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Kiluia Seiko

[PP| FL 04] A Hidden Blessing

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Snow skies filled the darkened skies of the fourth floor. The light blustery howl of the wind caused the snowflakes to dance in a delicate way that only one could imagine snow nymphs performing. The town was eerily quieter than usual with the only a few patrons out and about this evening. His building, of course, was lit up and puffing out a wonderful smell through the chimney. The door had a closed sign as it was his time for baking. But the item that he was creating was delicate as ever.

There he stood in his apron covered in some sort of flour and some frosting on his cheek. Hands were handling tweezers to add certain things to this mystery item that seemed to be veiled at the front of the store. He had been closed all day and patrons watched as he feverously worked at it. His eyes were goggled with what seemed to be glasses that enlarged his iris’s and his white hair was pulled back into a ponytail. This was a rare sight to behold. All knocks and asking him to open were ignored for this were an important piece he was making. The only other person who had a set of keys to his shop was his dearly beloved that he had been waiting on coming as he told her to come later toward the twilight. He had needed the time to finish his masterpiece.

Sweat formed up on his upper brow as he breathed quietly to himself. The workload he had placed on himself was intense. All other orders were ignored as he had a vision to make this item despite it being a food item, he needed it to be perfect. It was of rare occasion that he felt the sensation of a muse to create something. It urged and beckoned his soul to work harder than anything before. “Almost…”


Kiluia, White Lightning
Level: 51
HP: 1050/1050
EN: 102/102

Damage: 25
Mitigation: 124
Evasion: 4
Accuracy: 4



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There was some magical to a wintry town at night. A luminous sheen reflected off the snow, lit lamp posts guiding the way. The town square was the woman's favorite place to be, in the heart of the attraction. As per usual, a mixture of delightful aromas greeted her. Firewood from the butcher's shop melded with the bakery's signature scent.

The bluenette's stomach grumbled, demanding sustenance at once. She popped a fist over her gut to quell it. The day's agenda had left little room for breaks, the grind brutal yet rewarding in the long run. Alongside her comrades, Haine was able to clear quite a few things off her checklist. All this while, she'd forgotten she was hungry.

A message from her love chimed in. Head to the shop later? Haine glanced at the watch. It was later than she'd usually call it quits for the day. In opportune time, she had business near the wintry town today. The shop was a stretch down the road.

A particularly frigid gust knocked the wind out of her. Golden eyes squinted and she shielded her face. Geez, no wonder the streets were empty tonight. Nobody in their right mind would stick around for long outside. She rounded the corner to the shop where her love awaited.

Haine stepped past two youngsters seeking shelter under the awning. She pushed her hood down and twisted the key in its groove. With a click, the door cracked ajar. She rushed in at once, eager to escape the weather. She leaned back against the door and pushed it shut. Her eyes fluttered close and a soft sigh escaped her. The bakery's warmth enveloped her like a comforter, a scent of cinnamon beckoning her.

"Love, I'm hooome!" Haine called out from the entrance. The weight of her battle garb pressed down on her shoulders. With a few swipes, she rid herself of her armor. Ten pounds whisked away, like that. She donned her comfortable base. She leaned back, cracking her spine. "Ooh, that felt good."

She followed the cinnamon trail, leading herself into the kitchen. The sink and work counter was a mess, evidence that Kiluia had been hard at work. "Mmm. Cinnamon rolls today?" the other started. She wove around the counter to reach him. His back was facing her. She slid her arms around him and squeezed. His tall frame blocked her view of the counter and what he was working on.


Name: Haine
Level: 63
HP: 1290/1290
EN: 126/126

Damage: 25
Mitigation: 66
Evasion: 1
Accuracy: 4

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Damage 2, Bleed 1
Armor: Mitigation 2, Evasion 1
Misc: Accuracy 3

Two Handed Assault Spear [Rank 5]
Light Armor [Rank 3]
Fishing [Obtained]
Searching [Rank 1]
First Aid [Rank 5]
Extended Mod Limit Rank 1 [Obtained]

Extra Skills:
Familiar: Fighter

Finesse Rank 3
Barrier Rank 2

Battle Ready Inventory:
Starter HP Potions (+50 HP)*3
Requires Extended Weight Limit 1
Requires Extended Weight Limit 2
Requires Extended Weight Limit 3
Obtained via Item Stash (Housing)
Obtained via Dimensional Backpack

Housing Buffs:
Rested: -1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat
Working: +2 EXP per crafting attempt
Relaxed: Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.
Angler: +1 material gained when fishing
Basic Training: +1 SP to a thread. Limit one use per month [1/1]

Guild Hall Buffs:

Scents of the Wild:

Wedding Ring:


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The chimes rang and she entered within his domain. Eyes glanced upwards from the bottle cap lens and he place the tweezers down. Left hand draped the cloth of his work and the googles came off. The tweezers had a red tinge to the tip of them exposing very little evidence as he smiled slightly. As she sauntered up behind him, he felt the warmth of his beloved. Light rose tinge crept along his porcelain features before he placed a hand on top of hers. He felt his heartbeat slowly and calmly as they were together. She had come right on time to the second for when he wished for her presence.

Cold…?” He felt the difference of their skin temperature and rubbed the top layer to cause friction of warmth. His right hand would slip over to a plate that had a cinnamon bun waiting for her with droplets of vanilla crème. The texture would be velvet to her tastebuds as he pulled it closer. When it was in range, he pulled a cup of hot cocoa for her to sip on to warm up her small frame. “Thanks for coming out. I wanted to ask you a few things.”

He seemed rather serious about asking her a variety of questions, however, his hands were covered what seemed to be a gold dust that was used for decorating something. He tilted his head and spoke to her. “How was your day though? Anything of interest?” He blocked the visage of the artwork from view.

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"Very." Her cheek rested against his back. His hands dwarfed hers as he held them between his. Light tingles on her fingertips ebbed away. Her eyes glimmered at the plate slid over on the counter. Her keen sense of smell had been right. A fresh cinnamon roll was calling her name. "Yes please! I'm starving." She clapped her hands in delight and picked the roll up. At one bite, the soft dough and sugar melted together. She closed her eyes and hummed. A nudge and a mug of cocoa brought her back to reality. She reached for the mug and nursed it. The warmth on her fingertips was soothing. A few sips warmed her freezing frame. Extra chocolate and piping hot, just how she preferred it. Haine stopped in the middle of scarfing the pastry to face him. "Hmm? What's up?" She looked up at Kiluia and sipped. All while, a milk mustache formed above her lip.

She leaned back against the island and spaced her gaze on a cabinet before her. In between sips, she mused aloud. "Just things for the guild, the usual. Took a whole day to try to catch a familiar for Vie." She chuckled at the memory of the fiery redhead taking the metaphorical bull by its horns, really a cub. The woman had called it quits for the day and swore her bad luck was just a sign she was meant to have something else. And so be it. "After that? Just grinding with some new recruits. It's hard to keep up with these new faces." She scarfed down the remaining half of her cinnamon roll.

"Bh'wut bouth yhu?" Haine inquired through a mouthful of pastry. 

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Her usual look of her eating the food caused him to smile. Hearing about her day made him smile immediately sine she was becoming more involved with the guild. He was usually in outer space lately. The thoughts were muddled most of the time but it was okay. The clearest thought he had was of her. The thought of having her in his arms all day was what made him move on to fight. Now the reality had to be set as he pulled back and tightened his ponytail. The way she became an all-star leader made him impressed ever so more.

He glanced at the draped product behind him. It was sitting there holding steady with wire propping up the cloth. He touched his chin a bit before resigning to speak what was on his mind. “Years ago, I met someone. And in those past years, I fell in love. Time had been edging us closer and closer to the point where we are today in front of each other.” He paused to catch his breath a moment. “I’ve seen some horrible things and some even worse.” He cleared his throat as he tapped his finger upon the wooden tabletop.

Moments passed as he slowly began to pull off the cloth upward. “I have been working on this since I had seen you again. It stated off rough before I was a baker as a profession, but I wanted to excel in pastries. It isn’t for the taste. It is what it represents and how far we have been together.” The surrounding pastry as dusted with edible gold dust. There sat a white box with candied roses that head been making for her. It was hand crafted with delicate design. It was indeed one of a kind that he had ever made in his lifetime and the only one he would ever make. There sat a ring with a pink glimmer for her to view. It was the centerpiece that showcased it. Everything, even the box, was edible instead of the ring.

“So… before we go on with anything else in our world. Would you. Haine, marry me..?” Amber eyes locked onto hers as he awaited for an answer.


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She all but choked on her pastry.

He turned around, as effortlessly angelic as always. She was the luckiest woman alive to have a man like him in her life. Her heart began to race, butterflies stirring, an intensity which reminded her of nostalgic times. She swallowed thickly and searched his expression. Soft, yet earnest.

He nursed something mysterious, concealed by a cloak on top. With wide eyes, like a doe in the headlights, she watched him pull off the cloth. She covered her mouth and gasped. First, she noticed the white box, a bed of candied roses resting on top. A film of gold dust and pearls adorned the edges, complimenting the greatest gift of all, a ring nestled in the middle. A silver band with a pink diamond glimmered so bright it was almost blinding.

Her face flushed as emotion overcame her. Her eyes softened, tears welling in her eyes. She couldn't help the cheesy smile which took over her features. "Ahh, you caught me off guard." She turned away and wiped her tears with haste, giggling. Unceremoniously, she moved forward to sweep him into an embrace. She squeezed tight, forehead buried on his chest. "Yes! A thousand times, love." She sniffled softly.

Was this real? Was this a dream? Haine pinched her wrist for good measure, wincing at the slight tinge. This was in fact real. The ragtag familiar duo peeked around the island to see what this commotion was about. To the two without a solid concept of love, the couple seemed up to their usual canoodling. Still, they stood nearby waiting for scraps when all was said and done.

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Hand would slowly wisp her into his body closing their distance. Her warmth radiated against his and he pressed his lips upon hers without a second thought. Free hand would clasp on her waist and a smile forming against hers. The words of yes echoed in his mind as he hoisted her into the air. Her small body was so small against his as their embrace tightened. It was the first passionate kiss he had ever placed. It was just in the moment that it required everything in his worth to give.

The kiss ended and he stared into her eyes. His breathing a bit off as he felt embarrassed for doing it. He slowly took the ring off of the dessert piece and placed it to her lips to lick off the icing. After she had done so, he slipped the engagement ring onto her and whispered softly. “With this ring, I wish to make you my wife. The dream I have had since we met. The day I saw you and the day I will see you on my death bed… Thank you for accepting the proposal… The future Mrs. Seiko.”

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She melted into the miss, arms slung around his shoulders. His form was warm against hers, comforting, like home. She couldn't imagine a future without him in it. Kiluia had been there for Haine through thick and thin, and fate had brought them together several unlikely times. They were opposites which balanced each other out, that was why she loved him.

She pulled away, eyes teary and cheeks rosy from a sudden wave of emotion. Her golden eyes shone at the ring sitting on the soft edible pillow. She gazed up at him and flushed, crimson red. It was a shyness akin to the way it was when their love was young, renewed in this new stage of life. She licked the frosting off the ring, her favorite kind, buttercream. As the ring came closer, she about had a stroke trying to keep her cool. The rosegold ring slid onto her finger, a perfect fit. All semblance of cool flood out her that moment as a cheesy smile overtook her features.

"So you have chosen your fate," she quipped, the corners of her eyes crinkling as she smiled. She raised the ring up to eye level and marveled. She spun around, palms pressed back against the counter. "I like the ring of it. Alice Seiko." She returned to him once more, overcome with  emotion. She unceremoniously rushed forth for another embrace. At this proximity, she was sure he could hear her heart beating rapidly. "I think my heart's gonna explode..." She looked  around his shoulder at the gem.

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