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The Fateful Duel <<Stryder vs. Pinball>>

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Pinball stood in the middle of his shop, working up his courage. All it took was one press of the button. Pinball wiped his forehead; it felt like he was sweating. "Calm down, kid, calm down," he told himself, his heart racing in his chest. He closed his eyes, screwing them tight. "Boop," he said aloud, and sent the message. Pinball heard the whooshing of the confirmation, and sat there, his eyes wide. "Ohhh, boy, here we go," Pinball squeaked, pushing out the door of his shop. There was a pleasant breeze in the forest today, and Pinball grit his teeth. The leaves of the giant tree that stood guard in the center of the clearing whispered, wind whistling through its branches. Pinball walked up the small incline to sit at the tree's base, his spear laid out in his lap. Pinball leaned his head against the cool bark, and closed his eyes. He was wearing his armor already, waiting for either a decline or for his guild leader to show up. 

@Stryder Message: Oi, Strydie, meet me at my shop. I've been training a lot lately, and I want to see how I do against the Guild Leader. If you're cool with that, I'll be waiting at my shop on Floor 8. 

Player Stats: 


Level: 37
Health: 740 | Energy: 74
DMG: 15 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3
Combat skills:
►<<Charge>> [23/50]: Rank 3 - Expert
Weapon skills:
►<<2H Assault Spear>> [50/50]: Rank 5 - Grandmaster
Armor skills:
Extra skills:
►<<Familiar Mastery: Fighter>> [18/18]: Rank 3 - Grandmaster
►<<Martial Arts>> [0/50]: N/A
Utility Skills:
►[Active] <<2H Assault Spear: Ferocity>>: +1 Base DMG
►[Active] <<Bullrush>>
»[Equipped] [Demonic] Naughty or Nice Blade: +2 Freeze, Phase, Cursed
»[Equipped] [Perfect] Leather Armor of the Amatuer Duelist: +3 EVA
»[Equipped] [Perfect] Warrior’s Focus: +3 ACC


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Sky cracked his back, putting up one of the walls on his new shop on the twenty second floor. He was planning on spending the entire day doing this, and due to how much time he had spent on actually preparing his store, he had missed out on some much needed experience gathering. He had become weaker then some others who he had used to be stronger than, but he was still confident in being able to beat anyone he came up against. He had never lost a fight so far after all.

Then, a message popped into his box, appearing before him. He was surprised by what it was. A request for a  duel! He knew he used to be MUCH stronger than Pinball, but he had no idea how much of that was still true, since he had been doign a lot of training. He couldn't help but feel a little excited himself, testing himself aganst his guild members. It was a good idea to gauge his strength, and his own. He quickly put everything down, equipping his combat gear, then moved himself to Pinballs shop twenty floors down,



Stats (Presented in combat form)

Stryder: 640/640 HP | 64/64 EN | 59 MIT | 3 EVA | 4 ACC

Survival Active - Concentration Active

BR - 3 TP Crystals


Skills - 

GM Martial Arts - Ferocity Mod + 1 DMG | Precision Mod + 1 ACC

Rank 1 Light Armor - 4 MIT



GM Accuracy Familiar - 3 ACC


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