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[Requesting] Phase Weapon

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"I'm conducting some research on enhancements. I'd like to have a Phase weapon, but... it's for both my research and arsenal. So don't expect it back. What I'm trying to say is, name a fair price and I'm going to buy a phase weapon from you. It doesn't matter what sort or what tier it is, but preferrably tier 3 and two-handed straight sword. Just give me the phase weapon."

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"Hey Chase, been a while. Saw your bulletin post. I've got this sword from ages ago, it even has moss on it. Boss drop my Guild Leader gave to me, and since no one else have bene using it in quite a while, selling it would be the best bet. I hope you can get some usage out of it. 300k col should be sufficient."


Name: Sword of the Ancients
Item Type: One Handed Straight Sword
Tier: 2
Quality: Demonic
Enhancements: Damage II, Phase I, Paralyze I
Description: A raw stone weapon that appears to be worn away by weather; vines and moss ornate the handle as its edge appears to be dull.



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