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    【LUCIA 】 ❀✿❀✿THE CRIMSON BLADE✿❀ ✿❀ PROFILE ❀✿❀✿ABOUT ME✿❀✿❀ » User name: Lucia» Real name: Mariya Kosaki» Age: 21» Gender: Female» Height: 5'6"» Weight: 124 lbs.» Sexuality: Heterosexual CHARACTER CONCEPT ❀✿❀✿WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE?✿❀✿❀ PERSONALITY ❀✿❀✿WHAT AM I LIKE?✿❀✿❀ In general, Lucia is modest and compassionate. She's the one to go to for an easy laid back conversation, and you can ask for advice. Most of the time, Lucia can keep calm and organize her thoughts. However, injustice can tamper with the woman's emotions. She has a caring soul and attempts to reach out to others. However, as noted before, Lucia is analytical and has a keen sense of memory, paired with observation. As of the moment she is considered unathletic and dainty looking, but throughout time it is intended for her to get into the game for real (learn how to combat). To sum it into traits: Altruistic, Calm, Considerate, Observant, Laid back, Somewhat wise. FRIENDS: Lucia is someone you can easily approach, depending on her current mood. There's times when she gets serious (when pissed or tired) and times when she's like her good ol' self. But in general the woman is compassionate, level-headed, and understanding of other's emotions. She's not too much of an enthusiast but likes to try doing new things if the consequences aren't too rough. At first she was more talkative and cheerful to others, but the toll of the death game has made her more quiet and cautious of her surroundings. Upon first meeting her, you'll notice that she doesn't say or do much. That's because, she's not entirely used to the communication part of SAO. It still freaks her out how total strangers get all buddy buddy. She has had experience with gaming before, but when she herself is put into the game world, she feels a bit disorientated. ENEMIES: Lucia has her fair share of people she likes and dislikes. To be frank, she doesn't strongly dislike people, but in SAO, she starts to get the feeling that she does a lot. But now she basically holds grudges against player killers and will not reason with them. However, she still does not wish to be in conflict with them but - she's still a newcomer to this game. Who knows the development that can occur. ❀✿❀✿MY MOTIVATIONS✿❀✿❀ However, upon entering the death game, she has no apparent motivation. But staying alive sounds good, right? It is definite that the woman wants to escape Aincrad, but not to the extent of paranoia. All around her, she experiences players who have a difficult time with coping. She'll do what the game tells her to at her own leisure. Lucia could still enjoy the game if she balanced out her training and breaks. All that Lucia knows for sure, she had lots of communicating to do. Not that she minded that, it just appealed to her how talking to strangers left and right was the norm .❀✿❀✿LIKES & DISLIKES✿❀✿❀ »LIKES: ➊EATING FOOD ➋BEING THANKED ➌BINGE COMBAT ➍IN-BETWEEN WEATHER ➎UNIQUE PEOPLE IN GENERAL ➏➐➑➒➓ »DISLIKES: ➊MURDER ➋EXTREME WEATHER ➌SPICY FOOD ➍ARACHNIDS ➎AWKWARD SITUATIONS .❀✿❀✿THE PROS AND CONS✿❀✿❀ »VIRTUES: ☯ALTRUISTIC - Whilst Lucia won't run around helping anyone and everyone, that doesn't mean she has no heart. In fact, she's quite the softie.She doesn't have motives behind her kindness, she just does what her mind is telling her to. Anyhow, the woman can be seen as empathetic, but not exactly selfless. She cares about her needs just as much, so don't take her for granted. ☯PATIENT & CALM - Lucia is highly tolerant and isn't what you'd call impulsive. She can take a lot of crap and act accordingly without lashing out or threatening others. Also, she understands that some things take a long time to achieve (such as freedom from the death game). So instead of rushing through everything quickly, she takes it one step at a time. It's gonna take a while either way, right? ☯DETERMINED - Lucia knows what she wants to achieve in life, and she intends on reaching her goals. Who knows, it might not be as great as she anticipated, but that doesn't mean she'll give up. The woman is considered a fighter, and has all her goals organized in a list. She at least hopes that things don't hinder her progress and schedules. ☯JUSTICE - For the most part, Lucia is morally just and knows what's right and what's wrong. So in general, she's honest and sincere for the most part. However, just as kind hearted she is, that doesn't make her defenseless and easy to take advantage of. She's sharp-minded as well. ☯INTELLECTUAL - Lucia has a sharp mind when it comes down to her studies and problem solving. She's a quick thinker overall but never used her smarts for things outside of her studies. However, if she tries hard enough, she can brainstorm some nifty tactics for later. ☯CHARISMATIC - First of all, Lucia is confident that she is attractive, the compliments she has received from before somewhat boosted her ego. To top it off, she has the kindness and charm, along with a clever and witty way of thinking. Some people could possibly get drawn to her because of how unpredictable she can get. Rarely, the woman can shamelessly use this to her advantages to obtain something. »VICES: ☯BRUTALLY HONEST - She says things the way she sees it, there's no lying or sugar coating the truth. It's better not to lie, you know? If people ask for an opinion, aren't they asking for the truth? If you lie, what's the point of it? They asked for it, so here. This part of Lucia can either be good and bad. In a bad way, people might mistake her opinions for insults and it might make people clash heads with her. But usually she never intends to butt heads and is simply stating her point of view. ☯MONEY OBSESSED - Soo, the woman loves money, she loves working for it, and loves blowing it off just as much. Usually the things she buys are useless, but she wants it all. Pretty much, she wants to make her life luxurious here, and the thought of having a large house and treasure chests of COL make her grin. ☯CAN BE VIOLENT - She may seem different at first, but if you manage to pull her nerve, she is capable of lashing out in numerous ways. But often she's passive aggressive in her ways of comeback, so don't expect her to break her fuse too easily. ☯PROCRASTINATION - Though she doesn't like to admit it, she's pretty lazy. In her time outside of the death game, her life wasn't really on stake and she wasn't fighting for freedom on a daily basis. Being placed in a world with a much faster pace, she really couldn't keep up, and found herself taking breaks far more than she had done so in the real world. ☯CYNICAL - Because of the stories and rumors she'd heard before, Lucia is rather suspicious if someone near her is acting a little different than the average player. Mainly, she holds grudges on player killers. She thinks that taking someone else's life is unacceptable. Even if they are placed in a game, if you can stop their hearts so easily, you're not human. "But oh they attacked me." So what, do you think any sane person would decide to slaughter them? No! ☯BOTTLE UP - Lucia can be considered fake sometimes because she doesn't show her apparent mood. Sometimes she hides her true intent and emotions through series of other emotions, which can be decieving to others. She feels that negative emotions are a weakness to the heart, so she prety much bottles up all her emotions and puts up facades whilst at a battle with her mind. But whenever Lucia has had her limit, she tends to lash out or tear up her mask slowly. CHARACTER BACKSTORY ❀✿❀✿LIFE IS FULL OF SURPRISES✿❀✿❀ On the date of October 18th, a child was born to a happy couple. It was a beautiful girl with bright crimson eyes and silver hair like the moon, named Mariya. This child was special to them, for the condition of the child was critical and she was supposed to have been dead soon. But they didn't accept the grim truth and kept praying for their child to live a long, long life. After all of this, a miracle happened, and she was healthy enough to live like a normal child. The two proud parents rejoiced upon the good news, and would tell her that she was a miracle from above. As a child in her blooming stages, Mariya was a quiet one. She never had much to say, and often cowered in most situations. This made her a target for bullying, but luckily, she had found the courage to make a few friends who'd stick beside her. And so, things weren't that rough at all. Her life had an interesting way of unfolding. In school, Mariya excelled greatly. Her mother would stay at home and tend to the house, helping her daughter whenever she had the time to. The young girl had a wonderful atmosphere to learn and grow, and did what she could to earn her parent's praise's and hear them brag to their friends. Maybe the only reason why she did learn hard was to be the center of attention. Besides, wouldn't it be nice to have a rich lifestyle? Mariya wanted it all, and she aspired to surprise everyone. Since then, Mariya has made it her goal to increase her academic skills, and her personality changed with time. By the time the girl was in middle school, she grew out of her shy phase. Now she found it easier to befriend others with her laid back, passive aggressive nature. However, because Mariya wasn't all about dressing up and showing off, she wasn't up with the popular kids in her school. People knew her for being a nerd, but someone you really can't underestimate. In her teenage years, Mariya moved schools and signed up for an academy for more advanced students. And life just went on like that. There's a perfect mix of drama, friendships, tough times, and surprises. Within the years of the academy, Mariya was exploring herself. She had been constantly asked what career she'd take upon once graduating. To be honest, whatever payed the most money seemed good to her. But there were many tempting careers that piqued her interests. Her current lover was obsessed with technology and gaming, and often times he'd drag her around to conventions and reccomend game titles for her to try. All these foreign control buttons were too much to take in at a time. But just to keep him quiet, she'd let him pull her into the gaming realm. And who would have thought it would get so addicting? Most of the time when she was free, Mariya would browse the web for the heck of it. The internet had many topics to entertain anyone of any interest. Most of the times she'd lurk around forums and sites. During her daily rounds she happened to tap into a site which explained the art behind the structure of websites and so on. The pay was outstanding, but required a lot of patience and intelligence. She decided it was a good idea to take upon computer science and develop programs in the future. Mariya had the talent to attempt this. And so she decided to focus her studies more into math and science, whilst she browsed online resources to teach herself the basics. Before graduation, Mariya had proudly told her parents about her future career in engineering. They were assuming their daughter would become a nurse or an author, since it seemed like a position she was fit for. But Mariya was certain that programming would be fun. When the time had come to graduate, Mariya had recieved a few reccomendations to colleges of career choice. After a while of discussing and debating with her parents, she had picked the college that best benifited her alongside her scholarship. Before the woman had known it, she was attending college, already past the age of eighteen. Now she was an adult, and had to do things without her parents say in it. It felt a little off to her, she was used to living with her family. Instead she had shared a small dorm and had to balance a part time job, social life, and her studies. It was a busy life for sure. Around the summer when Mariya was turning twenty one years old, she had been hearing about a new VRMMORPG title known as Sword Art Online. She decided to look into it online, and what she read seemed to entice her. She.wanted.it. And she gets what she wants. So, Mariya pooled up some of her savings with a little help from her parents, and kept the date in mind. She was one of those people to have waited outside the game store for hours to get her hands on a copy. But when she had it in her hands, had she ever regretted it? Mariya never asked to be in a death game. But now she's in for one hell of an interesting story. SKILLS LIST ❀✿❀✿THE RISE OF POWER✿❀✿❀ »NON COMBAT: » »PASSIVE: » »COMBAT: » »WEAPON SKILLS: » One-Handed Straight Sword 【 R ➊ - 2 SP】 INVENTORY ❀✿❀✿CAN'T HELP THAT I WANT IT ALL✿❀✿❀ »WEAPON & TOOLS:» Basic One-Handed Straight Sword »CONSUMABLE ITEMS:» Beginners Pack (10 bread & 15 water) »ARMOR:» N/A »CLOTHING:» Starting Apparel »MISCELLANEOUS:» N/A ROLEPLAYS ❀✿❀✿A NEVERENDING STORY✿❀✿❀ » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) RELATIONSHIPS ❀✿❀✿THE ONES WE KNOW✿❀✿❀ ➊NAME (CATCHY TITLE/NICKNAME) - Blurb here. ➋NAME (CATCHY TITLE/NICKNAME) - Blurb here. ➌NAME (CATCHY TITLE/NICKNAME) - Blurb here. STORY THUS FAR ❀✿❀✿FROM THE VIEWPOINT OF LUCIA✿❀✿❀ To be written eventually~