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Judgement Kazzy

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Name: Kazzy Kuroda aka Judgement Kazzy

Username: Kazzy

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Level: 5

Sword Art Rank: 1

SP: 11

HP: 100/100

Energy: 10/10

DMG: 3

MIT: 9

COL: 3655

Materials: 12 Tier 1


Your Life In A Nutshell

You are Kazzy-chan, a 23 year old dude that besides beating the s*it out of punks, loves to play vidya and anything else that you find entertaining. You grew up with your mom whose a badass boxer with hot muscles enough to attract a certain cherry licking man. She taught you all she knew on defending oneself, and thanks to her you learned well and packed a great punch. Your school years may be filled with joy, but it was also interspersed with nasty kids picking on others including you...or worse do legit crimes against a few others. They learn to not mess with you however, as you taught them a lesson by using your fists as educational tools and teaching them to a bloody pulp.

Despite going through few more fights with others, your school years flow well, and you keep your fitness and strength in check, all while picking up new hobbies like vidya and singing karaoke, one of your favorite pastimes to this day. There, you discovered your talent to sing like the true man you are. Though you wanted to be a singer, you find yourself getting into boxing like your mother. You entered some tournaments and won most of them, save for two losses. In the streets, you always win against baddies that either provoke you or assaulting somebody at your view. At the same time, you took a foundation and diploma in music.

After losing against a more powerful opponent in a major tournament, you went home disappointed. Mom simply reassured you that it ain't the end of the world, and to cheer you up and celebrate that you finish both of those studies, she bought you a copy of Sword Art Online, a new game that is said to be a magnum opus of gaming history, and where the line between reality and fantasy are fragile enough to severe. With Mom going on a world boxing tour while supporting your lonely rest with her funds at that time, you finally decided to lie down in your room and start playing the game, wanting to cope with the loss by entering a fantasy world. Literally. With the Nerve Gear on your head, you shout out, "RINK STARTO!"


Your Morals

The Good

Stronk: You are stronk guy. Thanks to stronk mommy, your fists were your weapon in the real world and nothing else. You can even lift up stuff with no sweat, another useful trait. Too bad your fists are more or less useless in Aincrad, unless they have something like a cestus. Still, your strength may help you deal a little extra damage with your powerful swings.

Justice: As Judgement Kazzy, you judge the good and the bad. The good deserved to be helped while the opposite deserved their face caved in, sliced up, whatever fits your fancy. You hate seeing the good assaulted or corrupted by evil and would take any necessary measures to ensure the protection of the innocents and the guilty being taught a very valuable lesson with a sword to the face.

A helpful heart: You help whoever's really in trouble, like being assaulted or wanting to reach an item but can't because they are too short. In your previous life you did help a few individuals wanting their s*it done despite the goofiness in some parts, like helping a kid whose video game was stolen by party after party like it was a game of passing torches. You make sure that they got what they want as long as you can do it, wanting to see them pleased and happy. It doesn't hurt to seek help from others if you are in hot water.

A beautiful voice: You like to sing. And you have a voice that is manly enough to entertain the hearts of anyone who happens to hear nearby. Whenever you sing, you mean serious business regardless of genre. Your so called hits in karaoke are "Judgement", "Like A Butterfly", "Bakamitai", just to name a few. The problem is that you are only confident to go all out when singing alone or with one person, competitive or not. You feel somewhat shyful at singing in front of a dozen people.

The Opposite

Violent: You have a fearsome fighting spirit that runs wild in your veins like your mother. When you beat up your foes, you always spare no mercy and pummel them to a bloody pulp until they cannot fight back. Since you are serious on teaching evil a lesson or give them the death sentence, you do your best to not give them a chance to recover injury after injury. Screw being honorable, rip em!

Scowl: You aren't completely expressionless or void of happiness, but in general you always maintain your trademark scowl on your face everywhere you go. People would either initially feel nervous around you or foolishly give you enough s*it to have their faces caved in at the next minute. Though it helps to show that you aren't someone to be messed with, you really want to work on smiling frequently too, or at least not look like a gangster. Whoops.

Shy: Ironic for a badass, you feel shyful whenever someone did or say something embarrassing to you, like girls teasing you in lewd manners. You do have no major problems with getting along with people though, and you usually keep your shy personality in check. Besides feeling embarrassed to unleash your inner Singing Kazzy to a crowd, you also feel a bit hesitant to start a conversation to a total stranger, thus you keep to yourself and only speak if being spoken too or you need help.



>One Handed Straight Sword (Rank 1): +1 DMG

>Block (Rank 1): 5 MIT (You have no shield! Get one to utilize the skill!)


Your Arsenal


Name: Valiant Longsword

Type: 1H Straight Sword

Quality: Uncommon

Tier: 1

Enhancements: +1 DMG

Description: A longsword with a green handle. Maybe not as valiant as a noble's sword, but for a start, it can help newbies to get used to proper sword handling and usage. Deals decent damage with the help of Sword Arts.




Name: Haubergeon

Type: Heavy Armor

Quality: Uncommon

Tier: 1

Enhancements: +1 MIT

Description: Long sleeved chainmail armor complete with mittens. This haubergeon comes with some more pieces as a set including mail chausses, paddings like gambeson and a skull cap, coif and lastly, an early great helm. Though having the same rate of protection as a hauberk, at least you are fully covered with chainmail now. And you get to wear a helmet to look badass too. That's rad!



Name: Starter Healing Potion (5)

Type: Potion

Enhancements: +50 HP

Description: A healing potion that you start with a bundle of em. Tastes slightly like syrup. To be used in dire situations.



Name: Health Potion (5)

Type: Potion

Quality: Uncommon

Tier: 1

Enhancements: +40 HP

Description: A healing potion that restores your health. Taste isn't so bad if you can get used to the fact that it tastes and looks like pink cough syrup.



Name: Safeguard

Type: Potion

Effects: Protects you from a foe's first attack.

Description: This potion can protect you from receiving a first attack, especially if you are ambushed.


Received 2500 COL and 10 Tier 1 Materials as a start. -- 2500 COL, 10 T1 Mats

Earned 480 COL and 2 Bonus Tier 1 Materials from It's A Start -- 2980 COL, 12 T1 Mats

Earned 275 COL from selling junk in The Cloak's Corner -- 3255 COL, 12 T1 Mats

Earned 400 COL from Ruining A Family -- 3655 COL, 12 T1 Mats


Your Adventures, aka What's the story, wishbone?

It's A Start -- You carried out your first assignment from an old alchemist while getting used to the basics of SAO.

Ruining a Family -- You carried out an easy yet tedious task of retrieving three boar pup tusks to help an old blacksmith in return for a slightly better chainmail armor. You find yourself being able to defeat three enemies in one fight.

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