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[F24] <<Incognito Analysis>>

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Floor 24
<<Incognito Analysis>>
Recommended Level: 30 | Non-Repeatable
Restrictions | Party Limit: 1
Credit goes to @Hikoru



  • If Successful
    1 SP
    3,000 Col
  • If Failed
    5,000 Col
    Chieftain Dies


  • At least 1 page (20 posts)
  • Either Succeed or Fail in gathering enough Information to bring to the Chief


After the Chief found out about Uso-Tsuki's betrayal, he attempted to have him arrested, but he ran and was able to escape the guards. Now knowing that he was a wanted man, Uso-Tsuki decided that he would kill the Chief and take his throne by any means possible. But, he knows of a person who is taking his knowledge to the Chief, and he is extra wary of those around him and his settings. It'll be much more difficult to gather information, but the Chief is relying on you for his life, and it's up to you to keep him safe.


There are Two Ways to gather information:

Using Stealth

You must make 3 Successful Stealth checks against Uso-Tsuki. Uso-Tsuki has a +5 to Searching Checks, now aware that someone is looking for him. [Note: The Passive Stealth for monsters is 9, so the total would be a 14 on the initial stealth check] If you fail a total of 3 Times, Uso-Tsuki discovers you and runs off, and you fail your mission. However, if you Succeed in a total of 3 Times, you gather enough information to know what his route is to kill the Chief.

Using Disguise

Using the Ability that you gained from the Gemini, you are able to disguise yourself as one of the guardsmen of Uso-Tsuki, Hogo-sha. You have to knock out Hogo-sha and steal his armor. If you are successful, you put on the armor and use your ability to trick Uso-Tsuki into thinking you are them, and they tell you their new route that he will be using to take out the Chief. [Note, you can only choose this route if you have acquired the <<Disguise>> Skill instead of <<Concentration>>]

[Note: Hogo-sha receives his own separate roll from the player]

<<Hogo-sha>> is a respawning field boss with the following statistics:

HP: 1,000
DMG: 100
MIT: 50
ACC: 3
EVA: 1


Expecting Eye: Hogo-sha is expecting someone to attack him, as word of Tāgetto being mugged had rumored through the guardsmen. He is immune to Sneak attack, and he will parry the first attack you do.

Parry: On a roll of CD 9+, Hogo-Sha will block your attack, blocking 50% of the damage and dealing half of your damage back instead of his normal damage, along with getting to attack you

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