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  • Birthday 10/10/1994

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    The main town
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    Alex likes walks in the fields, it makes him feel at peace and it allows him to think about things he wants to do in the future or right after the walk.

    Alex likes to work, Alex loves to work because it allows him to buy more materials for making weapons and armor, which raises his skill which soon lets him make better weapons and lets him use them in battle to get to a higher level.

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  1. «Name» Subtitle. Profile » Alex Kazumua/Alex Kazu: » Braden, Kazumua: » nineteen: » Male: » 5*10: » About: Alex had heard about it, thought about it, and had enough money for it, he just didn't know about it though, but he soon bought it and installed the game, using the head gear he logged into the game making his avatar and choosing his class, all of that, he soon woke up in the town,where he nabbed his first bit of good armor because of some dropped gold from a slightly richer person, he was able to buy a weapon that did at least four more dama
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