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Username: Mewt
Real Name: Adrian Glass
Age: 22 -> 24
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 1”/185.42 cm
Weight: 170 lbs/77 kg


Level: 1
Health: 20
Energy: 2
DMG: 4 // EVA: 0 // MIT: 0 // ACC: 0

Skill Points Available: 0
Total Skill Points: 5

Utility Skills:


Combat Skills:


Weapon Skills:

>> [Rank 1] 1H Straight Sword [5 SP]

Armor Skills:


Extra Skills:


Friends List

@Lethia // Partner

Store: N/A
Housing: N/A












>> T1 Rare 1H Straight Sword [Damage // Damage]


>> Vanity White Jacket


>> Starter Healing Potions [50 HP] (3)


>> Set B: DPS Package


Virtues Flaws

+ Determined: Adrian is nothing if not persistent. Give him a job and he will see it through to the end. No matter what.
+ Diligent: Adrian pays attention to the details. He likes things to be done a certain way. If you ask him, the devil's in the details.
+ Collected: Adrian typically has things under control. He won't let his darker side show until the time is just right. When it does come out, best watch out.

- Cold: Adrian cares for no one, save for a select few. He can come off as cold and uncaring. Because he is.
- Sadistic: Adrian loves to see others suffer. It doesn't even have to be pain. Fear is equally sufficient to the man.
- Unhinged: Years in this death game have left Adrian with a few screws loose. He sometimes forgets that even in Aincrad, death is permanent.


Adrian used to be a fairly unspectacular person. Just finished college, working an entry level position at some tech company, in a crappy apartment, and making enough money that he could afford to eat out maybe a couple times a week at best, and if he saved for long enough, a new game and console. Despite that, Adrian was certain he was going places. Big places. And he would do anything to get there. He was the best at what he did after all.

Or at least that's what he believed. Adrian's near god complex mindset was a source of endless frustration to his coworkers, who absolutely resented his constant 'holier-than-thou' attitude. Not that he cared. When he was the project manager, they'd all cower before him, and scramble to get whatever work he assigned them done, lest they suffer his wrath. Such thoughts always brought a smile to the man's face.

Adrian had this curious penchant. Call it a power fantasy. But the man really enjoyed knowing that on some level, people feared him. Of course, in the real world, that wasn't exactly a common occurrence. In-game however? Mewt was not one to be trifled with. A build that threatened to wipe the floor with whoever was foolish enough to accept Mewt's duel requests, and even if he couldn't take you down in a duel, he'd find some way to grief you. At the end of the day, if you hadn't heard of Mewt before, you wouldn't forget him after meeting him.

Suffice it to that Adrian enjoyed a number of MMOs for those reasons. So of course once Sword Art Online was announced, Adrian began to save for both the NerveGear and the game itself. A game where he could get even more...'intimate' with the other players? Count Adrian in. He was more than willing to stand outside of a game store for a whole day and night for that.

However, that whole 'stuck in the game, die here, die IRL' stuff? Yeah, that put a real damper on the whole parade. Some part of Adrian began to chip away that day. The tiny cracks that let just a little bit of light leak into those darker parts of his mind slowly fissured.

Even though the mobs were nothing more than bytes, ones and zeros, Adrian had spent more than two years killing them. And in those two years, Adrian found he'd come to enjoy those terrified screams that those ones and zeros generated just before they died. But...that wasn't quite enough for Adrian, was it?

Welcome to the jungle, baby...
you gon' die.

The Story So Far:




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