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[F23] Escaping the Underdark

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Floor 23
<<Escaping the Underdark>>
This quest is Part 2 of <<Breaking the Chains>>
Recommended Level:  35+
Non-Repeatable | 4 players max
Can only take this quest if Fonsa was alive at the end of <<Search and Rescue>>


  • 2 SP
  • 8,000 col each
  • March of the Rebellion - Debuff Song. 
    • Hypnosis: When played, reduces a single enemy’s Accuracy by 2 Effect lasts for one battle.


  • Must role play receiving the message from Tythen and speaking with the couple at their house. 
  • After choosing a plan, must role play the trip to the Vale of Ruin
  • Fight the required number of enemies per plan.


A few days after returning Fonsa safely to her husband, Tyhten, in the Underdark, you receive a message from the Dark Elf couple to come and meet them immediately in their home. Upon arriving, he tells you that he was wrong to not believe Fonsa about the state of the surface and the outcome of the war. They also express that they believe there is something else at work here, and they no longer wish to be a part of it. They speak word of a rumored city known as the Vale of Ruin that lies far out of the Dark Elves' hold, where they would be safe and welcomed. 

The dark elf couple tell you that they have come up with two plans to get them out of the Underdark and to the Vale of Ruin. The first plan is the use a covered wagon and horses, leaving through the main road out of the city, and traveling upon the Surface - A faster route, but would catch more attention. The second plan, is to move through the tunnels of the Underdark to a secret exit that lets them out just out of the Dark Elves' hold - Would draw less attention, but would take more time. 



Traveling on the Surface 



The horses and wagons held at the stables on the other end of town are not used very often, though they are rented out to players who truly want to traverse the Surface. Tythen and Fonsa pay for the horses, and fill the wagon with their belongings - hiding among their possessions as well. The guards at the front gate will check the wagon, but not thorough enough to find the two stowaways. They will ask where you are traveling to, however. 

Upon exiting the Underdark, the trip will take about a day. Traveling by horseback, however, will easily draw the attention of beasts roaming the fields, as well as the Dark Elf hunters sent after you once word got out of the couple's plans to escape.

Before reaching the Vale of Ruin, you must fight 3 Monsters per player, and 4 Dark Elf Hunters

Traveling through the Underdark



::Traveling through the Underdark means players receive a -1 to all BD rolls (Unless Night Vision is active)::

The tunnels that stem out from the main settlement are narrow and uneven, so traversing this path would mean making the trip on foot. 
The deeper you move into the tunnels, the darker it becomes, making it quite difficult to continue forward. Fonsa and Tythen, however, are able to lead the way with their Night Vision. 

The trip through the tunnels would take about a day and a half, with the group needing to set up camp at some point before finishing the journey.  This path, however, draws much less attention. The trip, however, is still treacherous, as dangers lurk within the darkness of the caverns, and the Dark Elf Hunters who learned of the couple's escape would not be far behind.

Before reaching the Vale of Ruin, you must fight 2 monsters per player, and 2 Dark Elf Hunters


Players get a choice of what monsters they fight on the Surface/Underdark, as long as they follow these stats:

HP: 250
DMG: 80
MIT: 15

<<Dark Elf Hunters>>

Image result for dark elf man


HP: 575
DMG: 150
MIT: 30
EVA: 1
ACC: 2

<<Blow Dart>> On a BD of 9-10, The Dark Elf Hunter throws a dart at the player with the most hate, dealing 175 DMG and Paralyzing them.


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