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[5F - PP - NK] <<The Traveler>> [Completed]


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 ID# 77556 results: Craft: 2 - No damage, Loot: 7 + 4 equipped + 1 Skill = 12 - No materials (0 total)

Although he was eager to listen as they made tracks across the desert, the wind was not becoming any kinder, and as soon as the sun began to set on them, between the approaching dark and the obscuring of the violent wind, any activity that pulled Shield's focus away from proper navigation became untenable. Succumbing to the demands of the weather, he bowed his head and pressed on.

I would think that as the sand cooled at night and air stopped rising that the winds would die down. Apparently whoever programmed the weather here didn't do their research, or at least was a bit of a jerk about it.

The night, though chilly from the desert's violent drop in temperature, passed uneventfully, and as the light of dawn returned, Shield began to cast about for their target.

"Keep your eyes out for the cargo," he called out over the howling winds. "It's supposed to be a day and night's journey from town, so it should be nearby."

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The winds picked up once again as @Teion told the group her own tale. He missed some of the story, but he got the general gist of it. "I see." he says over the howling winds. "Hopefully this little journey doesn't take us too long to finish. Wouldn't want to be stuck here forever, especially in conditions like this-" he manages to say before he trips on something underneath. Thankfully he manages to catch his balance, managing to avoid tripping over and falling into the sand. He looks down on where he tripped and he sees something poking out of the sand. He then set out to dig it up as quickly as he could, which wasn't easy considering the amount of sand there was blowing around, covering the hole almost as fast as he dug it up. Eventually, his efforts are rewarded when he is given a new material, watching as it shatters into a million pixels as the item is safely transfered into his inventory. With that he continues the hike.

Soon enough, the sun reaches its apex, and the sun begins dipping down towards the horizon, the area getting darker and darker as the day transitions from midday, to early afternoon, to evening, and then to night. With the setting of the sun, the temperature had also dropped to the point where Soredell could notice it, and clung to, by comparison to the party's gear, his basic cloak <<Stalker's Cloak>>. It had served its job well enough, protecting him from the harsh weather. In this time the winds had long died down, only small winds shifting the sands around as the group walked. "So someone tell me, what exactly would this cargo look like? And how would we know that it hasn't already been taken by someone or something like that?" he asks the group as his eyes scan the area for anything that would even remotely resemble a piece of cargo.



ID: 77571

CD: 5 (No Damage)
LD: 16 (Materials found - 1 Total)


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ID# 77660: LD- 15 (11+4) = 1 T1 Mat found. CD - 3 = no environmental damage.

Beat went through his inventory and donned a vanity grade cloak he had forgotten about, using it to give himself some relief from the storms that day. As night set in, he found the cool air and lack of wind a blessing. He pulled out his map as Soredell inquired about the cargo. It was true that they had no exact information, but most quests like this often provided information or even better yet, a map marker to direct them to their objective. This quest had indeed provided such a map marker and it wasn't long before the map marker moved away from the edge of the map, indicating that it was an indeterminate distance in the indicated direction.


Beat smiled as he pointed to his map while they walked, his ring glowing to indicate something of interest. He brushed the sand away to reveal a small chunk of ore, which he quickly added to his inventory. He smiled as he moved towards the marker, which was now gradually drawing nearer to their party. 

"Don't need to know when the location is marked on our maps!"


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  • ID#: 77661
    • CD: 11 - No damage

As the group continued to travel on throughout the night, Teion found herself rubbing her eyes and giving an occasional yawn. She wasn't used to staying out all night, and in all honesty was surprised nobody had suggested looking for shelter or setting up some kind of camp. By the time the sun was rising over the dunes, her stomach began to feel a dull pain as well. The woman sighed, not intending to make a fuss.

When Soredell questioned their quest objective and Beat promptly spoke up about the directions on the map, Teion gave a small nod. Her eyes drifted slightly upwards in thought. "Mm... It kind of looks like a big sealed chest." She gestured vaguely at the size she recalled the quest item when she'd found it once before. "The map should be good enough, but it could be hidden or guarded by a monster." The blacksmith casually shrugged.


Material Gathering:

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  • ID#: 77661
  • LD: 5 + (2 S&D) + (2 Equipped) = 9 - Fail!
  • Teion: (1) T1 crafting material
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ID# 77665 results: Loot: 17 + 3 equipped + 1 skill + 1 skill item = 22 - +1 Material (1 total)

 Craft: 6 - No damage

Noting their proximity to the map marker, Shield held his hand up in front of his ear, keeping an eye on his palm for any light that his earring might shed to indicate hidden objects. As they crested the next dune, a faint halo of light arose on the skin of his broad palm. Lowering his hand, he began to search in earnest, letting the toes of his boots drag through the sand, which seemed to be the only thing visible in all directions.

After a minute of probing, his toe caught on something hard, though much too narrow to be the cargo they sought. Still he parted the top layer of sand to find a lumpy chunk of substance that matched the sand around it.

Another fulgurite. I wish it was this easy to find lightning sand in the real world.

He picked up the object and banished it to his inventory, but even as he did so, he could see that his earring was still casting a faint light on his shoulder. Kneeling down properly in the sand, he began to push aside lumps of dry sand, attempting to find whatever else it was that his Seeking Aura was detecting.

"There's something here," he announced. "I thought it was just a material, but my loot item is still registering something nearby. Everybody look through the sand for-"

Even as he spoke, he plunged his fingers into the sand, continuing to shovel aside handfuls of the stuff, only to have his digits jam themselves on something heavy and hard. Doubling his speed, he pulled back the layers that covered the foreign object, brushing away the grit that covered its surface to reveal a section of wooden plank.

"A wooden chest, you said?" he asked with a glance towards Teion. "I think we may have found it. Everyone help me dig this out!"

It took a few minutes to unearth the object, but in the end, they found themselves looking at a chest, just as Teion had told them. A dialog box appeared in front of Shield announcing the finding of the cargo and prompting him as to whether he wished to recover the item. With a sigh of relief, he accepted the option, the item disappearing into his inventory alongside his new material.

I am so glad we don't have to heft that thing back by hand...

Straightening up, Shield dusted himself off, which in the midst of a sandstorm he soon realized was a very silly and pointless thing to do. He turned to the others.

"Well, about time to head back, I'd say."

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Soredell and the rest of the group continue their hike throughout the night. It was definitely something that he has never done before, and hopes to god he never has to do again. Another sandstorm had whipped up in the middle of the night, and the temperatures had somehow dropped to freezing. It always confused Soredell how some of the hottest environments in the world could get so cold at night. He was also surprised that no one even suggested to go and seek out some sort of shelter until the sandstorm died down, and to rest, but they had a mission to complete, one that they were running out of time on. During the trek, he found nothing of notes, no cargo, not materials, nothing.

Close to dawn, Soredell was tired from the trek, his legs felt like overcooked noodles, and he felt like he had sand in all clothes and all of his orifices. Then, he saw Shield digging at something in the ground. Dropping down he helped him with digging, which wasn't easy considering that the whole was being covered up by sand from the sandstorm. Eventually, they found their cargo, and the mission was nearly complete. All they needed to do was get back. "Lets do that, get out of here. I don't want to be here any longer than I need to be." he says to the group.


ID: 77683
CD: 7 (No Damage)
LD: 14 (No Materials - 1 Total)


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ID# 77817: CD - 6 = no environment damage. LD - 14 (10+4) = no mats :(

"Nice! Nothing like the classic 'finding hidden treasure in the desert' quest. Let's go home!" 

The trip through the desert was arduous as the heat rose once again, contrasting the cold night, and the desert weather was unrelenting. A particularly fierce sandstorm actually forced them to stop their progress and find shelter as their protective garments ceased to provide any relief whatsoever. Surviving the storm was a simple matter, but it did force them to travel at a forced march until dusk in order to make the dead line. Beat let out a sigh of relief as they entered the settlement, which was naturally protected against the worst of the desert elements. 

"Finally, screw that desert!" 

They approached the elderly woman and set the crate in front of her. The lady smiled at each of them and thanked them before opening the crate to reveal medicines and supplies. Beat figured they were likely for her illness, but he wouldn't concern himself too much with the details since the quest completion screen had appeared, rewarding them for their hard work. He looked to everyone and sent them each a friend request before speaking. 

"So, that was pretty smooth. What would you guys say to more questing after a quick rest?"



Everyone Except Teion and Seul gets:

2 SP (1 for length, 1 for quest completion)

100 col (400 for 1 page)

1 T1 Material (Everyone found 1)

Survival: (Extra Skill) No Ranks. Passive. Effect: Increases the health you regenerate per post to 6 when out of combat. Survival also gives immunity to damage dealing environment effects.

Teion gets 1 SP (She has done the quest before)

100 col and 1 T1 mat

Seul gets 1 SP

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