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[PP-F22] Treasures and Riches

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Alec shot a broad smile and waved goodbye the two Front Lines Players he’d just met as he reached out with his index finger and poked the ACCEPT button for both friend requests. This had been a really good experience and he hoped to one day earn half the respect and admiration from the two Players as he felt for them currently. With That Alec looked down to his friend and travelling companion Humphrey and said come on pal lets get out of here and back to a floor where we’re not in such dire peril. Hopefully we can make it back to the main town without running into ant random wandering monsters as I’m not sure you and I are up for fighting them for several more levels yet. Alec smiled as he began scratching Humphrey behind the ears and on his neck as the pair made their way in the opposite direction of the pair of Front Line Teammates. He hoped they hadn’t taken it at idle chatter but he really did agree with Hestia’s dreams and goals for a lasting guild here within the game to draw other Players to and guide them. That was how he had always lived his life and he hoped at some point if she ever did form her guild maybe an invite would find its way into his inbox. He had never thought about joining a guild before but now the idea itched at the back of his head and desire for belonging and kinship he hadn’t felt before began to form inside him. Who knows he thought we’ll see where life and my feet lead me as he left and dungeon and disappeared into the terrain.


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Sey: 12 SP, 152729 COL,45 T3 Mats
Hestia: 11 SP, 152729 COL 117 T3 Mats
Alec: 9 SP, 1060 COL

8x Intermediate dungeon maps F22
11x Rare T3 shield
22x perfect T3 heavy Armor armor
11x Rare T3 trinket
3x perfect T3 trinket
5x rare T3 weapon
35x perfect T3 weapon
4x uncommon T3 consumable
9x rare T3 consumable
23x perfect T3 conusmable

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