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  1. So I think I'm getting addicted to the site, need someone who's on as much as me do RP :D

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    2. Helios


      I wouldn't mind RPing with you guys ^^ My exams are finished on Tuesday, so i'll be on a lot after that.

    3. Helpcooldo


      Hey I'm still new here, is there anyway to set up like a group PM?

    4. Calrex


      Yep I'll set it up in a second

  2. Finished my 1st quest, for real this time! Just need to be approved :3

  3. Just finished my 1st quest SP, Hope I didn't screw anything up~

    1. Lowenthal


      I looked at it, and you're short 3 posts for it to meet the quest requirement. You have 18, need 21.

    2. Helpcooldo


      FUDGE I forgot about the post limit!...crap... I'll deal with it tomorrow I guess, it's 6 AM I've been up all night reading over this website :p night people!

    3. Lowenthal


      G'Night. Best of luck to you!

  4. » Username:Helpcooldo » Real name:Devan M Smith » Age:20 » Gender:Male » Height:5'11 » About: Devan was never the popular kid in school, ever since grade school he's spent most of his time around his teachers just to keep away from the other kids. Though his family wasn't rich by any means he always managed to get the newer consoles and computers, his mother didn’t quite approve of the time he spent on all the devices but in the virtual world he was whoever he wanted to be, and it's where he felt most himself. To ease his mother’s mind he got into any kind of creation on the c
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