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[Offering] Nature's Treasure For level 20 and below players

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Hi, I don't know what to say but I'll do my best to explain things to anyone reading this so here goes:

Do you want to raise your net worth inside the game?
Do you want to gather materials and unidentified items in a less risky way?
Or you just want someone to talk to while grinding for levels (not me)?

I'm Crozeph of Jacob's Ladder and runs a shop on floor ten, The Night's Watch. Me and my trusty friend Shirogane go out and gather materials, unidentified items, and search for dungeons anywhere. If you feel the urge to have a few people go with you on grinding then we are willing to help you, or if you are willing to tag along with us. Dividing of loot is not a problem because we will only be taking 1/4 of every type of loot and the rest is yours, and so, here are what we can offer to you if you plan to join the newly founded (and unofficial) Supplies Procurement Squad. Here are things you can expect for joining us:

  • Free Buffs (over-health, immolation potion, MIT, and other buffs you need)
  • Healing when things get rough during a battle (courtesy of Crozeph)
  • If you are fearful of fighting multiple mobs, you can go gathering with Shirogane and avoid combat
  • If you want to slay and loot these dastardly creatures then Crozeph's got your back.
  • Free loan of equips should you need an upgrade on enhancements (assuming you find something to your liking in his storage)
  • We won't take much from the total loot (we only want food and dungeon maps)

If you have further questions, please message Crozeph or you can visit him on floor ten. Just look for a shop with an insignia of a crow and you're good to go.

Have a nice day!

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