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  1. Slipping back through the window of her room, she plopped herself down on the bed and summoned her inventory with a flick of her pointer finger. The painting of the bakery materialized into the space just before her, hanging suspended in the air for a moment before grasping it with each hand. She admired her work once more with a soft smile on her face before resting it on the bed beside her. With an energetic vault off of the bed, her feet hit the ground once more. Interlocked fingers stretched high over her head and slowly fell back to her sides. Adelyte stalled in her room for a bit, hoping
  2. Peeking past the canvas set up before her, she looked at her subject from the small balcony provided with the premium corner room of the inn. The humble shop, nestled between two other buildings an extra story taller, a store front as welcoming as the delicious scents that waft out the open windows. One of her favorite spots to frequent, Maison du Pain, a French bakery with the best pastries she had ever tasted. Pursing her lips with a hum, she looked back and forth between the painted canvas and the bakery. Feeling satisfied with her work, a smile would stretch across her lips. With a few fin
  3. ♦Lv1 Adelyte The first floor and the Town of Beginnings had such hidden beauty, both within the city's walls and without. It didn't receive enough credit within conversations about the other floors. Adelyte's biased opinion, of course, since she had not ventured any further than this first settlement. She told herself she would move to the next floor once she had seen all there was there was to be seen, but the reality was that she was scared. Still at first level, no combat experience, a friends' list about as empty as her inventory. There were so many qu
  4. Adelyte pondered for a moment on Nymoria's question. Then she took advantage of Wulfrin answering first so she could think about it even longer. All she had heard about were the frontlines - the best of the best putting their lives on the line to make sure they could one day see their friends and family again. Those players were always made out to be heroes, and the glory of it all sounded appealing. But.. did all that glory mean anything when their lives could be snuffed out in an instant? Sure, she was putting herself in danger any time she would step out from the city's gates, but at least
  5. "That takes dedication." Adelyte chimed in to Wulfrin's journey through the desert in search of Solaris the phoenix. "But it looks like it was worth it in the end." her eyes followed the bird as it circled in the air above them, its feathers looking like roaring flames as the sun's light hit them. "As for this one.." Adelyte would step a bit closer towards Nymoria and Musei, slowly and cautiously. Lowering herself down to a flat footed squat, hands on the knees, she would smile at the adorable creature, "Sounds almost like it was meant to be." After admiring the weasel for a moment long
  6. Adelyte hummed a prolonged "Hmm~" as she rose to her feet and looked around the glade. Zachariah said he needed flowers, herbs, and the like.. and usually plants like that were decently easy to come by. So why weren't they in abundance everywhere she looked. She puffed out her cheeks for a moment, before letting the air slowly let out like a balloon. This might take a bit.. "No luck yet." she called back to Wulfrin, "but I only just started." Peeking over her shoulder, she saw that the two other players sat next to each other by the lake's shore. Another two accompanied them, a fiery
  7. As the group step foot back into the rainy streets of the Town of Beginnings, Wulfrin had taken the lead. Apparently he had his own special spot where they could set up, further away from any real danger, and close enough to a pond where he could get some fishing in. At least it wouldn't turn out to just be her trying to gather some materials while Wulfrin and Nymoria watched her closely like a baby learning how to walk. So it was a win win for all of them. Adelyte offered a casual, two finger salute to Marv the guard, who Wulfrin addressed as they passed through the tall stone gates. "K
  8. "Whatever you say" Adeltye winked playfully to let him know she was only teasing him, making an 'ok' gesture by pinching her thumb and index finger together. She had to admit, the idea did seem pretty cool - let the holder of the leash do all of the hard work while the leashed follows along in their own world. Dare she say it was even a bit romantic? "You two have your fun with your leash adventures. Sorry, tether." The two gave her a bit more detail about what's to come. After meeting with the Alchemist Zachariah and completing their little job, he would send players to another two NPCs
  9. minimizing your chance of death. - Oh, wonderful. That didn't slightly make her regret trying her hand at stepping out of the town's safe boundaries at all. "Well then.." she began, through a nervous chuckle "Maybe that's better than actually having to lend a hand, you know? My life is pretty important to me, so that is very welcome." As Wulfrin seemed to shift his focus to his own menus, Adelyte turned her attention back over towards Nymoria, who was sharing information about the quest similar to what Wulfrin had told her. Alright, so at least neither of them were lying about what
  10. "That was my second guess." her lips would spread out into a warm, friendly smile. Turning her attention back towards the man in the red coat, she would nod her head. "Yeah, I've honestly never done much in terms of questing, or leveling.. or fighting anything really." her words accompanied a shrug of her shoulders. "I've probably spoken to Dorian sometime in the past.. however long its been.. but always just ignore him." Pointing a thumb into the center of her chest, she would introduce herself, "I'm Adelyte, and its a pleasure to meet you both." "So. What it sounds like to me
  11. Dorian did not have anything else to say to the girl. Probably had too many important mayor things to attend to. No matter, she was given a place to go, a person to see, and a goal to accomplish. Shouldn't be too difficult. The player she had blamed for her crimes moments before crossed the way and approached her, asking if she was new to this quest. "What makes you think I'm new?" she curiously asked, "I could be one of the top frontline fighters, for all you know." she added with a playful wink. She definitely looked the part, no denying that. "Hmm.. I suppose it couldn't hurt to have
  12. ♦Lv1Adelyte A thick layer of grey clouds hung over the Town of Beginnings, bringing with it a light, afternoon rain shower. Soft booms of thunder rumbled in the distance, never seeming to get closer or farther. The rain pattered against the neatly lined stone roadways, soaking rooftops, market stalls, and any thing - or person - unlucky enough to be outside for too long. A chilly, dreary day to most.. but there was no less beauty to it than if the sun's rays warmed the floor with its embrace. All bodies, both computer generated and player characters alike, wandered th
  13. | inventory ✧.* WEAPONS ARMOR ACCESSORIES CONSUMABLES | skills ✧.* *Credit to NIGHT for journal format
  14. ┆✦ʚ♡ɞ✦┆ NAME Genevieve Bucur AGE 18 > 20 GENDER Female RACE Romanian HEIGHT 5'4" WEIGHT 140bs BIRTHDAY 4/20 IMPORTANT THING ✧ the good sheet BFFLS ˙ᵕ˙ oops no friends ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 「 ✦ A D E L Y T E ✦ 」 Castel Fastous, Oradea’s most popular house of burlesque and exotic dance. Owned and operated by one,
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