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PP-F16) Pirating the Pirates <<The Swashbuckling Buccaneer>>

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Floor 16
<< The Swashbuckling Buccaneer >>
Recommended Level: 35
Repeatable only for "Pirate's Treasure" | Party Limit: 4
Credit Goes to: @Birdie


  • 2 Additional SP
  • 10,500 Col
  • Pirate's Treasure (Unique Consumable): A lucky coin that will give the user +2 Prosperity, for the duration of a thread. One time use!


  • At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts)
  • Defeat all 5 <<Pirate Deckhands>>
  • Defeat <<Boatswain Amir>> and <<Boatswain Jessamine>>
  • Defeat <<Burlock, the Quartermaster>>



A <<Frantic-looking Sailor>> sits hunched atop a wooden crate, his feet dangling idly over the pier’s edge. He turns as you approach, a look of hopelessness in his eyes.

"Y-you there! Have you the heart to aid a foolish sailor? You see, this shipment is due for departure come morn… and my ship’s been thieved! It’s those purloinin’ pirates, Greybeard’s lot or something-or-other. I would lead an effort to retrieve it but folks round ‘ere pay no mind to the business of others. Don’t suppose you could lend a hand?”

Should you choose to accept, the sailor turns Eastward and points across the water. He tells you the ship was last spotted near <<Ill Man’s Cove>>, a pier with two run-down shacks built into the adjoining cliff face, reputable for its shady dealings. He also shares details of the crew who stole his ship, including that of a burly man wearing a Captain’s hat. He marks the coordinates on your map and tells you to meet him where you stand by nightfall, making brief mention of his uncle’s rowboat.


Participants may choose to roleplay meeting the <<Frantic-looking Sailor>> and his uncle at the docks, but must roleplay arriving at <<Ill Man’s Cove>> on the uncle’s rowboat. The sailor’s uncle will leave after dropping off the participants and the sailor.

Participants may choose where and how to combat the pirates; however, 2 Deckhands will always try to fight alongside each Boatswain. Boatswains receive individual BD rolls, Deckhands may share (though they still require a separate roll from the player).

Once all Deckhands and Boatswains have been defeated, <<Burlock, the Quartermaster>> bursts out from below deck of the stolen ship and howls “Arrggh! Who dares provoke the ire of Greybeard’s Quartermaster?!”

Upon defeating <<Burlock, the Quartermaster>>, the sailor climbs aboard his reclaimed ship and imparts a word of thanks, and offers the participants transport back to port. All mobs below receive separate dice rolls each!


<<Pirate Deckhand>>

HP: 250
DMG: 85
MIT: 40

Hornswaggle: On a nat. CD of 11-12, stuns the player for one turn and the pirate's attack bypasses 1/2(rounded up) of the target's mitigation.


v3lQGa3.jpg<<Boatswain Amir>>

HP: 400 
DMG: 125
MIT: 60
EVA: 2

Chain of Command: When first engaged upon by a player, two <<Pirate Deckhands>> will instantly spawn and attack the player once regardless of Hate. If all 5 <<Pirate Deckhands>> have already been previously spawned (and/or defeated), none will spawn upon engaging the <<Boatswain>>.

Freebooter: On nat. BD rolls of 9-10, <<Boatswain Amir>> raises his boot. If the CD is 1-6, he kicks high and hits with 150 AoE damage. If the CD is 7-12, he sweeps low and knocks the target's party off their feet, lowering their Evasion by 2 for their next turn.



<<Boatswain Jessamine>>

HP: 350
DMG: 175
MIT: 50
ACC: 2

Chain of Command: When first engaged upon by a player, two <<Pirate Deckhands>> will instantly spawn and attack the player once regardless of Hate. If all 5 <<Pirate Deckhands>> have already been previously spawned (and/or defeated), none will spawn upon engaging the <<Boatswain>>.

Crow’s Nest: On nat. BD rolls of 9-10, <<Boatswain Jessamine>> rears her boot. If the CD is 1-6, she sweeps low and knocks the target over, lowering their Accuracy by 3 for one turn. If the CD is 7-12, she aims high and launches an attack that bypasses 2/3(rounded up) of the target's mitigation.



<<Burlock, the Quartermaster>>'s Stats

HP: 600
DMG: 165
MIT: 80
EVA: 2
ACC: 2

All Hands On Deck!: Immune to Paralysis/Stun.

Black Spot: Burlock’s cutlass is coated with a thin poison. On a successful hit, with a nat. CD rolls of 10-12, the target suffers 30 Poison Damage for their next two turns.

Davy’ Jones Locker: On nat. BD rolls of 9, Burlock deals 50 additional damage. On nat. BD rolls of 10,  Burlock deals 100 additional damage.


Jonathan stood on one of the cleared floors of Aincrad. Floor 16. He had heard a new quest was indeed released here, and had supposed it was due time to start getting another boost of Skill points. Hestia had given him a reason to get better. If he was weaker than her from laziness, he wouldn't be a role model of hers anymore. Stepping forward through the pier, he caught a whiff of the sea's air. If he happened to see any familiar faces, he would invite them in for the journey. He doubted Itzal was around, and nobody on his friends list was around either. So, it was all down to the luck of the draw at this point in time. He had happened to notice that Hikoru was no longer on his friends list which was a strange sight to see. Perhaps he had deleted it and planned on re-adding him later? 


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Opening his eyes, Sky looked around, having just gone as high as he had ever really gone before.... The Sixteenth floor! He had been meaning to slowly come up higher and higher, making his way to the front, but he had been waiting until he had the strength to actually compete with Frontliners, or at the very least to be on the same scale as them. But, he knew that would never happen, he wasn't that lucky. He was going to have to earn it.... He sighed, wondering if there was anything fun to do on this floor. As he took his first step, behind him a Wolf appeared, panting a little. She instantly enjoyed the floor, the moment she saw the forests, and smelt the air she stared panting happily. He smiled, giving her a little rub before walking towards the ocean, wanting to see what water would actually look like in this world, more specifically, the ocean.


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As Jonathan walked forward towards his quest giver, he spotted a dark haired man, a wolf trotting happily behind him. The man had a familiarity to him, and Jonathan instanty rubbed the back of his head with his trying to recall where he had seen the man before. A memory returned to him, a battle with Kasier and a dark haired boy named Stryder fighting against a largre over sized monkey monster. He chuckled at the memory and stepped before the man. "Hey Stryder!" He said in a confident voice. "I was just about to do one of the new quests. You're welcome to join if you aren't to busy! I could always use another blade ya know!" He chuckled and stood there, awaiting a reaction. Stryder wasn't the best in strength capabilities, but Jonathan mostly seeked a companion as he could easily clear the quest by himself. Jonathan crossed his arms, standing and waiting. 

The wind picked up a bit and the ocean could be heard crashing against the pier. Seagulls were heard, and Jonathan found these noise appealing. The salty air wasn't that bad. He had once been on this floor before, taking on an a giant turtle boss that would be found out at sea. 


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Sky was simply walking along when he heard his name, wondering who could say it. His voice was was familiar, but... Well, not enough for him to really remember it instantly. He turned to look, seeing someone... who looked a little similar, and within a moment it came back to him, Morgenstern! He had been on a quest with him and Kasier awhile back, he didn't fully remember how that quest had gone.... But they had obviously survived, otherwise they wouldn't be here.

Silver instantly hid behind Sky, obviously scared of this new comer. "Shhh Silver, this guy isn't to bad, don't worry" He says, the wolf calming down slightly, but still keeping her distance 

"New quest? Huh, i haven't been on these high floors before, so i guess all these quests are new to me.... Why not, sure thing!" He says, smiling as he looks out at the sea, the water smashing aganst the pier. He really did love the ocean....

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The canine companion of Stryder seemed a bit frightened by his sudden intervene of their day. Even after Stryder told her to calm down, she still seemed a bit frightened of him. Jonathan chuckled quietly, rubbing the back of his head. He never thought himself to be a frightening figure in the room. When he was compared to Itzal and Hikoru in the room, he brought the cheer of the room. Itzal was quiet and thought hard on everything while Hikoru.... was well.... Hikoru. After accepting Jonathan would smile as he sent him a party request. "Well we gotta go find that NPC then, from what the quest outline said, we need to head to the docks to find out what we need to do exactly" Jonathan swiveled in place, turning around to head towards the docks. "Alright Stryder, from my understanding this is a pretty easy quest. I'll howl for each, but i am not going to wear all of my tanking gear for tanking. I will be focusing solely on damaging these guys to get through the quest faster. Understand?" Chuckling, Jonathan seen the dock and swung his body over the railing to land a good five feet below on the docks. 


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Sky still felt kind of.... awkward around this guy. He had been on one other quest with him before, but the tension had been extremely high.  He had felt the cold shoulder he had gotten, but it might have just been him, a little intimidated around those stronger than him. He didn't say anything about it though, instead listening to what he was saying about the quest, and how he planned to fight. He nodded, grinning. 

"Sounds good, i'm not to worried about getting hit once or twice, my gear is light, allowing me to move fast enough to avoid a fair amount of blows, but thanks for still taking the hits" He says, giving a little bow of respect. He looked at Silver, still hiding behind him as he walked over to him a little. Then, right after, he saw the guy just jump over the dock. He looked down, seeing him landing a little below it. With a grin, he followed suit, jumping down right after him. Once he landed, he looked up, seeing the wolf jump down.

"SILVER!! N-" He says with a loud tone, before being crushed by his familiar, coughing a little. "Dammit silver... that kinda hurt" He said, before she got off him. He ran over to Morgenstern. "Just want to say sorry about her, she doesn't trust many others since i saved her..." 


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Jonathan turned to see Stryder jumping to follow him landing on his feet. Then the man turned, his eyes getting wide as he watched his familiar jump of after him. The wolf landed on top of him, becoming crushed by the wolf. Jonathan chuckled and began to walk, the man running to catch up with him and apologizing for his familiar. "It's no problem I assure you" Jonathan looked further up the dock and seen a frantic looking sailor. "I think that is the guy we have to see today" he would tell Stryder. Jonathan surged forward, coming lose to the NPC who turned to them and began to speak. 

"Y-you there! Have you the heart to aid a foolish sailor? You see, this shipment is due for departure come morn… and my ship’s been thieved! It’s those purloinin’ pirates, Greybeard’s lot or something-or-other. I would lead an effort to retrieve it but folks round ‘ere pay no mind to the business of others. Don’t suppose you could lend a hand?”

Jonathan nodded and the man pointed eastward and saying, "Thar' ship was last seen by ill man's cove! Meet me har' and we can get thar' by my uncle's row boat" 

Jonathan turned to Stryder and looked at his menu's watch real quick. "Looks like we got a good hour and a half of time to kill. Let us go and get ourself a bite here. Im not much of a fan of fish, but I am famished!" He chuckled and moved forward. 


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