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    Journal Profile Username:Hagatsume Age:17 Gender:Male Height: 170 cm About: History/personality Hagatsume had a pretty normal childhood. Him and his parents lived in a flat in the city. His mother died in a car accident when he was 16. When Hagatsume was in school he was bullied. At some points, he had to he had to hide throughout breaks, lie to teachers and his parents. Hagatsume has been playing video games and fantasy RPs scince he was 10 and had always loved to PK. Virtues: Fast- While he isn't very strong, Hagatsume is quite fast, he probably developed this from when he was bullied in school as he sometimes literally had to run away from his bullies. Deceptive- One of his most useful virtues, Hagatsume was bullied in school, meaning if he wanted to keep his lunch money he'd have to lie. Hagatsume can lie about almost anything with a straight face Charismatic- He is a very likeable person, he probably got this trait from his mother. He can get some people to almost do anything for him. This and his speed make up for his physical strength, making this one of his most prized virtues. Flaws: Found my words on here: http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.php Cruel- Hagatsume probably considers this more of a virtue, this probably rubbed off from his bullies. This means, in the case of SAO, along with his other flaws he can probably kill a person cold blooded. Slightly deranged- After his mother's death Hagatsume's bullying got worse, it started to affect him mentally. This means, like his first flaw, he rarely cares about other people and their lives. Sadistic- Hagatsume loves to enjoy his victories even to the extent of torturing his opponents before finishing them off. This flaw also probably rubbed off from his bullies and he also considers this a virtue. Profession: N/A Skills points:6 points available:0 points used:6 Non-combat: »Sneak(locked)»Charisma(1) Armour: »Light armour(locked) Combat: »Charge(locked) Weapon skills: »Curved sword(5) (All of the numbers above are in SP not levels) Inventory Col: 80 Weapons/Tools: »Curved sword Armour:»Cloth clothing Roleplays » N/A » N/A Relationships Single Story Thus Far N/A