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Username: Talo
Real name: Talo Keran
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2"

Talo's Apperance

About: History/personality

Talo grew up in England, but had a different situation than most kids, buy the age of Six, he was Deaf. When he was first born, the umbilical cord was around his neck, cutting off air to the brain, causing some brain damage. this got rid of about 50% of his hearing at day one, and got worse until he lost 100% at the age of six. now this did not stop Talo from learning things and having and over all good time. By age 12, he Developed great lip reading skills, took extensive speech therapy, and learned Sign Language.  By the age of 14, however, he heard of this amazing new game that was in very early development, SAO. He used to dream of a game that would be created like that, because hints were made that people with disabilities wouldn't have  them in the game. His parents supported him through saving up money, and he got around his 17th birthday, a gift to himself. his last thoughts in the real world before he got sent in were "A world with sound, here we come."

His personality was easy going, even though he was slightly depressed at times. his friends loved his sarcastic attitude, and acceptance of other people. But , growing up Deaf and Bi-sexual, sometimes he was out casted, but he never let that get him down (on the surface that is). His parents completely supported him in everything, and life was going great (that is before SAO dragged him in).


Easy Going: With the way his parents raised him, his friends influenced him, and the way that he is, Talo was easy going and calm about anything that really happened. Nothing really kept him down, he kept going with a smile on his face (sometimes faked) and went on with his day. only thing that really stayed with him is his loneliness that has plagued for a few years now, other than that. Free spirit.

Sarcastic: Both a blessing and a curse, Talo was given the ability to almost always a way to turn a comment sarcastic, and into a joke. He was deemed the best Roaster in his group of friends (Also given the Title "Sass Master" which he humbly took) he was pretty skilled at the art, but  it isn't always the best thing to have. It is also a flaw to have, because some people aren't always so happy about it.

Bi Lingual: With the only few advantages of being deaf, knowing another language is definitely one of them. He can wow people with the use of his hands (no joke needed) and show how to say anything without actually using your voice. Also, on top of that, he knows how to write in French fluently, and was learn Spanish by the time he was put in SAO. He can even be found that signing in the game by accident and reading lips.

Reference: http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.html
Sarcastic: On the penalty of this ability that he has with being sarcastic, he can also cause more issues than are completely neccesary. He tries to make jokes to lighten the mood in an argument. Even though it does work at times, he needs work on his ability to asses the situation. Through his 17 years of life, it does work. He is called out on, and yelled at for even attempting to make a joke at the very wrong time.

Loneliness: Even though he did have friends, no significant other was really won over by his charm, which he chalked up to people not liking that he was deaf. This caused him to developed a feeling of intense loneliness, and thinking that no one really wanted him for who he is. therapists put him down for depression and loneliness, and think it will go away in time. Talo, on the other hand, disagrees that it will just "go away"

Weird Voice: ever since he was 6, he couldn't hear his voice. now, even with 6 years, his voice developed slightly strange, but nothing too noticeable, but he would still get weird looks anytime he did talk aloud. With an English accent, and a Speech impediment added to the mix, his voice was strange, but people still liked it, only rude people ever really did comment on the way that he sounded.

Profession: N/A





Weapon skills:
» One Handed Rapier 1 [5/5] +1 Damage

» Starting One Handed Rapier
» Bread
» Water
» Starting Outfit
» 66 Col
» 1 Material

Talo's Rapier



Story Thus Far 

The Start of a New World:

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Welcome to SAO!

Please keep in mind while roleplaying, that your character's medical condition does not transaction in the game.
As the Nervegear bypasses outside receivers and feeds stimuli directly to the brain, your character can hear perfectly in SAO

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