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Username: Zajcica

Real name: Mikoto, Yuki

Age: 20, now 23

Gender: Identifies as Female was born Male

Height: 5’ 4 (162cm)


About: History/personality

History: Yuki, previously known as Jun, was born into a small family in Japan. Only her older sister and her parents lived in Japan, the rest of her family lived spread across the world. She hardly had the chance to meet any of this family, as her family didn’t really have the wealth to visit. Another reason being her parents being somewhat afraid to reveal to the rest of the family that Yuki was actually transgender.

Although her parents are completely fine with her choices in life, they are scared of what others could think of her change. Yuki is currently in her second year of hormone treatment and looks like any other girl, however, she still retains the one feature keeping her masculinity bound. She was unable to undergo surgery before becoming trapped in Sword Art Online.


Personality: Yuki comes off as a generally reserved and quiet person, but more than a few minutes of conversation could easily change a person’s opinion. She actually enjoys company and loves to make friends as much as she can. It was originally pretty hard since most people knew she was transitioning, and some people found it rather off putting. The friends that did remain to this day, however, are some of her best friends. She passes exceptionally well, looking extremely feminine and sounding like any other girl in the game. The only thing that could give her away would be the most obvious check, or if she told a person directly. She doesn’t usually tell people about her past related to hormone therapy, though.



Outgoing - Yuki can come across as quiet at first, but she really does enjoy conversation and social interaction. She acts reserved towards new faces, generally keeping to herself until she finds a good time to talk, or she is spoken to. After that, she’ll talk your ear off if you let her.

Encouraging - No matter the situation or occasion, Yuki keeps her head held high. She accepts challenges wherever she goes, pushing her friends or team to continuously do their best. Hardship strengthens the mind and body.

Reserved - Yuki hates being on people’s bad side, so she knows how to keep her cool. She prefers being open with people but is careful about being too strong in the beginning. That being said, she usually remains calm headed in tough situations.

Naïve - Yuki is fairly new to MMO type video games and doesn’t have as much experience with it. Although she does have experience with other types of games, she likely doesn’t have a good grasp on the system as she would with other games. She can also be easily tricked by unscrupulous persons.

Easily Embarrassed - Yuki is a nice and outgoing person, but she doesn’t do well when people are trying to purposefully embarrass her. She keeps her secrets to herself and prefers it to be that way.  She’ll keep her composure as good as she can, but it overwhelms her pretty easily.

Klutz - Beyond her abilities and reserved demeanor, Yuki is known to be clumsy. She trips under her own feet and slips on solid ground. Even so, she’ll get right back up determined as ever, as if it never happened.


Profession: Rank 1 Cook - -Shop Link Here-

SP: 25 Total; 15 Used



Level: 11 | HP:  220 | Energy: 22 Hate: 1/3/4(M/H/C)

DMG: 2 | EVA: 0 | MIT: 27 | ACC: 0 | Thorns: 18 | Regen: 5


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Threads Completed/In-Progress

Legend: In-Progress Finished and Locked Abandoned/Hiatus

Star-Crossed Gala - Level 1 
Nature's Treasure #1 - Level 1
First Lessons - Level 1
Long Live the Queen - Level 1
Treant Rivalries - Level 4
The Gemini - Level 4
Dragon Hunter Anthology(Pt. 1) - Level 9
Dragon Hunter Anthology(Pt. 2) - Level 9
Dragon Hunter Anthology(Pt. 3) - Level 10
Deforestation - Level 10
New Faces[OP] - Level 10
Attack on the Trading Post! - Level 10?
Ugzeke the Mighty - Level 10
Feeding the Enemy - Level 11
The Namean Lion - Level 11?!


Relationships/Friends list

Legend - Those who know Yuki's SecretGood Impression Unmoved Bad Impression Very Bad Impression

Mari, the Pker - Mari was one of the first players Yuki met when she started her adventures in Aincrad. They met at an event called the Star-Crossed Gala, very out of character for the both them. They talked for quite some time before the event ended and they went their separate ways. Since then, Mari has helped Yuki power level herself to and solidify her confidence her want to protect others through her tanking abilities.

Life, the Farm Boy - Life was one of the first friends that Yuki met in her early stages of leveling. They teamed up to face dragons but Yuki found herself getting stuck up in predicaments that were pretty embarrassing for another person to see. She later found out through Life's 'charm' that she could be attracted to men, something she was unsure about before. Since meeting they have slayed several dragons and had many heated conversations about the importance of living in this digital hell.

Macradon, the Blacksmith - While she knows that it's his job to supply people with armor and weapons, Yuki can't help but feel like her ability to tank only ever relied on Macradon's armor and not her own skill. That was how lower levels were supposed to feel, but even still, she thanks his craft after just about every battle she finds herself in.

Hidden, the Assassin - Yuki met a peculiar girl on a quest share likely could not have completed without her intervention. The girl basically scolded Yuki, in her own way, for challenging a boss without having the level to defeat it. She only was saved by Hidden's want to kill the monster for the experience in yielded. Therefore, she can't make an accurate assumption of whether this woman was trustworthy or not. 

Oscar, the Wiener - A man, presumably from the front lines, who is friends with Mari. He looks formidable and also apparently sells hot-dogs. Yummy.


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Acquired Skills and Mods

Weapon/Armor Skills

-Rank 1 - One-Handed Assault Spear

Combat/Utility Skills


Non-Combat/Passive Skills

-Fighting Spirit
-Rank 1 - Cooking

SP: 25 Total, 15 Used


White Spear - Lux(OHAS): 2 Bleed, 1 Taunt
Saber: 2 ACC, 1 DMG

Regal Cuirass(Heavy Armor): 1MIT, 2 Thorns
Aegis(Shield): 2MIT, 1 Regen

Silver Serpent Ring: +2 LD
Covetous Gold Serpent Ring: +1 LD

2 Starter Healing Potions
The Matriarch's Stinger DMG 1
Woodland Armor: MIT 1 (3/3)
Oyakodon with Miso - Overhealth 2




  • Name: Aegis
    ID: 136133
    Item Type: Shield
    Tier: 1
    Quality: Perfect
    Enhancements: 1 slot Regen, 2 slots Mitigation
    Description: A heavy metal shield, white, trimmed with gold.

  • Name: Regal Cuirass 
    ID: 136048
    Item Type: Chestplate(Heavy Armor)
    Tier: 1
    Quality: Perfect
    Enhancements: Mitigation, 2 slots Thorns
    Description: A chest plate fitting for the tiny girl that is Mikoto, Yuki. It bears an extremely regal look.

  • Name: Saber
    ID: 136049
    Item Type: One-handed Straight Sword
    Tier: 1
    Quality: Perfect
    Enhancements: 2 slots Accuracy, 1 slot Damage
    Description: A straight white blade with a fancy looking, golden hilt.

  • Name: White Spear - Lux
    Roll ID: 137057
    Item Type: One Handed Assault Spear

    Tier: 1
    Quality: Perfect
    Enhancements: 2 Bleed, Taunt 1
    Description: A quicksilver etched spear, given special balance near the base of the weapons handle to allow free action with ones offhand. It appears almost pure light, and its polished sheen reflects light in excess to draw attentions. The tip has been carefully plated in mythril giving it a sharper edge and yielding a more durable point.

  • Trinkets
    Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +1 to LD rolls
    Silver Serpent Ring +2 to LD rolls


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Player House and Shop

House Name: 美誇人の荘園 (Translates to "Mikoto no Shouen" - "Mikoto Manor")
Location: Floor 22, just outside the safe zone of Coral.
Description: A massive, Japanese-style mansion on the outskirts of Coral. Through the thicket of pink cherry blossom leaves, one can find it surrounded by a stone wall keeping unwanted fiends from attacking. It is also home of (Soon to be) Yuki Izakaya, a Japanese Grill run by the home owner Yuki Mikoto. The building is shaped like an L from a bird's eye view, the walls around the plot are shaped in a square surrounding the building. Just outside the building is small garden containing a pond that spawns fish inside. 
Plot Size: Estate
Rooms: 6 (Bedroom, Basic Kitchen, Dining Room, Extended Workshop, Fishing Pond, Slime Farm)(All rooms are currently only assigned to Yuki.)
Shop:(Link here!) (Refer to Kitchen/Dining room picture) Yuki Izakaya is located directly inside her own house. Players can visit this room freely, but the rest of the house is off limits without Yuki's approval.Beyond the photo, there are several more kotatsu tables littering the Tatami mats for several groups of customers. If Yuki is not present in the shop, the counter has a bell with a note written in a cutesy Japanese handwriting that says "Ring for expeditious service!" and a cute drawing of a chibi Yuki smiling and waving.

Rooms Pictures:




Kitchen/Dining Room:(Also the room of Yuki's Shop called Yuki Izakaya)


Living Room:



Image result for Anime yard pond


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