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    <<AZURA>> Profile Username: Azura Real name: Hitomi Tomochika Age: 22 Gender: Female Height: 5'4" History/Personality Hitomi was born to an average Japanese family, and she lived a normal life throughout her childhood. Studious and academically-gifted, Hitomi was an excellent student, and she dreamed of having a big career once she reached adulthood. While aware of all the obstacles that she had to face, being a woman in a conservative Japanese society, Hitomi wouldn't let it slow her down, knowing that while she wouldn't be able to shut the mouths
  2. Azura


    Hello there! I'm new here, but I've been roleplaying for almost 10 years now. All the mechanics and rules here are pretty complicated, but I think I'll learn them as I go. Hopefully, I'll get my character up soon. Please treat me well, everyone!
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