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[F4-PP] Subtle Progress - Honing an Edge (Katana Aquire pt. 2, Yui's Grace #2)

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In the sea of powered white with an echoing word dancing between her ears, Setsuna stands up to her shins in the cold weather that embraced her small figure. Silently with the occasional shift of her weight and exhaled breath breaking the serenity of the encapsulating area. Each movement of the blade she chose to practice with, not the new one forged to be significantly better but the one she claimed with her own success. This one was what she felt helped her gain technique, and although restored with the mud removed from the blade still was rather blunt in comparison. Still, this one proved useful in these moments of development and helped ground her as to keep her head level. She would seek further knowledge, for the experience she could dictate its pace. but time, she could not pass forward fast enough and aimed to get better with no holds barred.

<<Yui's Grace #2 Consumed>>


Setsuna, Creature of the Mist:

Level: 11

HP: 220/220

EN: 22/22

Damage: 1

Evasion: 3


Weapon: Gemini's Edge (T1/Vanity/Katana)

Armor: Cold Fabric Kunoichi Wear (T1/Perfect/LA) +3 Evasion

Misc: Silver Covetous Serpent (T1/Rare/Trinket) +2 Loot Dice


1H Curved Sword: Rank 1

Disguise [Extra]: +1 Evasion until next turn, 3 turn cool down

Battle Ready Inventory:

Web Retrieving Gloves (T1/Uncommon/Clothing) +1 Loot Dice

Devil's Tongue (T1/Rare) +1 Damage, +1 Accuracy


Edited by Setsuna

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Cordelia shrugged her jacket on as she wandered outside of her shop. She exhaled silently. Even with the Survival Skill, it was a bit too chilly for her liking. 

She turned her head over to the snow covered forest. That's where she was. The kid she had met back on the first floor. Cordelia let out a tired sigh as she rolled her eyes. She just wanted to go home. . . but it would be nice to see what she had been up to. It had been a week or two since she had last seen her, and Cordelia wondered if she still wanted to learn from her. She wasn't a teacher, which is why she was so surprised she had been so keen to offer help. She was still sure that she was holding her katana wrong-- maybe she could refer the girl over to Baldur instead? He would be a much better teacher than she ever could be. 

Cordelia rested her hand on the hilt of Onimaru before shaking her head. She doubted that she would be above level fifteen, it would be best not to use Onimaru in this situation. 

"Alright, kid," she muttered, "let's see what you got." Cordelia looked up. This was going to be fun.

Taking a step back, Cordelia shook herself off before dashing into the line of trees. It took about a minute or two, give or take to arrive where the girl was. Her shop wasn't that far from the safe zone, so it made sense. 



LVL: 51 | HP: 1040/1040 | EN: 120/120 | 19 DMG | 25 MIT | 4 ACC | 2 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF]| 6 HLY | 2 [36] BRN


☆ T3 Katana | Onimaru: PHSE, 6 HLY, 2 [36] BRN
☆ T1 Light Armor | Bastille’s Resistance: +2 EVA, +1 PARA VNM

☆ T2 Jewelry | Empress' Kanzashi: +3 ACC


☆ [5] Standard Healing Potions [Heals 50 HP]





☆ R3 Fighter Familiar Skill: +9 DMG
☆ R3 Hiding Skills: +3 Stealth Rating
☆ R5 Light Armor Skill: 25 MIT
  > Athletics: +1 Base DMG, +20 HP
☆ Disguise: [Gain +1 EVA until the start of your next turn]
☆ Survival: [Increases out of combat health regeneration to (15 * Tier) per post. Grants immunity to most damage dealing environmental


☆ R3 Battle Healing

Weapon Skills:
☆ R1 Curved Sword Skill 
☆ R5 Katana Skill [+7 DMG/+1 BASE]
  > Ferocity: +1 DMG
  > Precision: +1 ACC


☆ RELAXED: Increases HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts
☆ ADVANCED TRAINING: +2 SP to a thread. Limit one use per month.
☆ TASTY: Turn 2 identical food items (same quality, tier, & enhancements) into a Lesser Feast.
☆ HARD-WORKING: +2 EXP per crafting attempt, +1 crafting attempt


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A break of snow underfoot as Setsuna doesn't quite catch the girl trailing around her in proximity but does pick up the sounds of the steps as they compress the freshly laid powder. Adjusting the blade in her grip quickly sheathing it with her hand hovered above it in emulation of what she knew. "Show yourself!" Setsuna spat to the treeline, as she was not one for games like these. Her ice-blue eyes jumped around the ring of wooden pillars but it seemed as though the only sound was what she was picking up, whatever had trailed around contained within them lay just out of sight. The girl was not afraid and more still curious about the opposition's ability to elude her.

A few softened steps forward Setsuna did her best to conceal her own location while trying to seek out the potential hostile that was circling her beyond her vision.

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Cordelia's eyes widened a small fraction before she let out a small sigh.

"Relax, it's just me." The platinum-haired player stepped out from the shadows of the trees, giving the girl a brief wave. "No need to hide."

Her pale eyes gave the girl a once-over. "You look absolutely exhausted," she commented, placing her knuckles on her hips as she tilted her head. "How long have you been out here? . . . and why Floor Four of all places to train at?" Cordelia asked, her brows furrowing. She wasn't sure if this girl had the Survival Skill, but it was safe for her to say that she probably didn't. Which meant she was still most likely prone to the bitter temperatures of the floor, which certainly hindered her ability to train efficiently. Cordelia mentally shook her head. It seemed stupid to her to train in such a remote place in weather like this. It wasn't like she had to build up resistance to the cold, for she could just go ahead and get the Survival skill and basically never feel it again. It seemed inefficient, but she was sure that this Setsuna girl was letting on more than Cordelia knew.

"Anyway. You wanted help with training with a katana, right?" She asked, crossing her arms over her chest with a crooked smile. 

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From the canopy from the concealment they provided was a familiar face, one of the girl who had been on an earning a living prior.

"Relax, it's just me." 

With these words, Setsuna did in fact just that with her tensity in the heat of the moment subsiding she started the cadence of strokes once more. "It does not matter, This place is convenient for I have a store here." Setsuna replied although Cordelia was correct, the girl was exhausted but the cold felt numbing enough to distract her from such weakness the very same she despised. With a pause in her training, Setsuna turned to face Cordelia, interested in her presence here as well, before the words flowed from the silver-haired girl's tongue. These very words Setsuna enjoyed their meaning, and with a decree that followed the notion prior, Setsuna gladly accepted her tutelage eager to consume all forms to broaden her abilities as quickly as possible.


Setsuna paused clearing her hair from her face that had found itself blinding the girl from the consistent force exercised, in subtle preparation for what was to transpire. A pop of her joints as the cold found its way out of the pockets of cartilage they had taken place in.

"What would you have me do?"

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Cordelia tilted her head. "Oh, you have a shop here, too? Neat." She did vaguely remember her talking about being some kind of tailor. . . but she wasn't sure if she could fully trust her memories at the moment. 

"What would you have me do?"

She drummed her fingers against her cheek as she pondered. She wouldn't want to be too harsh on a little kid. . . her pale eyes glanced over to the young girl before she pursed her lips. Though, she didn't seem like the type of kid to want to be treated like a kid. Ah, this was certainly a problem. . . Though, she supposed that if she really to wield a katana better, it was going to have to happen. 

She let out a small sigh before opening her HUD. She wasn't exactly sure if she was going to enjoy this. . . but she supposed that there had to be a first for everything. Her fingers danced around the window for a few seconds before an pale blue katana materialized in the palms of her hand. Cordelia released an exhale as she reached up to remove her hair ornament, letting her silver hair fall down before she gave Setsuna a smirk.

"I want you to duel me."



Equipped: T2 Rare Katana: FRZ, ACC
Unequipped: Empress' Kanzashi

Stat Changes: LVL: 51 | HP: 1040/1040 | EN: 120/120 | 19 DMG | 25 MIT | 2 ACC | 2 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF]

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