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[F21-24] What do I fight for? Why do I fight?

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Yupp, being a millionaire wouldn’t be impossible. She was almready more then a fourth of the way there. And after she had accepted the rewards from the screen, all the dancing swords suddenly headed away. Leaved the area without a sign of wanting to continue the fight. Zandra didn’t mattered, this came perfect timing. She walked over to a rock and sat down to regain her energy. She had to prepare for the next horde of enemies. Thou she wasn’t sure the next group would leave like this one had done. She started to think. That was when she rembered the loot was easier to get down on. Which floor was it? She opened her guide book and scrolled thru the information about each and every floor. Floor one, no, floor two, no. And like that she contuied. Until she reached floor twentytwo. ‘’There we have it, floor twenty two.’’

1/2 energy rest

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She red thru it a few times, then took up her calculator. Her gentle fingers quickly went over the numbers, making sure she would be able to two shot all enemies there. To be totally sure, she recalculated about ten times. When she was certain she would have a better time down there she looked up into the sky. ‘’Zita! It is time to move. We are going down to some floors below. Time to fight some easier opponents. Thou we will meet more. Quantity over quality you know.’’ And with that Zandra rosse and headed back to the settlement. There she immediately headed for the warp gate, that she entered and warped down to floor twenty two. She stepped out and looked around. The kings eagle flew out close after her and started circling in the sky high above her as she turned her steps away, into the wilderness.

2/2 out of combat posts. Energy back to full

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ID: 133764 BD: 10 Crit! Burn triggered! 24+2+5=31x14=434 dmg +36 burn
ID: 133765 BD: 5+3=8 24+5=29x14=406 dmg
ID: 133766 BD: 2+3=5 Miss
ID: 112739 BD: 5+3=8 24+5=29x14=406 dmg

1,625/1,625 - 138/158

Dire boar 1: 504/910 -STUN-
Dire boar 2: 672/1,078 -STUN-
Dire boar 3: 504/1,078 ID: 112738 MD: 3-2=1 Miss
Dire boar 4: 364/798 -STUN-




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