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[F01] <<Redemption>>

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Floor 1
<< Redemption >>
Recommended Level: 11+ (Parties Recommended)
Repeatable Only to Help Other Players | Solo/Party Limit: 4


  • Last Hit Drop: 15000 Col + 30 Materials of the Player's Tier (If a player has already defeated Repentance and received this drop, they cannot receive it again)
  • Orange Cursor transformation back to Green. (Party Leader only.)


  • Must be one full Page of RP content (20+ Posts).
  • Must defeat Repentance.



The word from an information broker says there is a boss with the power to change an orange cursor back to green after its defeat. Rumor has it that the boss can be found in a secluded cemetery on the first floor, in a place where the sun's rays never seem to break through the murky clouds looming overhead. Piecing together the stories from different players, there exists a massive statue in the shape of an angel that only awakens when at least two players are near, and only if one possesses an orange cursor. 'Repentance', as it's said to be called, has health and power higher than anything else found on the first floor and has killed many who have simply tried to redeem themselves.


HP: (Highest Player's Level) x 50
DMG: (Highest Player's Level) x 5
MIT: (Highest Player's Level) x 2.25 (Rounded down)
ACC: (Highest Player’s Tier) x 1 [max 3]
EVA: (Highest Player’s Tier) x 1 [max 3]

<< Judgement > >: On critical hits of 9 and 10, this boss gains full phase on its attack.
<< Holy Blood > >: This boss is immune to all status effects, including Unique ones.

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