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  1. Taking this quest with Takneil
  2. Phillia went inside the door and looked around seeing if her order was finished. She then saw Ariel and waved. "Thanks for making this." Her material supply then diminished as she gave her ten of them to make her cloak. Curiously, Phillia inspected the logo on the cloak, a white crowned lion. "So whats the story with the logo? is it because of your familiar?" She was wondering how the logo was made, but killed the curiously before it went too deep. Phillia picked up her order and left quickly. +1 Hyades -10 Materials
  3. She was about to enter the shop to pick up an order until a blonde girl opened the door. "More people..." Phillia would get upset in the presence of big groups of people, she didn't know why but SAO changed her personality in many ways. It took her a while to realize she was getting off topic so she went inside the shop and said "I'm here for my order, Vanity's Midnight." There was a gigantic animal near the fireplace that she didn't notice before, but it was okay, that thing couldn't hurt her cause the shop was in a safezone. The bluenette stood their waiting for the shop owner to come out, b
  4. Profile Username: Phillia Real name: Rin Ayamo Age: 15 Gender: Female Height: 5'3 Appearance would be my profile picture, for some reason said profile picture is not loading here so I'm telling you this in advance. About: History/personality At childhood, Rin was a problem child. Random bursts of energy and rage, tantrums, cursing, everything you could imagine that a kid shouldn't be doing. Wherever she goes trouble would brew. She remembered it vividly; the day she got a man arrested. An incredible feat for a thirteen year old, but an effortless task for Rin. It all
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