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Banker System

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<<Banker System>>

The Spending Account located on the main site page will now be used to track and transfer col and materials. If you need to set an initial value for an existing account, make a post in the [Spending Account] thread in the Evaluations section. A staff member will verify the details and add the resources to your Spending Account.

In addition to the Spending Account, you also have a Bank Account (Central Bank of Aincrad). Think of this as a savings account--the resources here are still yours and are listed separately from the Spending Account. You might want to use this if you are saving up for a large purchase or would like to keep some resources separate. Only you may transfer resources to and from a Bank Account.

Each resource under the Spending and Bank Accounts have four different options:

  • Balance Dashboard: Brings you to a dashboard of that resource in the corresponding account. Here you can see the account's balance history, list of transactions, and access to the other functions.
  • Transfer: Allows you to transfer resources between your Spending Account and Bank Account.
  • Send to Member: Send resources to another player.
  • Transactions: Brings up a pop-up list of your transaction history.

When sending resources to a member: Ensure that you have entered the correct user. You can only send resources to one player at a time. Include a note along with a link to the post in which you are transferring resources. All transactions must be verified with a post link. Transactions made out of character are disallowed.

When buying a house, guild hall, etc.: Col used to purchase items or services offered by Cardinal should be sent to the @Banker account. Link your post in the corresponding Evaluation/Application topic when making these purchases.

When receiving thread rewards: When a topic is locked, players will receive col and material rewards as a transaction from the Banker account.

When crafting: Send the consumed materials in a transaction to the @Banker account with a link to the crafting post they were used in.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.