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  1. You enter this blacksmith shop and look around, entertained by the stone dragon carvings inside. What gets you more attention however is the numerous arsenals in display along with their price tags sitting beside them. You walk up to the items and look for something worth your purchase. Your eyes catch two shields with different appearances and properties. The iron type simply protects you, while the ornate type does that and apparently regenerates your health. As good as that sound, you think you prefer to spend less and just rely on your potions, feeling confident that you can protect y
  2. Kazzy is now seeking somebody to help with the third lesson being still free. One person is enough.

    1. Vesper


      I still need to do the first two, but if you still need somebody by the time I'm done those I could help you out.

    2. Kazzy


      Sure thing, thanks

  3. Kazzy

    Judgement Kazzy

    Name: Kazzy Kuroda aka Judgement Kazzy Username: Kazzy Age: 23 Gender: Male Level: 5 Sword Art Rank: 1 SP: 11 HP: 100/100 Energy: 10/10 DMG: 3 MIT: 23 COL: 3455 Materials: 12 Tier 1 Your Life In A Nutshell You are Kazzy-chan, a 23 year old dude that besides beating the s*it out of punks, loves to play vidya and anything else that you find entertaining. You grew up with your mom whose a badass boxer with hot muscles enough to attract a certain cherry licking man. She taught you all she knew on defending oneself, and th
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