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PP-F2 The Last Favour

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The sun had already set. Darkness had already completely consumed the first floor as the cloaked figure stepped through the forest, making his way towards a very familiar place. 

A place that was home of many happy memories, but today he wouldn't add another happy one. Today he was only here for one thing. The last Davie he would ever ask anybody for. A very important thing he could only entrust one person with. 


To: @Itzal

Meet me at our old training ground. There is something very important I need to tell you. 

And please come alone.

Looking one last time at the message, he pressed send and fetched three items from his inventory, carefully placing them in front of him. With one swift movement Aereth then sat on the ground cross legged, while his hands rested on his knees.

"I need a calm mind for the rest of this night. Otherwise..." He thought before stopping his train if thought. What would happen otherwise? 

He took a deep breath and dismissed the thought. He would succeed. Tonight was the night he would finally get everything he had been longing for for so long. He could almost taste it inside of his mouth...

The sweet taste of revenge.

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+2 SP slime farm

Itzal was in the middle of his training back at home in the slime farm when he received the message.  He parried the blows of the mobs he spawned, able to shape them to human form with weapons for more accurate training.  He sent a counter attack to one of them, tripped the other by dropping to the ground and swiping at their legs with his own, then used his AoE sword art to finish them off.  None of them died, but they were almost.  Good, he was getting better and holding back at the last minute.  With that in mind he finished off the slimes to end the session.  Then he opened his menu, glad he didn't have to clean sweaty clothes in a game, and his eyes widened when he saw who sent it.  Aereth???  He turned to Velnia who moaned sadly in the memory.  He opened the message and read it aloud to himself.  Why did he want to talk to him?  Why was he telling him to go alone?  Itzal had come to not trust Aereth after the stunts he's been pulling lately.  Well..  He was going alone, that was certain.  He could beat Aereth in a duel if he gave it his all.  However he wouldn't be going as Itzal..  Well not at first anyway.  He'd be going as Are.

Itzal arrived at the location and slipped out of the shadows.  Seeing Aereth for the first time.  He took a silent deep breath, then spoke using the American Accent.  "The scout was lucky I was with him today to ask him a few questions."  he said with his hand resting on the black blade.  Velnia was hiding in the trees so Aereth would not spot him.  Itzal, or Are he supposed, continued.  "Suffice it to say I insisted I approach first, until I've determined you don't have any deception played out.  Now speak, and make your words count."


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Aereth didn't move nor open his eyes as the hooded figure emerged from the shadows. He just waited for the man to finish his little speech. 

"The Scout..." he mentally noted, knowing that Itzal had pretty much vanished from the surface of Aincrad since their last meet and assuming that the Scout was being Itzal's alias. 

"Who are you? I told Itzal to come alone." he said. "But anyways, as you can see I'm completely alone, unarmored and with no weapon on me." he said, lifting his cloak to reveal his casual attire under the shine of the moonlight. "I do not intend to make any trouble, I'm just here to pass on a very important message, no. An opportunity that might be of high importance for... I don't know... him... Hestia... Maybe everybody in this virtual hell that gives half a f*ck about Aincrads safety..." 

"But certainly not for you my hooded friend. Because neither do I know you, nor am I stupid enough to trust a complete stranger." he said, opening his eyes and gazing into the darkness that was cast over the players face from his hood.


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Itzal was silent for a moment as he analyzed Aereth.  The surrounding area.  And looked into the eyes of his old apprentice to ensure he wasn't lying.  He took a good two minutes before he was at last convinced, and sighed.  He hated that he had to resort to something like this.  "While I wear this hood, I am Are,"  he said.  Still using his American accent.  Then he reached up to pull down his hood, the shadow vanishing as Itzal's face was revealed.  "And when I'm not, I'm Itzal...  Sorry about that, a lot of things have changed.  I'm more cautious than you realize."  Itzal gave a whistle and Velnia flew down, landing on his shoulder.  The dragon was no longer purple.  She had bigger and seemingly stronger scales that looked more like steel armor than anything.  Her eyes were no longer red, but instead were a silver.  She wasn't acting energetic and fee spirited like Aereth knew.  She sat straight, calm, with an analytical gaze.  Itzal stroked her back.  "It's alright if he knows Velnia, just remember what I said."  On hearing this, she did a one eighty and did a loop the loop through the air, though she stayed over there with Itzal.  He drew his sword and thrust the blade into the ground, resting his two hands on the pommel.  "Ok.  I'm here.  I know you wouldn't contact me after what happened unless it was extremely important.  I'm all ears."


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"Aaaah." He simply replied when Itzal finally revealed himself. Fake personas. Something Aereth himself had used in the last but he didn't suspect Itzal to be utilizing. Whatever... It didn't matter to him. 

"You are right. I wouldn't call you out here if it wasn't important." The brunette said while rising to his feet and taking in the new look his old mentor and dragon were having. 

"Pretty edgy if you ask me." He said tilting his head slightly. "But who am I to talk... So to business."

"Recently I got my hands on important information about the laughing coffin... I found them." His lips formed into an almost unnoticeable smile as he said this and a dark determination filled his eyes. 

"You need to gather Hestia and everybody you can find to form a raid group and attack them. This might be one of the first and best chances for all of Aincrad to be freed of the disease called Laughing Coffin."

"I placed a message with all information about their hideout at the your wife's shop. But before I can let you go I need you to do me a favor." The brunette told him before pointing to the items in front of him. 

"I want you to take these items. Take them and once you found somebody you deem worthy of them give them to that player. These are very powerful tools that in the wrong hands can create much destruction and pain." he paused. "But in the right hands, and I trust only you to find those, they might be able to help making Aincrad just that little bit safer."

 Glittering Snowflake obtained HERE
- Dimesional Shift+Delete

Item Name: Dimensional Shift
ID: 82772
Roll: Craft: 10 + 3 = 13, Battle: 10, Loot: 8 - Phase
Tier: 1
Type: Katana
Quality: Uncommon
Enhancements: 1 Phase, 2 Accuracy
Description: The narrow, slate grey blade, though solid in the middle, fades out in the directions that it tapers, becoming entirely invisible at the cutting edges. The grip is wrapped with tattered black cloth with a highly polished spherical onyx as the pommel. A symbol adorns the center of the cross guard shaped like a traditional flat-topped kite shield.

- Goldcrest MK. 2 


Name: Goldcrest MK.2
Your Profession: Tailor
Your Rank: 5
ID: 71788 
Roll: 9+1
Item Type: Light Armour
Quality: Perfect
Tier: 2
Enhancements: +1 MIT, +1EVA, +1 Flame Aura
Description: Blue and gold full-body armor with hood and cape. The cape can be removed and attached to the users desire. It is designed to withstand hard hits from enemies, but is also very light, which grants the wielder a high freedom of movement. Appraised by Pwn and Pawn


Edited by Aereth

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Itzal stood there trying to process all the information he was receiving.  Remaining expressionless as he received it.  He gave no response to Aereth mentioning how his outfit was edgy, not really caring how other people saw it.  When he mentioned the laughing coffin and how he found their hideout, his eyes narrowed.  Aereth's subtle smile did not go unnoticed to the scout of Aincrad...  And neither did the look in his eyes.  When he continued to speak Itzal wondered why Aereth didn't just lead them to-  The realization appeared in his mind first as a theory, then as an assured guess after he compiled the evidence in his mind.  It was only further confirmed when he pointed out his equipment on the ground. Itzal's eyes turned down to the equipment, then snapped back at Aereth.  And when he looked back at his apprentice, frustration, disappointment, and anger was all that was to be seen.  He shot forward, using the advantage of surprise to grab the man and slam him against the tree behind him.  Before he could react, Itzal pulled out twin pikes and pierced Aereth's arms to the tree.  He stabbed them a little past the elbow so Aereth couldn't just pull them off.  His health would drop, but only by two points every two seconds.  It wouldn't kill him, especially with battle healing.  "While you're stuck there how about you listen for a change?"  He said, frustration seeping from his voice.  "First of all:  I know you understand that ending violence through violence doesn't make anything better, it only makes it worse.  For your information I did as I had promised and found a prison that removes the ability to teleport out.  We can officially start imprisoning player killers Aereth!  You have no reason to continue this serial killer of justice mentality!"  

To say that Itzal was both pissed off while at the same time holding onto hope for his apprentice.  "I don't know if you even care about the lives of others anymore, but if you do then you'll stop this once and for all!  Secondly."  His eyes narrowed again.  "You're planning a suicide run aren't you?  That's why your giving me this equipment, giving me the coordinates.  Is that what this has come to?  You're willing to give up your skills, your life, to what?  You're hate?  Revenge?  We need fighters on the frontlines Aereth!  Have you become so self centered that you would rather let yourself die for revenge than help us get every last player out of Aincrad?!"  He shook his head, too frustrated to continue as he rubbed his forehead.  "...What happened to you?  What turned you into this?"

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