin on his face. Gaius drops to his butt, hoping to recover his energy while his companions mill around hoping they would do the same. ID# 136381 results: Battle: 8+2, Hit using Fatal Thrust dealing (7+2[H.M]*3=27) Damage killing Mountain Elk!, [Heavy Momentum Fades!] Loot: ID# 136382 results: Craft: 10 (Col), Loot: 13 (Mat) Mountain Elk Drops: >1*T1 Rare Shield #136382a >2*T1 Materials >360*Col >600*Bonus Col (1)Gaius: 120/120 HP, 6/12 EN, DMG 7, Miti 9, Acc 2, H.M: 2, Prosperity 3 (1)Simmone: 120/120 HP, 11/12 EN, DMG 2, EVA 1, Acc 3, BLD 1 (12 Over 2/9-10), Keen 1, Recov 2 (2/CD 6+) (3)Griswold: 119/120 HP, 5/12 EN, DMG 5, Miti 18, H.M: 2 [Concentration 2/3] (2)Shiina: 80/80 HP, 8/8 EN, DMG 1 Mountain Elk: -3/60 HP, DMG 18
  3. Gaius saw an opportunity to strike, and he aimed to take it. While the beast removes itself from Griswold's shield Gaius begins a familiar lime green glow on the edge of his polearm, taking a few quick steps to move to the position with the assistance of the system. Picking up speed a grand cleave along the beasts left side, the elk, however, catches wind of intentions and shifts its head off to the left in surprising grace catching the weapon in its antlers stopping it dead as the glow fades. "Damn thing!" Gaius was a bit taken back at the failure of connection but wasn't about to leave this alone. Shoving back against Gaius's weapon as he rips his weapon's blade-free, its gaze moves to him and in self-defense takes a steady charge toward him. Gaius drops his weapon to the ground and shoves himself out of the way, a slide of dirt as he clears harm. ID# 136375 results: Battle: 1, Missed! [Heavy Momentum Activated!] (1)Gaius: 120/120 HP, 8/12 EN, DMG 7, Miti 9, Acc 2, H.M: 2, Prosperity 3, LD +2 (1)Simmone: 120/120 HP, 11/12 EN, DMG 2, EVA 1, Acc 3, BLD 1 (12 Over 2/9-10), Keen 1, Recov 2 (2/CD 6+) (3)Griswold: 119/120 HP, 6/12 EN, DMG 5, Miti 18, H.M: 2 [Concentration 1/3] (2)Shiina: 80/80 HP, 8/8 EN, DMG 1 Mountain Elk: 24/60 HP, DMG 18
  4. The creature begins to rise to gain its footing as its senses recover, vision returning to it with a huff of breath and a tap of its foot. Gaius sees an opportunity breeding and charges a glow of green taking a quick slide to the side as it attempts to strike at him. A turn and leap back with a cleave swinging wide, the momentum carrying him back as he lands on his heels and slides. Gaius pole vaults to halt himself, spinning his glaive like a propeller around him a goad coming from him with completion: "You like that don't you?". The beast charges at him for a moment where he shoves his blade downward and uses it to shift himself to the right and narrowly leave the range as it charges past. Turning to face the party, its attentions shift to Simmone and begins to charge at her. ID# 136371 results: Battle: 8+2, Hit Dealing (7+[2/H.M]*2=18 Damage), [Heavy Momentum Fades] (1)Gaius: 120/120 HP, 9/12 EN, DMG 7, Miti 9, Acc 2, H.M: 2, Prosperity 3, LD +2 Simmone: 120/120 HP, 11/12 EN, DMG 2, EVA 1, Acc 3, BLD 1 (12 Over 2/9-10), Keen 1, Recov 2 (2/CD 6+) (3)Griswold: 120/120 HP, 7/12 EN, DMG 5, Miti 18, H.M: 2 [Concentration 0/3] (2)Shiina: 80/80 HP, 7/8 EN, DMG 1 Mountain Elk: 26/60 HP, DMG 18
  5. Simmone speaks right to his fancy, maybe the guild understood him more than he'd given them credit for. Trailing behind the maiden in black, as she leads them upward to a new floor. Quietly Gaius just partakes the environment, keeping his eyes peeled for anything that might prove of use in the endeavor. Gaius spots something, an elk in a light tan fur grazing on some grass not catching them approaching. Reading his spear with a glow of green, Gaius prepares for the kill. A quick blast of energy as the cardinal tears him toward his target, it senses him and rears back. Gaius narrowly misses his prey slamming hard into a tree that reads back [Immovable object] as he strikes his glaive into it hard with a broad stroke of green energy. A quick flip of his glaive back overhead in a twirl before docking it points down with an audible *clink* ID# 136354 results: Battle: 3+2, Missed [Heavy Momentum Activated!] Gaius: 120/120 HP, 10/12 EN, DMG 7, Miti 9, Acc 2, H.M: 2, Prosperity 3, LD +2 [4 EN Used] Simmone: 120/120 HP, 12/12 EN, DMG 2, EVA 1, Acc 3, BLD 1 (12 Over 2/9-10), Keen 1, Recov 2 (2/CD 6+) Griswold: 120/120 HP, 12/12 EN, DMG 5, Miti 18, H.M: 2 Shiina: 80/80 HP, 8/8 EN, DMG 1 Mountain Elk: 60/60 HP, DMG 18
  6. No one was here, Gaius wasn't to keen on the smaller details so he was lost trying to process what the chef had told him to do. The principle of gathering brought him back to his previous attempts at doing such a thing. Approaching up from outside the walls, a somewhat familiar face recognized as Simmone the merchant. "Bout damn time, you think I like just standing..." Simmone interrupts him tossing some parcel of items to him. Contained within are some food and drink, looking back to her with squinting eyes Simmones explanation falls to an odd confusion. "Yeah, gathering isn't really my thing. So this stuff fixes that?" Gaius receives Ultra Prosperous Hotdog (T1/Perfect/Food) +3 Prosperity From Simmone Gaius receives Golem's Strength Potion (T1/Rare/Potion) +2 Base Damage From Simmone Gaius Consumes Both The vial was familiar, the power juice Raidou had tossed him before but the hot dog was a new thing. It smelled divine and Gaius wasn't one to argue with free food. Scarfing them both down like a python with an unhinged jaw, Gaius felt it pump through him with some effects. Just under his HP bar a small sword with an up arrow matched with a stack of coins with the same pointer. "Now what?"
  7. Despite his reluctance, Gaius finds himself in Tolbana village, at the behest of the rest of the guild mainly the master who'd dictated his actions in a fury that interested Gaius's fighting spirit. Not sure what cooking had to do with fighting, he was skeptical and second-guessing the whole charade. But he didn't want the rest of the guild to see his reticence as a cop-out and an admission of lack of capability. Breaking through the perimeter drawn around the small village, Gaius follows the plan entering to meet the provided NPC to teach him the trade, a small building with a swaying sign adorning its roof. Entering into a quaint dining area littered with rounded tables, not unlike a tavern he frequented in ravenous hunger it was peaceful and relatively empty this morning. From the back, as the bell rings from the door swinging open, a small girl ushers Gaius to the back in efforts to teach him the profession. After some 'quiet' discussion it becomes painfully clear that they are out of resources to teach him what he needed and was tasked with procuring what he'd need. Taking his exit, a scowl tattooed to his face in his displeasure Gaius awaits the others in the culdesac of shops.
  8. "There's some girl over here." Gaius shouts without a second thought, he wasn't being that secretive but it looks as though she hadn't noticed him. She was doing something off in the distance but that wasn't what Gaius was concerned with, it was the creature moving to her out of sight. It was obscured, not sure what laid beyond the field of view to assail the group she'd just happened upon it. Gaius slid up to her side and spun his two-handed polearm about before docking it downward and popping the cap of the potion passed to him. A solid swig of red fluid leaving an empty vial in its wake, Gaius dropped and let it roll-off as the burning sulfurous taste pumped his tongue with a bitter taste. Coughing a second Gaius shouts to this blonde "Fight or not, your choice but whatever that is, wants a piece of you." Leaving it to her to decide her fate. [Gaius consumed +2 Base Damage Golem's Strength]
  9. Gaius was being well, Gaius... Scanning for any potential creatures to stomp into the ground. The dragoon has been here before attempting to pick apples from a tree with little progress. Being bad at gathering materials was fine by him, deciding instead to focus more on his skill set keeping the area free of possible intrusion. Looking down to Kasumi as she pulls free a small glittering stone of some gem. Shooting her a thumbs up Gaius acknowledges her progress "Well done, I have got this so grab a F*** ton and go wild!" Gaius shouts with earnest intending to do the same while scanning the field for potential threats. Under the guise of protection, Gaius was worried more about keeping things exciting. The grouping was just outside the floor 1 village of Tolbana, the perimeter was distinctly devoid of players as most were more than likely just waking to the morning. There was one in the distance, Gaius being a bit bored started trailing through the trees toward the distant figure.
  10. Gaius

    Item Compiling for Firm Anima!

    Given to Simmone: 1600*Col 5*T1 Materials T1 rare weapon #135909a T1 rare consumable #135909b T1 rare consumable #135909c
  11. Gemini Thread Ends Here Shambling out of the canopy of trees coming to rest at Raidou, Shiina and Kasumi waiting patiently for him to arrive. Gaius moves to Raidou removing the straps in attempts to hand the glove to him before he's stopped and told by Raidou to hand it to Kasumi. A subtle nod Gaius hands the gleaming plate to her before taking a seat near the others, having completed his journey through the forest. Suddenly his stomach turns a bit, more than likely from the unprocessed material he consumed with little insight into it and proceeds to vomit up the soured food he ate so haphazardly in his trek. Wiping his mouth with his sleeve, Gaius begins to mill around the area where it is peaceful looking for a bite to eat while he awaits the others in the guild to wrap up their ends of the quests they are to undertake. Gaius hands Swordsman's Bracer to Kasumi Gaius hands Cat's Gaze to Kasumi
  12. Quest Compete: 1*SP (Thread Completion) 3*SP (Gemini Completion) 1600*Col (400 Thread, 600 Gemini, 600 Chest) 5*T1 materials T1 rare weapon #135909a T1 rare consumable #135909b T1 rare consumable #135909c
  13. Using his spear like a crowbar, Gaius ripped it open easily peering into it. It wasn't trapped but Gaius had already decided he hadn't a care if it was. From within a small collection of items in linen wraps, a bag of coins and a small parcel of what looked to be materials. Claiming them all Gaius set off to exit this dang forest. ID# 135909 results: Loot: 15 600*Col 5*T1 materials T1 rare weapon #135909a T1 rare consumable #135909b T1 rare consumable #135909c Clambering out of the forest, looking the same upon his entry although a bit tired. The rustle of leaves as he hops out of the treeline and moves to the pack with a few skips across the uneven forest terrain: Raidou, Kasumi, and Shiina. Approaching Raidou with the intention to hand him back the bracer, who points to Kasumi “Hand it to her please.” Gaius nods and unstraps the glove passing it to Kasumi “No fear, the stupid thing just tries to get in your head but is powerless if you don’t let it. Stand strong, this glove does wonders.” Taking a seat Gaius relaxes no worse for wear having enjoyed the journey before his stomach turns. Hopping up quickly to his feet clutching his abdomen he finds the cover of brush and he vomits. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that mushroom… Gaius thinks but decides to just roll with the result, with the sound of something falling barely audible in the distance somewhere in the forest.
  14. Spinning his blade and heading away from the scene with no difference in stature playing in his mind. Gaius was content with the result, he had bested himself in combat and felt no remorse. Coming down and through the forest, as the weather began to revert into a clear blue sky as if the Gemini had been the reason for the storm. Gaius rubbed his stomach feeling his hunger preying on its interior, shambling through the forest and tripping over a box behind a stone he attempts to hop over. ID# 135908 results: Loot: 17 Looking back a bit pissed "The f***, look here wise gu..." Gaius spat in anger believing it a player or creature before cut short noticing the box. A softwood graced with golden trim. Gaius skittered to his feet with a vault and peered down over the prospect imagining the food it could contain within its confines. A quick peer around the box hoping it didn't have a spring-loaded fist inside before he decided to forgo caution and just open it.
  15. They seem to wait, wait for the thunder to tell them to act. The creature moves first and Gaius parries the blow before returning one of his own. The beast slams into him hard, but the gauntlet attached to him activates and reduces most of the incoming blow. Gaius notices the deflection and attacks the creatures spear. It tries to block but loses its balance even more. Gaius twirls his polearm before halting it in front of him and pull vaults off it, taking himself airborne. Slamming the end of its blade into the ground trying to right itself it manages to reclaim some of its footing but a bit to late. Gaius shouts to a blackend sky with an activating art "Grand Driver!" Pulling its weapon up trying to block Gaius as he drops to the ground with a blow like a meteorite painted green. The spear connects with the sound of scrapping metal and an impale. The smoke clears to reveal Gaius standing over his shadow impaled with a yellow glow bleeding from its chest a trail of red painted on its lip. "Finish it..." the shade spits, Gaius turns his head slightly "Gladly.." as he gives a quick turn of his glaive followed with a crunch as the beast pops. The strength of the heart required to face oneself has torn from the beast within Gaius has faced his other self, slain by his hand Gaius has taken his strength to destroy life’s hardships by force ID# 135906 results: Battle: 5+3 Hit MOB: 6+3 Hit Gaius: HP 76/80, EN: 7/8, Damage: 4, Damage Mitigation: 27, Accuracy: +3, Immolation: 10 Unmiti vs. Attacker (Non. Critical) Gemini: HP 0/40, Damage: 20 [BD (9-10): 24-28], Damage Mitigation: 7, Accuracy: +3, Paralyze 1 (9-10) [Killed]