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[Quest - F4] Frosted dance <<Avalanche>>

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Level 22

440 HP

44 EN

5 Base DMG

26 MIT

12 Bleed

12 Burn

3 Acc

Yui's grace and Mega slime farm buff used, +3 SP for a completed thread. 



Quest and Stats are listed above

Snow crunched underneath violet's feet as she trekked to a quest spot towards, where she could farm a few Ice elementals, which would give her the opportunity to fight the <<Avalance>>, a powerful quest boss that was a danger to the lower-leveled players. She had akame perched on her shoulder, and simply followed the Icy path through the woodland part of the tundra to get to the spot, where she readied her weapon, and started to check over her inventory, a bored look on her face. the floor was filled with mostly uneventful and weak monsters aside from the occasional loot-standard monster that came about, which was fairly rare. The ice elemental's were pretty fun to fight, though! Akame fluttered into one of the nearby tree's so she could watch her master from a safe spot.

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Violet raised her weapon, preparing to continue on through the field, a bored look on her face. The burning heat from her blade made the cold bearable for the time being, and made the chill that had seeped through her clothing fall away, and stop effecting her as much. She pulled her bright red cloak tighter around her body, the fabric insulating her from the cold as she trudged forward. She stopped in the middle of the field, her eyes darkening slightly as she heard something start to chime loudly. It sounded like some kind of chiming, and it was loud enough to echo around the entirety of the field, causing her to be on edge, eyes darting around the whole field... when suddenly a giant fist suddenly landed in front of her. It was a giant ice elemental, the creature letting out a massive bellow that echoed through the entirety of the field, blasting the whole area with wild winds. She clutched her cloak closer as the ice elemental was joined by several more that seemed to be ready to crush her, and bury her within the snow. Her weapon seemed to glow with dark red light, the burning becoming a violent blaze that swirled around the whole blade. Her eyes glinted with excitement as she ran forward, a vicious grin on her face. "Bring it, you hulking pricks of ice! I'll beat all of your faces in!"

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Mina ran forward, her speed easily outstripping the giant elementals as her rapier bit into the first one's body, lighting its limb into a wild blaze, and eliciting a roar from the creature as she fell into the snow, rolling to the side to try and avoid getting crushed by the creature. Its only working hand swiped at her with vicious precision, nearly hitting her with its swipe. She was buffeted backwards, a cry escaping her throat as she was flung into the air. she saw one of the elementals reaching for her with one of their massive hands, prompting her to use her rapier to push herself forward when she landed on one of the massive fingers of the creature. She had landed on the one that was by far the largest creature that was attacking her, which led to her unleashing several combos onto the creature, every so often earning a proc of her burn and bleed on the creature. Her rapier finally managed to bite through the armor of the large creature, causing it to ignite completely for a few moments, the Giant ice elemental glowing with a brilliant blue light before shattering into polygons, leading to her landing on the ground in the midst of the shards flying, still facing down the remainder of the elementals.

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