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[PP|04]Dragon Hunter Yuki! pt. 4 <<DHA4: Hatchling>> ft. Life

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<The Diamond Hatchling>

Vertigo kicked in when the teleportation color stopped. The lull of the cold brought her back to reality quickly. Yuki's bright smile shined almost as brightly as the clear sheet of snow that paved the road. She turned to her companion, Life, and laughed.

"It's beautiful! I love the winter so much! You know, I thought about putting my house here on this floor, but I didn't think I could stand the infinite winter. That's why I decided on floor 22 instead. Winter comes and goes and it stays nice and cool in the summer just like home." She reminisced but didn't seem upset at all, in fact, she seemed pretty content. "I wonder how long I'll spend in my home here. We're a fourth of the way through the game now, so at this rate it could take quite some time, hunh?"

She said already leading the way to the next dragon, looking back to make sure that Life was following her.


Using a Yui's Grace(3 left)


Level: 12 | HP:  240 | Energy: 24 Hate: 1/3/4(M/H/C)

DMG: 2 | EVA: 0 | MIT: 27+15(From Potion) | ACC: 0 | Thorns: 18 | Regen: 5

R1 OHAS, Fighting Spirit, Concentration

Equipment(In use)
Regal Cuirass(Heavy Armor): 1MIT, 2 Thorns
Aegis(Shield): 2MIT, 1 Regen
White Spear - Lux(OHAS): 2 Bleed, 1 Taunt

Silver Serpent Ring: +2 LD
Covetous Gold Serpent Ring: +1 LD

2xStarter Healing Potions(50HP)
The Matriarch's Stinger DMG 1
Woodland Armor: MIT 1 (2/3) < Using to increase MIT by (15 * Player Tier)
Oyakodon with Miso - LD 2


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