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A few questions

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Hey everyone, since coming back I have seen there have been various changes to the site (they look great!) and for the most part I think I am caught up and have made the necessary stat adjustments to Hydra. 

However I noticed there is now a new banking system. Currently I am sat on 0 col and whilst I know I have a lot more, unfortunately I made that mistake of not keeping track of my purchases. Although I have kept track of how much col I have obtained and when in the quest section thread of my journal. Just before I went on hiatus, one of my last threads with Zandra, I do however remember selling my glittering snowflake for 40'000 col, which is entirely unspent. (here is the link to the exchange) I also received an additional 15'000 from the Arabian Nights quest and according to my journal am sat on 25'950 or 65'950 (after the snowflake exchange). 

I understand that I am at fault for not keeping track of my purchases and will ensure I do so in the future. (Accepting any reductions to my current col as a result).

My second question is regarding the Redemption quest which I seen has been updated. Basically I started a thread a while back before the new updates and didn't manage to get it finished before my hiatus. There are quite a few changes to the quest system and statistics of the MOB itself, is it alright for me to restart that quest basically with the updated version? Thanks for your time :3


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Heyo, and welcome back!

Oof, the col thing sounds a bit of a mess. We can get you set up and sent whatever the correct amount is, just need to make sure we have that as accurate as possible without the exact logs in your journal. Are you saying that you should be at 65,950 col for sure? Or that is your total without considering any col you've spent in other players' shops?

As for Redemption, if you have an ongoing thread with the old quest details you can take either option. Close out that thread without completing the quest and re-start with the updated one, or continue the current thread you have going with the old stats (we can get you any details on the old version of the quest if you need it).

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Ah thanks! ^^
and sounds good, I will have a think about it. 
And unfortunately I can't say that is the exact amount, after adding up the col from the quests I've logged in my journal it totals 68'750, though there are a few links I still need to look at. I have spent more 2'800 in shops though. 

 I am happy to to start from the 40'000 mark with the snowflake exchange, its my fault for being a derp xD (if that is okay? I will remove the current 25k from my journal).

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