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  1. Melodie felt distinctly out of her comfort zone at the party. A large part of her wanted her to move, to say something, to just start talking to someone, whilst another considered only leaving and escaping the awkwardness. Yet the thought of spending Christmas alone held her back, so she naturally found herself gravitating towards a corner, where she might observe the festivities. Astreya, the only person she really knew at the party appeared to be in her element in the social setting. Mel envied her confidence greatly. Almost as if the thought had attracted her friend's attention, Astre
  2. She shook her head at that, amusement clearly written across her features. "I'm many things but I'm not exactly big or scary." Melodie responded quietly, normally she got labelled shy, sometimes cute but usually awkward. The latter she seemed to have perfected to the point it might as well be an art form for her. "Chewbacca." Mel informed her, finding it funny that Astreya did not know who he was. If they made it out of this game alive, she would have to sit her friend down to watch some serious sci fi, Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and probably some others. Maybe a few fantasy sh
  3. Mel found herself chuckling at the thought. "What does that make me?" She inquired amused. "Hopefully not the princess in need of rescuing. I'm thinking perhaps a Han Solo type, daring smuggler in it for the money." She laughed lightly, the joke in reality probably was not particularly funny. But she happened to be nervous and the tension needed to be let out before the pressure built to the point she broke. She managed a smile at what Astreya said next feeling the other girl nudge her. "Well when I make it there with you, I'll finally be with the cool kids." Melodie joked, she had not exactly
  4. Melodie nodded in agreement, though she was unsure if she wished to waste a skill slot and all that time with a profession that probably had little to do with helping her survive a battle. True, becoming a world famous chef in SAO might not be too bad, but she would still need ingredients and it would give her the excuse to stay behind. After all, why should a chef fight on the front lines? She need only stay nearby in a safe zone to provide them with hearty food and a good drink when they returned. Yet, it still smacked of retreating, of giving up on being a hero. If she decided to learn how
  5. Astreya finally arrived, just when Melodie had reached the point of wishing she had brought a book with her to read or wondering if she should shoot her friend a DM. It was always difficult when messaging others, what if they needed some time to themselves? What if they were asleep? Or what if they did not want a message? However, she could push such worries aside for Astreya made it. "Hey." She called back, quieter than her friend, self conscious of the crowd and not wishing to draw more attention to herself than necessary. At the mention of the combat, her previous worries came back to the f
  6. Melodie le Breton had slept poorly. All through the night she lay awake knowing that the very next day might well be her last. True, the tutorial enemies were unlikely to be particularly dangerous. But, the stakes were high since if she ran out of HP at any point, death would be here reward and her body would shatter. Game over in this world and the old one. Yet if she wanted to avoid any accusation of cowardice then she had no viable alternative. After all, if they ever made it out of the game and her whole contribution to defeating it had been crying behind a wall till the noise stopped then
  7. "It really does." Melodie responded, though she was pleased with the result of the potion making lesson and quest. Plus she was still alive too boot, so silver linings and she made a friend. A high level friend with heavy armour. She turned to leave, grateful to Astreya for her help with this questline, even if she was not able to actively do the quest. Keeping the mobs away and keeping her alive happened to be an important enough role for Mel. "Time to get used to fighting." Mel attempted to sound determined, but she was immensely worried. What if she died? What if the boars killed her?
  8. Mel nodded slowly, forcing a smile onto her face and put on an attempt to look convinced. "Yeah you are right." Though from the sounds of her voice, she had her doubts. Not that it would stop her from trying to get to the frontline and helping to clear the game. It was probably her own paranoia talking, of her not trusting in the offered way out. Melodie went through the dialogue with Zackariah, before starting on making the potion. After a few more presses and motions, she had a potion. This she gave over to Zackariah and whilst he was examining it, she glanced over at her friend. "I'm
  9. Dying in game was something that filled Melodie with a nameless terror, but returning to the same reality she sought so often to escape also frightened her. The world would not be the same one she left when she logged into the game all that time ago. "What if they were lying to us?" Mel asked suddenly. "What... If we beat this game and then..." She trailed off, that they were merely stuck here. No way to ever escape, ever log out, trapped forever in an endless MMO. A world of swords and monsters, made of digital data their home till the limits of human technology on their bodies took their tol
  10. "Yeah... I'm not looking forward to returning back to reality. It is going to be one heck of a shock to the system." Mel said, shaking her head. Going home would have it's great perks, such as not being killed by an Orc, but all the old problems were still there, waiting for her. No exp bonuses for dealing with those. "Oh." Melodie responded quietly. "I guess..." She was not really good with the people, but she guessed Astreya appeared to understand humans better than she did. "Thank you and yes, please do." She was fine with being left out of a song and also happy with there being a son
  11. "At least life in a video game makes sense and you can do practical stuff to guard against anything unexpected." Mel countered, in short the higher their levels, the greater their chances of survival. She glanced at her own level, the sooner she managed to get that number to rise... The better. Right now it was far too small and thus far too close to a potential death for her liking. "Sounds like a good plan to me." She agreed with Astreya. She shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah... You are probably right." Mel returned the smile, though it was half hearted and nervous, as if she were already
  12. "Yeah... You're right." Mel said in quiet agreement. If they survived this adventure, or more accurately if she survived it, maybe the two of them would have a lot to talk about over a pot of tea. It might be nice to let out everything she had on her chest, she assumed it might be the same for Astreya too. "Yeah." She replied with a smirk. "So far as I know, the only rules life stands by is there are no rules." Even in this death game there were still rules, rules which restricted their talents and abilities. "You do?" Mel sounded quite startled by the fact. She just seemed so confident, so se
  13. "Yeah, it was really frustrating." Mel admitted, having found it difficult to express to both her parents and to just about any other adult figure in her life why she preferred disappearing online into just about every game possible. From the sounds of it, Astreya had been an incredibly busy individual back in the real world. "I suppose they wanted to help. In their own way." She suggested with a shake of her head, whether or not it actually helped or not she could not say. She blushed, knowing the emotion engine in the game would easily give away the expression. "Maybe. I've got to make
  14. "Yeah I get that. My parents and some of my teachers were always on my case. You need more sleep, you should spend less time gaming and all the rest." Melodie rolled her eyes, recalling the different lectures she went through. In the online world, she felt like she belonged, felt as thought she was a someone, a somebody, a hero. That she was more than this petite girl Lily. "That's where I need to be. I am going to be a hero." Mel told Astreya. "It is a job true enough, but it is a vital one." Without those players willing to risk death in battle and struggle, all of them would still be
  15. Melodie shrugged her shoulders at that. Back in the real world there were far too many people who seemed to have a problem with her life revolving around video games. It was kinda funny now she happened to be stuck within a game. "Finding ways to relax and have fun is always important. Cannot always be all work and no play. You'll burn out." Perhaps at times, she put far too much effort into the fun part of life over work, but that could not be helped. She probably could class all that game time as training, preparation for this game, in hindsight anyway. "I trust you." Melodie told Astr
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