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Found 8 results

  1. Snow's Rotating Sushi Bar Description The Fourth Floor of Aincrad, closely resembling the winter wonderlands Snow so fondly remembered in her birthplace of Czech Republic, houses a small and quaint little building. In the resemblance the cottages to the left and right, Snow's Rotating Sushi Bar is starkly contrasted by the red signs commonly found in Japan. Slightly out of place, the Eastern decorated building represents Snow's life as a student studying abroad in Kyoto. While there, she learned to appreciate the colorful and precisely executed Japanese cuisine. Mixing notes of her origin with influence of her most recent life, Snow's Rotating Sushi Bar captures the young blonde's history and welcoming demeanor. Once opened with the soft chime of a brass bell fixed to the inside of the door, patrons can enjoy the warmth of a constantly burning hearth to the back of the restaurant. With walls painted a mixture of soft blues and contrasting maroons, patrons can find several illustrations hanging every several feet. Drawn or painted by the owner herself, Snow displays her true talent for all to see. Images of her home in the real world, memorable places in Kyoto, and faces of friends and loved ones can be found in the illustrations. Several tables and chairs line the wall to the left as patrons enter. On top of each table is a small glass dish partially filled with water. Within the dishes, lotus blossoms and candles float atop the water's surface adding both ambient light and a subtle aroma. However, the pride and joy of Snow's Rotating Sushi Bar is the bar itself. With a counter made of deep cherry wood and lacquered to a polished shine, Snow stands on the opposite side and greets in the traditional Japanese manner. A glass case filled with ingredients can be seen as well has her tools of the trade. As you sit at the bar, you notice a belt that rotates across the room and hooks around the glass case where Snow busily works. As she finishes a roll, she puts a pair of pieces on a plate and places it on the belt. The longer she works, the more variety spins around, permitting you to pick whichever suits your fancy. Rice cookers hiss with steam and nori lay at the ready to create any roll of your choosing. For those not interested in sushi, a menu stands behind her with a short list of available dishes and combinations. A small fabric divider can be seen in a doorway behind the girl. From the door, savory aromas waft into the lobby of chicken and pork katsu, tempura, and teriyaki. Custom orders are welcome and encouraged through a little stand and slot near the front door. In the corner, several wooden walls with paper windows frame off a small private section. Inside, the floor is lined with tatami mats, and a kotatsu table able to seat eight in the traditional Japanese manner. The back wall has a tall, ornate table with a floral centerpiece and just enough space to hold extra condiments, napkins, chopsticks, and small confections. Underneath it, patrons can find stacks of small sitting pillows to use around the table. This room is usually reserved for small groups and guilds for meetings, but is anyone can book the room for their use by contacting Snow via private message. Chef Level & Success Currently Rotating Sushi & Snacks Custom Orders Customer Records & Expenses Friendly Note: I welcome any and all patrons to role play as they see fit. If you do not wish to make a purchase, but wish to simply role play in my restaurant, you are more than welcome. I will try to help serve you the best I can. So, if you would like to bring your dates, please do! We also serve sake, beer, and cocktails to those of age. Please, no fighting or crude language and respect the property. We serve complimentary green tea to any patron willing to stop by. Lastly, thank you for visiting Snow's Rotating Sushi Bar. ~Snow
  2. Nestled away on the border of the safe zone of the town of Coral, one can find a Japanese-styled mansion sitting peacefully next to the main road. The mansion is surrounded by stone wall fence, but connected on one side is a building outside the wall. The smell of cooking food always wafts from the windows and a sign posted outside in painted, handwriting can be seen. Even though it's written in Kanji SAO's translation system allows one to read it as Yuki Izakaya. The building seems like just another part of the house, if not for the sign signifying the shops existence. The doors are open to outside during the day. Another door on the inside leads to the manor it's connected to. These doors are always locked to anyone but Yuki. On the inside, it looks much like it would from the outside. It's a very Japanese-styled room with kotatsus scattered around. Whether the intent of the shop was to look homely, or it was just put together shoddily was hard to discern. There's room for each table to seat four people. The kitchen actually looks like a common house kitchen, and not like one that would normally be in a restaurant or izakaya. If Yuki is not present, one can ring a bell to summon her. Deals! New customer special! - First perfect commissioned item is free of charge! Customers served free - Crozeph, Macradon, Night Special Request Form
  3. Blind Eye Pub Inside the bar *video* Welcome to the Blind Eye Pub. I don't care if you're a PKer or not I'll just turn a blind eye. If you're hungry you have to eat. So far I just have sweets for sale I hope you don't mind. Please come in and enjoy. Donations and Donors list <3 INFO BROKER RUMORS Cost unless stated otherwise for T1 Uncommon food 100 col or 3 mats Rare food 350 col or 5 mats Perfect food 500 col or 7mats Requests Name: Your Profession: Cook Your Rank: 3 ID: [Leave Blank] Roll: [Leave Blank] Item Type: Snack, Dessert, Meal (more will be added when unlocked) Tier: 1 (2 and 3 will be added as they become available) Quality: [Uncommon, Rare, Perfect] Enhancements: [What Enhancements does the item have] Description: [Give the item a description] Post Link: [Leave Blank] Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Uncommon Uncommon Uncommon Rare Rare Rare Perfect Perfect Perfect In Stock Menu Lonzo Food Effect Guide Lonzo's Cheat Sheet Lonzo's reminder sticky note To Do List Come and Get it List Ledger
  4. Welcome to Le Chat Noir! Reminiscent of a French open air cafe, Le Chat Noir brings you to new expierience like never before seen in Aincrad. Welcome to the Black Cat. All things are made to order until stocks are up. Rank 6 Mentor Cook [399/639 Exp] Update 1/19/2017 Crafting Reset 00:00:00 PHT (GMT +8) [Cooking Guide] | [Enhancements] Tools Pricing Uncommon 300 Col or 2 Mats | Rare 600 Col or 4 Mats | Perfect 900 Col or 6 Mats Order Form Current Orders [Evaluations]
  5. Every day's Great At Your Junes! Theme Inside the confines of floor eleven, there lies, a mall of some sorts. A large building filled with players, and NPC's alike selling all sorts oddities and wares. In the food court, there is only one player cook that resides there, making his own display of food and dishes. A pink haired man yells at his staff to get back to work stocking things and preparing for the rush, but as they're NPCs not much happens. The man places a hand into his palm until he sees you approach. "Ahh! Welcome to the Junes Food Court! What can I get for you?" He says with a sudden rush of cheerfulness. The menu reads as follows... On the other side of the menu pamphlet, you find... ~What's on the Menu~
  6. "The Ichiban is an otherworldly place located on Floor Six near the Waterfall of the Sage, where those with talent throng together and devour one another. It's depths are unfathomable. Sharpen your fangs, boy!" The Ichiban in an over-the-top battle arena in which players face head to head, with knives in hand, to determine the more masterly chef. This restaurant namely follows the life of Black, and his proclamation that his cooking will reign supreme above all others. There is no better place to measure this ability than in at The Ichiban , a school tailored to the upbringing of the the next generation of world-class chefs in Sword Art Online. Students with culinary prowess enroll here from all over Aincrad to prove themselves, earn a reputation, and form a foundation for their future in cuisine. Students are free to challenge other students to so called Shokugekis, one on one cook offs where anything and everything can be wagered. On top of these face-offs, the school hosts events to measure and grade the students' abilities. However, if you fail to meet it's expectations, you you are expelled on the spot, and your career is ruined. Through trials and triumphs we watch Black serve as an inspiration to others, but he collectively acts as a catalyst for the propagation of the love of food. Try out our signature sauces! Sauces(Buffs): The secret is literally in the sauce! At the Ichiban, we have flavored and tasteless sauces and tasteless food colorings that provide the buff, so choose any meal you like! Prices: Buff Menu Sake/ Wines/ Beers/ Cocktails/Spirits General Items Reserves: Requests/Reserved: Exp Guide: Profession Info: Gear:
  7. MOONBUX COFFEE Ever exhausted from a day of boar hunting or floor boss annoyance? Ever want to party hard but isn't feeling the mood? Well, Moonbux Coffee has got you covered. With the coffee that we provide for you, you will be up and about in no time. Not only do we provide you with energy, we provide you with great service that lets you receive your coffee in absolutely no time. Also, we allow you to bring your drinks out as well as drink inside. And the best thing is: The coffee never gets cold. That is the magic of Aincrad, little children. Also, to anyone who is to scared of our high calorie coffee, we also provide you with certain breakfast items as well as some of the dankest ice creams around. In addition, unlike Starbucks, we don't serve absolutely over-priced white girl coffee. With our reasonable prices, we deliver the best coffee and services that you can ever have in this virtual prison. So, come in here... Drink some coffee and get out there to party like there's no tomorrow! Disclaimer: Certain Food Items will cause effects and the shop is not responsible for any side effects or damage caused indirectly with the use of coffee and breakfast items.
  8. Winter's Delights As you enter, the smell of cinnamon hits your nose. The place is always covered in snow, almost looking like sugar scattered around the outside tables that surround the front of the store. Entering, the smell of cinnamon is stronger, but it is a warm and inviting smell. The place is lit by soft candles, giving the place an earthy glow, but also making it a nice place to stay. Spencer, the owner of the shop, is in the back making food, like he usually is. Just holler and he will be with you as soon as he can. Prices Dice Roll Results/ Crafting Attempts Per Day/ Experience In Stock Order Form Equipment