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Interested in joining staff?



Have you ever wanted to help develop or moderate a Role-Play site based on your favorite anime? Maybe favorite isn't the right word for most people because let's be real, the best version of this anime is easily the Abridged series by Something Witty Entertainment.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand, the SAO-RPG Staff team is always looking for more staff. We have a variety of staff teams that you can apply for (Player Support Team, Floor Development Team, Systems Development Team). It is important to note that staff, while it has roles, does not forcibly compartmentalize its members. Members are allowed to, if not encouraged, to participate in other staff functions as willing.

There are some requirements that should be met but upholding those requirements are at staff discretion.

SAO-RPG Site Staff

Player Support Team (PST's) (Open)

  • Must be active on the site for at least the past 45 days
  • Must show strong knowledge of the system and rules
  • Should be a Crafter on at least 1 of your characters
  • Demonstrate strong knowledge and understanding of the crafting system.
  • Show strong communication skills and welcoming attitude to new players

Floor Development Team (Open)


Players should be able to demonstrate their ability and creativity when it comes to make well detailed floors as well as creating quests and bosses that are detailed and enjoyable for the community. Strong communication skills with other content developers and staff are important long with being able to take vice on their own ideas. The player should have been active for at least 45 consecutive days AND demonstrate their own creativity through means of creating a rough draft Floor or a detailed quest or boss. (Important Note: Most of the time, your entry drafts will not be used)

Systems & Clarifications Team (Open)


Players should have been active for at least 45 days. Must have a strong understanding of the rules. Must point out or share any contradictions and/or loopholes in the rules, share how they believe certain areas can be improved on/why they should be removed, or come up with a completely new idea to be added into the system.  
Note: Must be well written and thought out.


If you wish to apply for staff, please read this thread to find out how to apply!

If you are still interested in joining staff but want to know more information, please read the above linked thread or message a member of staff and we will try to answer your questions. 

Hope to see you all around!
- Shark


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