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<<Spending Accounts>>

For the full details of the Banker system and how to use the Spending Account, please visit the [Banker System] rules in the Tutorials section.

This thread is for existing characters who need to establish the current values of their spending account.

Simply make a post in this thread listing your total:

  • Col
  • Tier 1 Materials
  • Tier 2 Materials
  • Tier 3 Materials

A link to a col long must be included in your evaluation post.

Once verified by staff, your original post will be quoted and approved, and you will find the initial resources available in your account.

Until further notice, players must still continue to record transactions in their col logs/journals.

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Transactions were initially recorded in Journal under 'Archive' spoiler, now tracked via Google Spreadsheet. Total Col is displayed on the 'Character Data' sheet and is calculated using Col rewards from completed threads ('Threads' sheet) and transactions/other expenditures ('Transactions' sheet).

Materials were initially recorded in Shop under 'Archive' spoiler, now tracked via Google Spreadsheet. Total Materials are displayed on the 'Character Data' sheet. Totals are manually inputted and are determined through a Material log in the 'Artisanry' sheet (totals updated after each expenditure).

Col - 45,918
Tier 1 Materials - 5
Tier 2 Materials - 3
Tier 3 Materials - 25


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Col and Material Gross Amounts Spreadsheet (before expenditures) [C2, D2, E2, F2]
Col and Material Net Amounts Spreadsheet (after expenditures w/ col and mat transactions) [H2, J2, K2, L2]

  • 51,929 Col
  • 0 Tier 1 Materials
  • 1 Tier 2 Materials
  • 6 Tier 3 Materials
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