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  1. Oni

    [PP - F1] Lost and Found

    To say that the band of players was mismatched would be an understatement. Oni didn't know either of the others, and as far as the girl went, he could tell they were going to have issues. The fact that the very first thing out of her mouth was a challenge to his decision to break and enter was very telling. First rule of the streets is that if you stick your nose in someone else's business, it might get punched. I doubt she's seen much of the streets in her life. In the mean time, he turned his attention back to the trek through the fumes, which was far less pleasant than letting himself stay distracted. "Usually sewers in games have lots of entrances. No telling how far we are from one we can actually use, but we won't know what our options are unless we explore them." He glanced back and remembered who it was who was following him, adding, "And let's try to keep it down a bit. We're still in a safe zone, but we don't know who else is down here..." Oni had made more than a few unfriendly acquaintances in the underbellies of the first floor. Again, although he couldn't be killed here, he still didn't like the idea of being jumped in the dark.
  2. Oni

    [PP - F1] Lost and Found

    The hand that was offered to Oni gave him pause, and he looked at it for a few seconds before making up his mind. He grunted, brushing the hand aside with the back of his own, but at the very least he returned the introduction. "Oni," he said simply, rocking back onto his shoulder blades and kipping up onto his feet. "S'not your fault. I'm the one who pulled you down." He refused to make eye contact, jutting out his jaw and turning his head away. "Sorry," he blurted out before turning back towards the passage he had first started down. "Hey, comedian! You can climb if you want to, but I'm gonna walk! Keep up or get left!" He took his time, making sure that the others were close by. As unpleasant as their introduction had been, they were all stuck now, and he didn't like the odds of having to go their separate ways in such an unfamiliar place. "Long as we're down here, might as well work together." He took a breath and sighed as though this was an inconvenience, but this quickly devolved into a coughing fit at the overwhelming power of the sewer air that filled his lungs.
  3. Oni

    [PP - F1] Lost and Found

    The bottom of Oni's stomach dropped out as the taut sheet gave way. His hand flailed out, grasping for anything that it could hold onto and managed to grab hold of the derelict ladder. His eyes were wide in panic as the adrenaline surged through him, but he swallowed down his feelings and let go of the sheet. It was no longer any use to him and he watched it fall with its connected pipe segment, the metal clattering loudly to the ground. Looking up, he saw the unnamed girl reaching out for his hand. He didn't trust the ladder any more than the metal pipe that had given out, so he took the hand that was offered, hoping to take pressure off of the creaking rung of the ladder. As he began to give the girl a little of his weight and pull himself upwards, there came a wet crack, and the moldy ladder failed, sending Oni and his would-be rescuer hurtling towards the ground. "Son of a bi-OOF!" He landed hard, but much more unpleasant was the girl who landed across his stomach, emptying his lungs of air. He gasped, grateful that this was not the real world as a blow like that would have winded him completely for a long time.
  4. Oni

    [PP - F1] Lost and Found

    Oni saw the dingy white cloth flutter down out of the corner of his eye and felt some semblance of relief. He had not yet let go of his annoyance at the girl though. He dragged his feet as he made his way over to their means of escape. "You've got a lot of nerve lecturing someone else about manners when the first thing you did upon finding people stuck in a sewer was to criticize them," he retorted, unfazed by her demeanor. He wasn't worried about her attitude. He'd seen more attitude from more intimidating people on almost a daily basis back home. If it meant getting out though, he might be willing to put aside his temper. Maybe. He waited for the okay before taking two healthy handfuls of bed sheet and hoisting himself up off of the ground. This wasn't a terribly difficult task. Although his in-game stats were less than impressive, he had very little bulk to lift. Chalk this up as one of the few times I'm almost thankful to be under 5'10". Even in the depths of his head, he cursed himself for even having a thought like that, but he would worry about beating himself up for that one later.
  5. Oni

    [PP - F1] Lost and Found

    Oni heard not only one voice but a second one coming from above. So much for that going unnoticed. Hunching his shoulder, Oni glared up through the falling dust and splinters towards the voice from above him. "Idunno. Which one of you doesn't know how to mind their own business?" Given that both of them had already addressed him and asked a question no less, the answer seemed pretty clear. "Do you intend to do something to get us out of here, or are you just going to stand up there and try to act better than other people?" From her tone, the latter seemed far more likely, at least in the immediate, so he returned to the task of making sense of his new surroundings. "And no, wise guy, I don't come here often. I'd rather not have come here in the first place," he spat, snarling his upper lip as he continued to look away from either of the other payers. Just my luck I should fall all the way down here and suddenly become Mr. Popular. Typical.
  6. The street urchin was back on his grind. While he had been playing it safe for some time, the growing sense of restlessness was finally beginning to win out in Oni's mind. Not only was he not the type to be caged, but he knew he wasn't being himself. As he slunk through the streets, he silently scolded himself. "You're not a punk. Why did you let yourself get so complacent?" He swore under his breath as he turned a corner. He had already spent the last several years bumming around and picking fights with nobodies - but only within city limits. "If I'm going to actually leave, I need to start leveling, and I need to gear myself properly..." He scratched his chin, looking back down the empty square and looking over the empty warehouse and the storage building he had gone though. "If I were a katana, where would I be hiding?" Turning his head, he spotted a number of dark residences that caught his eye. "Maybe..." He looked both ways to make sure nobody was around before jogging over to the nearest of the buildings. As he jogged closer, he could see that the windows were boarded up. That's promising... Nobody there to run into hopefully... It took him some time to find a window with boards loose enough to pry open, but after a lot of prying and yanking, he had freed a couple of planks and slipped into the opening he had made. The house was dark, and like any strategist, he figured he either needed to start at the top and work down or go from the bottom up. Looking around in the gloom, he spotted an open doorway with a downward staircase, which answered his unasked question easily enough. The stairs creaked loudly, but as far as he knew, there were no residents to wake. The basement was unimpressive - piles of empty crates and barrels littered one half of the room. He started on the other side, but as he went to inspect a worn chest that was sitting against the wall, there came a creak from below his feet and then a crack of splintering wood, and a hidden trapdoor covered in layers of dust collapsed beneath his feet and spilled him down into deeper darkness. He was hurt, but not badly so. A few hit points gone, which was an uncomfortable sight, but as he sat and gathered his wits, he could see his precious few hit points begin to refill. He stood up and brushed himself off, looking above him to see a rotted ladder leading up to the now broken trapdoor. Rungs were broken, and the bottom half had rotted out completely, leaving it several feet above his head, well above jumping distance. Again, cursing under his breath, he struck out down the nearest tunnel, which, by the smell of it, was clearly some kind of sewer. "This is not how I pictured tonight going down..." @Etherial @Recon
  7. It was late into the afternoon when a diminutive man in a knit cap slouched into the shop, hands in pockets. He cleared his throat roughly to get the shopkeeper's attention, his eyes cast sidelong at the wall. This is stupid... I hate asking for help... "Hey," he began hesitantly, still avoiding eye contact. "I've heard around town that you sometimes cut new customers deals. I don't have much cash, but I need a basic outfit of some sort. Something to keep me up and fighting out in the wilderness." It was uncomfortable even asking, and it showed in the scowl on his features. The words were ash in his mouth. He wanted to spit to clear the memory of them from his mouth, but if he wanted help, he was going to have to play nice and not mess up the shop. Shifting his weight uncomfortably from one foot to another, he went on to describe his specific needs. "I'm going for a 'Heavy Hitter' build, so I'll want Heavy Momentum on a set of armor at the very least and... I don't have a familiar yet... so I'm going to need a good trinket to help me there..." His brows were still furrowed, though working through the practicalities of his request to distract from his discomfort. "You got anything like that lying around?"