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  1. Finally performance done now can continue rping properly

  2. Finally performance done now can continue rping properly

  3. Had the weirdest day today but ready to start rping

  4. Semroth was in a rush and he didn't want to bother the owner so as he just got the message and he was going to meet someone, so Semroth grabbed the box and said "Thanks for making these for me I may come back in the future" and so he grabbed the box and sped out of the shop and went to the meeting place. (OOC: Cheers Ariel I happy that you made these)
  5. Semroth was quiet nervous this was the first time he had ever been away from the 1st floor so it was different seeing something other then the Town of Beginnings. He decided to come because he heard about the owner of the shop giving free items for the guild as he entered the shop he nearly jumped at the bell. "Hi my name is Semroth Kirigi I heard you were giving free items the the Twilight Spectrum guild and I would like to make a request" Semroth said to the owner trying not to be so jumpy as he placed down his request sheet.
  6. Just got accepted and ready to start RPing

    1. Anima


      congratulations and welcome aboard.

  7. «Semroth Kirigi» Profile » Username: Semrothz Kirigi » Real name: David Batterman » Age: 24 » Gender: Male » Height: 6 ft 3 » History: Being born to a tough family in Tokyo he always felt like he was under pressure and that what drove him to online gaming meeting quiet alot of friend while he did so. As David grew over he decided to sign up for the beta of an MMO called Sword Art Online and he was lucky enough to be allowed to do the beta, getting a brand new nerve-gear to be able to play on it he was surprised by the vast landscape of this world and so he made friends with a coup
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