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  1. Plini quickly accessed his menu and looked at the sword art. He has been studying how they work from time to time and he knew that the arts had names and a description of it's basic moment to trigger the skill. He scrolled up and down only to find a few letters, numbers and some conditions to unlock higher level of sword arts "what the hell happened to the sword arts?" he uttered under his breath. It was more suprising to him, Orca must've figured it out already and didn't tell because he didn't "ask" "Boss, does this mean everything is sort of went on reset? there's no way that skills th
  2. Plini gave it more thought, sure there would be a few seconds of silence if no one decides to talk before him but he wanted to make sure of many things "does this mean Orca probably got stronger?" he thought to himself. The details that Crozeph laid out for them made a lot of sense yet Plini was surprised a boss was capable of affecting everyone outside the boss room. For all he know the bosses would only impose rules inside their roooms or so he heard but a storm outside while the Frontlines took him on? Plini felt a slight concern for that. "That is a nice katana boss, looks very omnino
  3. Plini felt two things upon seeing Shirogane, relieved and surprised. For someone like him, he was used to girls acting all concerned. He grew up in a family where males are the minority and his cohabitation with his two older sisters was almost an eternal damnation. Shirogane's reaction made him feel relieved that the player who was supposed to watch over him or help him was safe. She may be the senpai in that quest but they are still responsible for one another. Plini placed his boots by the doorstep as he saw her dash towards him, not even paying attention to Crozeph causing for her to
  4. "How could I be so stupid?" His thoughts raced on where his companion was and to where his other friend is. It looked liked an Amazing Race: Aincrad when he ran to a teleport plaza and jump to his shop, checking if Ms, Silence was okay. After that he began sending messages to his friend, Orca. It took hours for her to reply and Plini was already pacing back and forth up and down Silence's property that she had to wack him with her feather duster "calm down, you're gonna have a stroke" she told him. Plini gave it a thought "is it possible to have a stroke here?" he asked her. Silence shoo
  5. Current Level: 8 Current SP: 19 Link to SP Tracking: [link] Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Destrezas Item ID: starter Item Tier: 1 Item Type: 1HCS Item Rarity: vanity Item Enhancements: none Description: just a weird curved sword, can be loaded with poison. Item Name: Comodo Item Tier: 1 Item Type: 1HCS Item Enhancements: vanity Description: A weapon dripping with some kind of
  6. "I don't know Marv" Plini told him "the only one I know here is Dr. Silence, she lets me use her spare room for my alchemy shop" he added. The newcomer already gave an impression of strength similar to Orca but it was different. Orca was handling assault to her well while this one... he is part of the Frontlines. He was however friendly enough to let someone named Marv join them, add some donuts and it was quite a time. He thought that things like this was rare and so, Plini turned his attention back to Astreya. "Maybe, I hardly try to locate shops here, some are weird looking while othe
  7. RP ID: 187423 BD: 4 MD: 9 Boar Pup dealt 3 damage to Plini Plini | HP: 74/80 | EN: 4/8 | ACC: 0 | DMG: 2 | EVA: 2 | MIT: 9 | LD: 1 Shirogane HP: 199/200 I EN: 10/20 I DMG: 3 I ACC: 1 I EVA: 0 I MIT: 17 I TRNS: 1 Boar Pup 5/5 | DMG: 3
  8. Plini almost choked at the mention of food turning out good just by following the recipe "right, right, just follow the recipe" he made a nervous laugh and took a bite out of the pie. He can remember the vivid memories of him getting beaten by one of his sisters for ruining a simple cake. There was no in-between, he can make good meals but he can also burn down a house just by making one muffin. "Someone stronger than me?" he thought hard for a second. It was true that Orca is strong, there's no way she can survive getting assaulted if she isn't but Plini somehow feel something weird abou
  9. Rations Empty vials packed lunch rope lamp thick blanket Plini stood by the gate of Fortaleza and a rucksack of supplies behind him, he crossed out all the items he had from the list and looked at the sand dunes from afar. The weather was forgiving today though it would still irritate those who aren't used to humid areas. Behind him is the settlement's lively inhabitants, one could say the scenery was straight out of an Arabian Nights story. "The people sure are busy here" he thought as he double checked the contents of the rucksack again. He could also feel the confused or
  10. Now that Shirogane is on standby, Plini can worry less about the mobs getting killed too quickly. it would be a bit tedious but better than him not getting the last hit and get his quest items. He only needed one anyway, that means killing this boar pup charging towards him is his last chance to get it or another gateway to another fight. Right arm on his back and his left arm forward, Destrezas in hand. He wasn't sure if it would be a successful strike, luck is not on his side always but at least he's got the stats to face off with this kind of mob. Plini received the blow as the boar re
  11. "That's good to know, most people here enjoy food made by other players but I don't mind who made it, food is food." Plini pulled a plate slowly towards him and took a bite, it was good but still it reminded him of the cake sample he had back then. "I guess that's just the perks of being inside a virtual world, less anxiety about weight" he told her as he continued to take small bites of the pie. "Yeah a babysitter, I met her when I did some beginner quests and now she acts like my safety is important." He wasn't sure if Astreya would understand it but it would be weird if someone didn't
  12. "It's all about surviving, by helping the people up there clearing floor bosses or supporting them with what we the cowards can craft" he spoke behind her as he holds an beaker filled with a mix of green and red. 2 hours ago, before he sneaked behind Astreya "Ok Plini I'm giving you clear instructions here" A woman the same height as him wearing some kind of of white coat and a long sword strapped behind her "don't go looking for trouble, remember you're an alchemist not a brave knight or brainless brute" she added. Plini turned his head, an annoyed face clearly seen "ok Orca cut the
  13. "Maybe staring at the grasslands was a good idea at first but man this got boring after 3 hours" Plini's thoughts revolved around worrying about Orca, stocking up in his shop, and wanting to taste that slice of cake the girl in the tavern made. For a taste test it was enough to convince him to looks for her but that is easier said than done, especially with Plini gazing at the boar pups and their mums grazing on the field before him. His attire was still the same, a cream-colored jacket that looked like it had splashes of chemicals in it, a black shirt, and pants that matches the color of the
  14. 03/27/21 ID: 186858 | CD: 1 | LD: 2 | Fail ID: 186857 | CD: 8 | LD: 6 | Salvage (Fail) Result: +3XP, -2 Tier 1 Materials
  15. "Hmm" Plini wasn't sure if the amulet would work, it was for seeing in the dark "well maybe it would but the problem here is there is too much light to actually see a clear path" he told Astralin as he pointed at the fog behind him. As they continued to talk now that the quest was over, the fog slowly thinned out and that was the sign for them to get moving "all right let's go Totally Spies, the path is kinda showing. Keep the amulet ready Astralin, stay close together and-" Plini turned his head as Lethia told him to come close and taking a picture "I don't know how taking a picture helps but
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