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  1. Current Level: 12 Current SP: 28 Link to SP Tracking: [link] Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Darkened Clouds Item ID: 133184 Item Tier: 1 Item Type: Light Armor Item Rarity: Rare Item Enhancements: EVA II Description: A pure black leather jacket that seems to feel like it is made of clouds. Item Name: Darkened Clouds Item Tier: 2 Item Type: Cloth Armor Item Enhancements: EVA II De
  2. Well, at least not being able to kill the dark elf gave them the materials that were needed, but still, she didn't even get to hit the thing that touched her hair. There was an irritated look on her face, at least, until Mr. Handsome decided to get up close and personal. Sure, it was for Noxyl's venom, but that hadn't stopped the smile from creeping onto her face still. "Noxyl is a cobra, no I have not, and sure." Just as she was about to lean in closer to try and mess with his head a bit, he was moving away. She raised an eyebrow though at him, and just smirked, "Don't be sorry, feel fre
  3. She was perfectly fine with walking and being ignored, at least, until she stopped the moment she felt someone right beside her. The grip on her dagger tightened as the dark elf touched her hair. But she put on a sly smile, one that quickly turned into a flirtatious one. But, when the curved sword flew past the two of them, she sighed lightly. "Someone is always ruining my fun...." She didn't bother to hide her disappointment as the others took care of the elf. Lethia didn't bother listening to the things that were being said at this point. Instead, she leaned back against a tree and just
  4. Well, he was clearly done with this conversation, so she just shrugged and fell back to walking behind the three of them. She did roll her eyes though at the other two. Were they really just that dumb to state their real names? Honestly, it was only common sense to not just announce your name in the presence of those whom you don't know. Or was common sense something that just wasn't thought about anymore? Judging by this current interaction, she was going to go with the whole 'no one knows common sense anymore'. She watched as the mist started to show up around them, and she instantly pu
  5. She laughed lightly, "I'm not into those with wavy blonde hair, they like to think that they are handsome, but it's the men like you have the true handsomeness." She was having fun ignoring the other two girls, but she did keep mental notes on them. Both of them were stupid though for giving their real names, that was something that could be used against them, and by someone like her. She just kept her gaze on Plini instead. "I don't know about those two, but insects and dirt only makes this quest all the more interesting. As for the coat, I'm a tailor, so I don't need that, but thank you
  6. She was just walking with no destination in mind. She knew what it was that she needed to do, she needed to find that blasted woman, but, that could wait. The only reason that this was said was because she noticed a handsome man watching a pair of NPCs be all lovey-dovey. That was just sickening in her mind, but it could play to advantages, and well, a little fun was needed. Almost instantly, two more girls walked over to the guy, and that was when the smirk reached Lethia's lips. Time to have some fun with this. She walked over to the trio and simply gave her most flirtatious smile, igno
  7. With the satyr leading the way back to the town, Lethia was more busy looking at the item that she just got. Reading over it, it was an item to help her with her crafting. That could really be useful now that she thought about it. What she didn't expect though was seeing the dress that she created sitting in her inventory as a vanity item. That was something that was going to be hidden forever, she wasn't in the mood to want to be caught wearing that once more. The satyr didn't say a word, which was okay with her, because she didn't say anything to him. Even when he left her side as she c
  8. Then, it was her turn. She had to walk out onto that stage, and try not to fall flat on her face. She took in a deep breath of air, before she walked through the same door that Aphrodite had. But, instead of a chorus of boos, she heard applause and happiness. Something that she didn't like hearing with her. It wasn't normal to hear come for her. She held back the cringe, and started to carefully walk down the runway that was now, apparently, under her feet. Was this done and over with yet? That was all that she was asking. She did a quick turn before walking back toward the door to leave the r
  9. When Aphrodite walked out of her dressing room though, Lethia had to choke back a laugh. "What?" "You're really going to try and win with that?" She just chuckled and watched as the goddess went out to be judged. The first thing that could be heard was a chorus of boos and other horrible sounds to hear when someone was wanting to win a fashion contest. Lethia actually felt a little bad for the goddess, but at the same time, she didn't. She was going to take this as it was about to be an easy win for her, which, just judging by how the goddess came back looking defeated, this competition was no
  10. With the dress completed, she went to meet Aphrodite in the room that the satyr had led her to. "Alright, so how is this going to work?" "Well, you get to wear your dress, and I wear my outfit." "Wait, what?!" "Yes, you have to model the dress." "...." She was not liking this anymore. Nope, nu uh. She wanted to throw in the towel now. There was no way that she'd be put into a dress, even if just to be judged by a goddess. "Go get dressed b-." "Satyr!" "Right. Go get dressed Lethia." That made Lethia chuckle, she got so under his skin that, and it was making her laugh a little. She went to
  11. She was so focused on everything that she was doing, that she hadn't noticed the satyr come into the room. When he tried clearing his throat, she just ignored him. She wanted nothing to do with him right now, she just wanted to finish the last of this design. Of course though, the satyr just cleared his throat again, so she sighed and put her things down. "What goat man." "You disgraceful br-" "Satyr." "Right. Judging is in three hours. Be done or lose." "Whatever, get out, so I can focus ugly." The stayr left the room and Lethia went back to focusing on her design. She took nearly the la
  12. Someone would be amazed at how many hours it took Lethia to draw these designs on the lace. She didn't realize how long it would take her to do it, until it was done, and she noticed that it was probably late into the night. Aphrodite wasn't in the room and that was alright by Lethia. It meant that there were no distractions for her, which was a nice thing really. She started to sort through the different colored red threaded spindles that she had in front of her, and she made sure that had the right amount for each color. She placed everything where she was going to need it, before she s
  13. She messed up on the embroidery design that she had been thinking, and each time that she tried to fix it, it just seemed to get worse. So, she thought of something else entirely instead. She erased all the fabric markings off of the black dress before putting it on a hanger and hanging it up off to the side. That part of her new design was completely done. Once she was certain that she wasn't going to mess up the first part of her dress, she grabbed some black lace and some different shades of red for her embroidery. With her fabric pencil, she started to etch on different flower designs
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