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Alex Kazu

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  • Birthday 10/10/1994

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    The main town
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    Alex likes walks in the fields, it makes him feel at peace and it allows him to think about things he wants to do in the future or right after the walk.

    Alex likes to work, Alex loves to work because it allows him to buy more materials for making weapons and armor, which raises his skill which soon lets him make better weapons and lets him use them in battle to get to a higher level.

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About Me

Alex was a normal nineteen year old kid, bored out of his mind he bought SAO (Sword art online) and used the gear, he woke up, in a strange world, he looked around his Avatar was someone with black hair that ended in spikes, he had blue eyes, he could see that because he woke up near a mirror, he saw that he wore a white shirt it had one button on it, he then wore slacks, and work shoes, he found out that was his normal clothes, so he bought a iron chest plate which was light and could fit under his light blue jacket which was made out of silk, he now needed to level up, so he bought a level five sword and chased after some of the weaker foes in the game soon advancing to level ten, he stopped there and soon started to get better gear, he stopped at level sixteen, soon he knew he would start leveling up but for now he wanted to sit back and relax. (This is not his level right now please don't freak for the future thanks)

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