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Dagger's Journal

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Username: Dagger
Name: Dante Velbren
Age: 29
Height: 5ft11


Dante was named after the the hero from the novel of Dante's inferno the man having been named as such only for the simple fact that his mother had loved the story and practically seemed to know the book from front to back without issue. Dante had a rather simple childhood of what would be typical for a middle class individual, but as he grew up there was a few games that had caught his attention and that he loved to play which was those that involved trying to read and understand others. The simple fact of having to learn about those around him piqued his interest and would later become the basis for his wonderment with his career choice and path later within life. Until than though he enjoyed such games of trying to bluff others and simply played for the fun of it never being one for gambling or betting the odds of his life or money that could put him within danger financially having been the type to save up as many pennys as he could to make sure that every cent can count when it came down to buying things.  The man having spent his life doing this and eventually grew out of playing some simple games of cards though still held interest in the ideals of why people worked the way they did by the very end of it, and more so delighted in opportunities for games of debates and analyzing. The man during his highschool years having joined such things as debate club, and philosophy having participated and watched in interest through the various debates that would take place.

When he entered college he would join similar clubs while also going for a degree in psychology having become more so than a little bit interested in the human condition and trying to understand why people develop the way that they do and the affects it takes for people to get to where they are in life. Having studied within college and getting his degree eventually the man named Dante when he would hear about the world and game of SAO and the technology that accompanies it couldn't help but want to buy one for himself for the simple fact it would be a opportunity of a lifetime. To join within the experience himself while also seeing first hand the various players and the experiences that they have had. Not being a man that is a stranger to video games from the fact that he has played various games during his own development upon a computer having focused more so though on games that were single player rather than multiplayer like SAO would be for certain. Though when he had entered the game he had came in with the question of if having multiple consciousnesses within a game would affect one another on a sub-conscious level. However, after the announcement that they were all trapped within the game the question had changed instead to how the various ages of people would deal with this change to basically being within a new world. How closely would these people start to mimic the reality and society of the world outside of this one?

The man having spent three years interviewing and talking to various people within the town of beginning about their current state within the game and what they think is happening and having even spent some time as a therapist to some of the more unfortunate players with varying degrees of success for himself due to not having goen to college for clinical psychology. Since he was more of a developmental one if anything though that didn't stop him from trying at the very least since some help is better than none within his eyes though that is to say he never did any of this for free. The man was still a business man even than since he needed to survive in this world and thus had been payed monetarily for his services with col.




Singular Focus: Dante is a man that focuses on something in its entirety if it catches his attention and will hunt it down relentlessly to understand what he is dealing with. With this he is able to focus on a issue to its completion without finding himself lacking in motivation. Dante focusing solely on his goals till their completion be it harmful or helpful once he has his eyes set on something he will do his best to get it accomplished.

Slow-to-trust: Dante is one to not trust others easily, but he uses this to his advantage to stay safe in the face of possible manipulation and danger that could occur in this world. Knowing of the dangers of killers and killer guilds he is not one to trust others so easily knowing that any could be a trap that could lead to his death. Thus he takes things slowly and carefully unless he trusts the individual fully which their are none at this point since it has been four years in this video game like hell.

Patient: When it comes to dealing with his problems Dante is rather willing to wait a long time to be able to accomplish something. Along with that he is willing to be patient for something  to wait and occur in terms of gaining whatever strength he can in this game. Since when it comes down to it whether in the real world or not patience is what allows one to gain the advantage most time often than not.




Business Focus: Dante is a man of business and thus when it comes to helping others he isn't one to do something for free despite the fact that he does want to try and understand others within the world he does so for the sole fact of profit. That when it comes down to this one favor or service is always traded for something else a this for that method of business. Since in his eyes for things to come to agreement and be worth his time the amount of something must be traded back in equal shares through some simple communication about prices.

singular focus: While also a benefit it is also a crippling flaw since it limits him in being able to focus on multiple projects which would limit his options and not allow him to see the full picture of a problem and the various ways to solve it. Along with this when it comes to solving something he would only focus on the method that he knows how to do rather than the various options that could be more efficient. While the man is a single focused individual that is willing to wait to get what he wants the way he goes about things sometimes is more ruinous than prosperous when one considers the lengths of time and effort put into what could've been solved sooner.

aimless: Dante is a man that doesn't have a sole goal or focus within this new world just being a wandering soul mainly without much idea on what else he would wish to do in this game. This leaves him rather unsure of what to do for most of the time and just does whatever interests him at the time rather than having a well-defined goal to try and achieve. Dante being much more of a drifter in his overall person rather than somebody with a list of defined goals he wishes to achieve.


Skills: 5/10

Search: Rank 1 [5 SP]



level 4: 80/80 HP  8/8 ENG DMG: 3 (9 MIT  Light momentum: if i miss i gain +1 BD)=solo grind life



Virgil [2H Axe]: 2 slots of damage  [Equipped]
Boar's Pride [Light Armor]: 1xMIT 1xLM [Equipped when solo grinding]
Green apparition [Light Armor]: 1 MIT, 1 Eva
Cloak's Symbol: +3 LD  (Trinket that is the shape of Dagger's shop's symbol.)
3x Healing potions that give (+50 HP)
2x T1 immolation potion (+10 thorns)
1x field ration (+30 HP)

Threads completed: [5 SP at start]
http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17186-f1-sp-the-start-of-earning-some-well-deserved-coin/(Earning a Living)[+2 SP]
http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17188-f3-pp-a-chance-encounter/[Worn out welcome] (+3 SP)


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