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[PP-F21] Gatherers of light (Green Blade)

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He would chortle lightly by the thought of the whole family joining in the spring and reply “Yeah, I can see how that could be embarrassing ...” he would continue after taking in a deep breath in this damp place and say “I’m glad you invited me, I truly am. I haven’t had the time to really enjoy myself for a long time since I joined the frontlines, so this small journey was what I needed” he said. His scarlet eyes would look over at Kotone, noticing that she had come slightly closer to him. “Oh …” he thought and would compute what was going on, he hadn’t really been in these kinds of situations before, he wasn’t too sure what to do at the moment. “Ehm …” he mumbled and would like Kotone scoot a little close in the water, though still keeping some elbow room to make sure she wasn’t uncomfortable about the situation.


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