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[F01 - PP] The Fourth Lesson, Is Actually Free [Completed]


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<<The Fourth Lesson, Is Actually Free>>

This quest takes place on Floor 1

This quest is not repeatable

Cannot be taken by those over level: 15



Background Information - An young NPC Artisan, dubbed Hannah needs a delivery made to a old fisherman named Ol' Pete. The Fisherman Pete is currently fishing in the giant lake located nearby, fishing his withered bones to dust. The parcel you receive from Hannah is a Fishing Pole, used for fishing large fish. Pete explains that that was the order he was waiting for, but he needed help. He needs a strapping young player to be abe to reel in the Fish when it appeared on the line

Quest Objective
-Deliver the Fishing Pole to Pete.

-Take his boat out with him to the center of the pond to catch a Sword-Fish. (Can be caught on a CD of 6+)

-Defeat the Sword-Fish

-Bring the Sword-Fish onto the boat and take it back to the Docks.



-At least one [1] Pages (21 or more posts)
-Must have completed 'The Third Lesson, Is Just As Free' beforehand
-Must RP traveling to and from Ol' Pete's .
-Must RP Taking the boat out and fishing
-Defeat The Sword-Fish (appears after Reeling in the Linel)
-Maximum Party size of 2.
-Cannot take this quest if your are over level 15

HP: 35
Dmg: 50 (on first successful hit only)/ 5(Does not gain bonus damage from crits)


  1. Quest Starter will be rewarded one of the following items
    - 1 Fish with +1 Strong (+1 BD for one Thread)

    -1 Fish with +1 Carbohydrates (+3 Energy Regenerated in Combat for one Thread)

  2. 2 Additional Skill Points

Parties of players are advised, and always advised. Bring friends! :D

Recommended Level: 1

Beat stood inside of a small shop near a large lake on floor 1, holding his nose as he waited for Shield to arrive. The shop was in better condition on the inside than it appeared on the outside. The sign on the front of the shop read "Pete's bait and tackle" and flies buzzed around the outside, attracted to the smell of that exuded from the small shack. Despite having to hold his nose, Beat was taking a look around to pass the time. He didn't know too much about fishing, other than the face that it was one of the profession options, but he could tell that the shoddy condition of the shack did not reflect the expertise Pete likely had. His inventory was well labeled and organized on top of being fairly massive. Beat opened up his map to check for the little blip that indicated where Shield was. A small artisan NPC stood in the shop, obviously looking for Pete, who was nowhere to be found. 

Hurry up old man, this smell is killing me. 

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Business had finally begun picking up a little in the shop. It was hardly a problem to Shield, but it did mean he was closing up a little later every day, which he knew kept people waiting. When he had finally ushered the last newcomers out the door and locked up the items from his front display case, he activated the lock on the front door and began jogging his way towards the meeting spot that Beat had specified.

Business before pleasure, as they say.

He expanded his map until he saw the marker appear on the edge of his display, and with a kick against the ground, he hurtled off in that direction. Beat was apparently already there, and it was a good five minutes of jogging with a wriggling, bouncing load on his back before Shield spotted the shop. By this point, his snapping turtle familiar had begun nipping at Shield's hair.

"Easy, Norbert. We're almost there."

He caught sight of Beat and jogged up to him, taking a deep breath before greeting his travel companion.

"Sorry. Got held up at the shop. Did I miss anything?"

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ID# 75856: LD: 7 (2+5) = no mats

Beat smiled as he gestured to the shop, noticing immediately that the smell seem to have no effect on the heavily armored man. His voice was altered a bit due to the fact that he was still having to hold his nose as he spoke. 

"Nothing other than this smell. Behold, Pete's stinky shop of well organized stinky things! How are you not bothered by this at all?" 

Beat stepped around Shield for a moment to give Norbert a quick pet, unsurprised that the smell would likely be appealing to the reptile. He made another gesture with his head to the girl standing in front of the counter, clearly looking for Pete. She carried a long fishing rod that seemed to stand out on her as she certainly did not look to be the fishing type. HE walked over to the girl and tapped her shoulder.  She jumped slightly, but quickly relaxed as she addressed the two of them. 

"Oh! You're not Pete....now where has that old man gone?" Hannah thought for a moment before perking up again, "I bet he's out fishing again! I have to get back to my shop, but maybe you guys could make a delivery for me?" 

Beat nodded and readily hit accept as the window popped up in front of both him and Shield. She smiled gratefully and handed beat the Fishing pole. It was of fine construction and looked to be brand new. Hannah spoke again as Beat examined the tool. 

"I've marked Ol'Pete's favorite fishing spot on your map. It's all the way on the other side of the lake, so it'll take a little bit to get there. The lake area can be a little dangerous since some of the wildlife is attracted to the water. Good Luck!"

With that, Beat ran out of the shop, taking in large whiffs of fresh air through his nose. 

"My god! So glad I didn't choose to be a fisherman!" 

Beat composed himself before removing his gauntlets and equipping the wristband Shield had traded him on floor two. The wristband's effect was helpful in that it actually boosted his loot chances, something he knew he would need to find a familiar he would be happy with. 

[Un-equipping Iron Seige and equipping Finder's Keeper]

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"How am I not bothered by what?" Shield asked, summoning a bag of bait fish from his inventory and slipping one to Norbert over his shoulder.

He sighed as Beat retreated, taking a moment to accept the quest for himself. With a quick look to the NPC, he bowed out and left the stop in hot pursuit of his companion.

Well, so much for all for one and one for all. Then again, we're one musketeer short for that anyways.

They slowed their pace as they left the halo of stench behind them that surrounded the shop. Expanding his map once again, he began to navigate them out of the town and to the lake where 'Old Pete' was said to take up residence.


ID# 75855 results: Loot: 8 + 4 = 12 - No mats

As they broke through a clearing in a small bank of trees, a body of water came into view. On the near edge, a small dock jutted out into the lake, and there in the center in a little rickety boat was a man who indeed appeared to be fishing.

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ID# 75857: LD 16 (11+5) = 1 T1 Mat found (1 total)

Beat's eyes followed Shield's to the dock and then to the boat out on the lake. Arriving on the dock, they would see an assortment of fishing equipment, presumably Old Pete's, as well as a series of fish that were hanging from a used pole, still fresh. Beat smiled as he examined the old man's catches, finding a small spool of tackle that had a material tag. He happily added it to his inventory as he spoke.

"Well, the old man can fish, that's for sure." 

His eyes fell on the second boat as he looked around, finding a pair of oars resting inside the boat. He carefully stepped into the boat, his lack of experience walking in a boat apparent as his legs struggled to maintain balance. He flailed to keep his balance a number of time before Beat quickly sat down in the boat, wanting to save himself any further embarrassment and to avoid falling into the water if he could help it. Blushing, he spoke hastily, wanting to be done with the ordeal. 

"Okay, we have a boat. Let's get this thing to the old man and be done with it."


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ID# 75859 results: Loot: 18 + 3 = 21 - +1 Material (1 total)

Having the fortune of being from an earlier era where fishing trips were less unheard of, Shield stepped to the center of the boat with one foot and quickly took a wide stance to steady himself as he sat. It had been a while, but his sea legs were still a part of his muscle memory. It didn't hurt that Beat's weight helped to stabilize the boat, but he decided that mentioning that detail would be superfluous.

As he settled his weight into the seat, a piece of algae on the side of the dock caught his eye. He scraped it off, examining it quickly. It seemed to register as an alchemic reagent. Shield shrugged, adding it to his own inventory before picking up the oars and bracing them against the sockets, heaving with his arms to pull them forward in the water.

"It's been a while since I've had to paddle one of these."

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ID# 75860: LD: 23 (18+5) = 1 T1 Mat found (2 Total)

Beat reached out and grabbed the side of the boat as he lifted himself slowly off of the bottom of the boat and onto board running across the vessel, serving as a bench. He reached down to where he had been sitting and picked up a small globule of a green algae he had sat it, it was apparently useful and so he stashed it away as he turned his attention to Shield's rowing, noting the technique and the way the man put his body into each row, propelling them across the water. It was a relaxing sensation to float across the water and Beat was reminded of the few fishing trips he had been on. He was young at the time and, due to his current family circumstances, had mostly repressed a lot of the memories that he had with his father. The thought brought a small scowl to his face. His introspection was interrupted as they drew nearer to Pete, the old man waving to them as he turned to greet them. 

"Ahoy! I take it that's my fishing pole! Wonderful! Hand it here and get ready to help me. If this works, I'll need some help pulling her in."

Beat looked to Shield as he was not yet confident in his ability to stand in the boat, let alone move to another boat and reel in a fish. He was mindful enough to swap the bracelet for his gauntlets once again, preparing himself for a fight.  

"Uhh I'll watch what you do..."

[-Finder's Keeper + Iron Seige]

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"We're not going to want to swap boats in the middle of the water like this," Shield said in response to Beat's glance. "We'll want to just hand him our rods and have him hand them back once he gets a bite."

Leading by example, he pulled out his rod and handed it to Pete. The old salt took the rod, baited it, and cast it. On the backswing, it came closer to the boat that he and Beat occupied, and Norbert took a snap at the strong-smelling bait. Fortunately, he came up short.

No sooner had the bait hit the water, a bubbling began to issue forth on the surface of the water nearby.

"Ay, looks like my old pole still works like a charm," Pete celebrated under his breath, trying to keep his volume down.

The boiling under the surface moed closer to center of the ripples from where the line had landed. With a high-pitched buzz of the winding mechanism in the pole, line snagged and bent, and Pete yanked to anchor the hook.

"Gotcha, ye old goat!" he cried, handing the pole over to Shield, who immediately doubled over from the force of the pull.

"Good night!" Shield exclaimed as he battled the fish, the line tracing back and forth in the water as the hidden quarry attempted to find an exit.

Finally, fighting it all the way back to the boat, Shield gave a heave, and a narrow-nosed fish lurched from the water and landed with a crash on the floor of the boat. He passed the rod over to Pete and grabbed out his spear, skewering the fish against the floor of the boat. The attack did next to no damage, but it held the creature in place which attempted to swipe at its captor with its nose.



ID# 75861 results:  Craft: 6 - Catch!

 Battle: 10 - Hit! 3 dmg (1 + 2 crit)

MOB: 4 - Miss

[Sword Fish 1 - HP: 32/35 - Dmg 50/5 -3dmg





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ID# 75865: BD: 8 = hit!

Five Swords - 5x1 - Stun - Dmg: 9 * 5 = 45  -8 EP

EP [18/26]

Beat nodded in agreement with Shield's plan, kicking himself a little bit for not thinking about it himself. To be fair, he was a little preoccupied adapting to his unfamiliar surroundings, his mind focused on not tipping the boat over. Beat slowly rose to his feet and miniced Shield's footing, finding the technique much more effective than what he had tried himself. He cheered as they got a bite instantly. 


He managed to hold himself steady as he waited from Shield to reel it in. As soon as the fish was skewered to the bottom of their boat, Beat bent over as his armored hands glowed brightly. His hands became a blur and he assaulted the fish until its Health bar had depleted completely. The fish did not explode as most of their enemies did, rather it phased out for a moment before gaining a quest item tag. He looked to Shield and gave him a thumbs up. 

"Not bad! Just gotta catch one more!" 

He passed his rod to the old man who smiled, catching his breath before casting the line as her had before.

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ID# 75875 results: Loot: 8 + 3 = 11 - No materials (1 total)

The boat slowly returned to a still state. Shield took his seat once again, using his hands on the sides of the boat to steady the craft a little by widening his base a little more. If nothing else, once Beat managed to get a bite, he would hopefully have more stability to reel. As he waited, he glanced around, hoping against hope to spot something worth taking home, but being in the middle of the lake made this difficult.

I don't really know what I was expecting to find out here. Oh well.

The steady motion of the boat listing freely in the water were quite authentic, and despite the likelihood of noise not being a factor, he found himself reverting to old habits on fishing trips of eliminating all noise. He kept his lips pursed tight as a reminder, scanning the surface of the water around the bobber for signs of life.

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ID # 75893: CD: 12 = Fish get! (omg why?)

BD: 6 (3+3) = hit

Five Swords - 5x1 - Stun - Dmg: 9 * 5 = 45  -8 EP +1 EP

[Sword Fish 2 - HP: -10/35 - [Dead]

EP [11/26]

It didn't take long before the old man felt a familiar pull on his rod as he struggled to keep the fish from pulling the rod straight out of his hands. Pete looked back to Beat as he struggled to hand the rod back. 

"argh! Take it! She's putting up a bigger fight than last time!" 

Beat soon understood what Pete had meant as the pull on the rod pulled their boat into Pete's once it was unable to pull Beat over, though he too, was now doubled over. Beat puled with all his might as he fought with the fish. 


The large swordfish flew out of the water and straight in their boat through a stroke of sheer luck rather than actual skill on Beat's part. It flopped around on the deck of their boat as Beat's hands assaulted the aquatic monstrosity once again, depleting its health in seconds. Pete cheered as they succeeded in their endeavors. Beat cheered as well, turning back to Shield as he sat down, adding the fish to his inventory. 

"Let's head back! Beat belongs on dry land! haha!"


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ID# 75898 results: Loot: 16 + 3 = 19 - +1 Material (2 total)

The quest well in hand, Shield nodded and planted his feet on the floor of the miniature vessel. One arm tilted an oar up so that it would not put up resistance, and with the other, he rowed hard, putting extra force on one side of the boat to turn it. Once they were facing the shore, he set his shoulders to work, powering the little craft in slow, rhythmic strokes.

"I feel like some of these quests have become a little beneath us," he admitted. "It's not like I'll turn down the SP, but the challenges were definitely designed for players who have yet to level as much as we have."

As they arrived at the dock, Shield grabbed the rope from the bow and hitched it to the nearest piling. His hands grazed another patch of algae as they went to release the rope, and he quickly stowed the spongy material before bracing the boat with an arm on the edge to allow Beat an easier exit.

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ID # 75904: LD: 18 (14+4) = 1 T1 mat found (3 Total)

EP[12/ 26] Rest [1/3]

Beat was much more relaxed than he had been on the trip out to the middle of the lake, leaning back somewhat, supporting himself by grabbing the sides of the boat and holding tightly. He nodded as Shield docked the boat. It certainly did seem like certain quests were far easier than others, even ones on the same floor.

"Indeed, the difficulty seems to swing rather wildly with no rhyme or reason based on floor location. I'm hoping it stabilizes a bit as we reach higher levels." 

He stepped out of the boat and on to the dock, turning and kneeling down to hold the boat close to the dock as Shield stepped out. As he went to tie the boat off, he noticed a piece of parchment floating in the water. He leaned down and snatched it from the water, hoping it was something more than just material. Sadly, his hopes were unmet and he stashed the piece of valuable material into his inventory. He finished tying the boat off before standing up and waiting for the old man to reach the dock. 

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ID# 75906 results: Loot: 14 + 3 = 17 - +1 Material (3 total)

As the fisherman paddled back to shore after them, Shield made slow laps back and forth on the warped wood planks, pausing every once in a while to check for anything of interest. On one pass, he spotted a small nest one of the pilings with an egg from some small, marsh-dwelling species of bird. He pocketed the egg and turned to face Pete as the clambered onto the dock.

"Thanks for your help, boys, and for returning my pole to me," Pete said taking back Beat's pole that he had used.

Then, with a slight hitch in his animation, he turned to Shield and repeated the exact same bit of dialog. It was moments like this that Shield felt awkward replying to NPCs. While it was uncertain whether rudeness to one would somehow influence a hidden reputation stat, he figured it was best not to tempt it.

"Not at all," he replied with a tilt of his head.

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ID #75908: BD: 8 (5+3) MD: 12 (9+3) 

ID #75909: MD: 9 (6+3)

ID #75910:  MD: 4 (1+3)

ID #75911: MD: 8 (5+3)

Tornado Kick - 1x6 - AoE - Dmg: 54 -12 EP + 1 EP

Fish Man 1 [6/60]: 11 dmg to Beat

Fish Man 2 [6/60]: 10 dmg to Beat

Fish Man 3 [6/60]: Miss

Fish Man 4 [6/60]: 10 dmg to Beat

Beat: HP[229/260] EP [1/26]

As they walked along the shore of the lake, Beat quickly spotted four creatures surfacing from the water. They had the appearance of fish, but they walked on two legs and had two thin arms. Beat cringed as he looked at them. 

"Eww, it's like those things in the Shadow Bog in Crossreign. Only those thin-"

Before he could finishing mocking them, the fishmen rushed forwards in a blur. What they appeared to lack in strength, they more than made up for in speed. They all latched onto the Martial Artist and began biting him. He glared at them as he watched his health bar drop a small amount. He looked at Shield with a disappointed expression. 

"Yeah, we have to quest on higher floors from now on, this is just sad." 

Beat quickly made two rotations at high speed, the first one threw his assailants off and the second was used to catch all of them with a glowing kick. They all fell to the ground and growled at him as they slowly picked themselves up. 

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With a wry little smile, Shield summoned out his spear, though rather than turning it on the opponents, he leaned on it, watching in amusement as the little leeches clambered as far up Beat's legs as they could.

"Don't let me interrupt," he said, doing his best to hold in a laugh. "I think they're too tough for me anyways."

Despite his best efforts, he snorted, regaining himself as quickly as he could to observe the remainder of the battle. While usually preferring to remain focused and impassive, it was something else to see the immovable object having to figure out how to extricate himself from such an nonthreatening threat.


ID# 75915 results: Loot: 4 + 3 = 7 - No materials (3 total)

Attempting to distract himself, he looked around on the ground for materials, but the sounds of the unconventional battle in front of him and the effort it took him to keep from laughing was too much for him to properly focus on his search.

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ID # 75919: BD: 8 (5+3) MD: 4 (1+3)

ID # 75919: MD: 5 (2+3) 

ID # 75919: MD: 5 (2+3)

Basic Attack to # 4: Dmg: 9 -1 EP + 1 EP

Fish Man 1 [6/60]: MIss

Fish Man 2 [6/60]: Miss

Fish Man 3 [6/60]: Miss

Beat: HP[229/260] EP [1/26]

Beat smiled as he managed to make Shield laugh, though he knew better than to take all of the credit. Weak enemies made for good fodder and, in this case, it was comical to watch them try to take down the non-tank of the group. The Fish men rushed again, but BEat was on to their speed and formation, easily dodging each one. HE met the last one with a backfist that depleted the last of its health, causing it to explode into red shards. He turned his back on the fishmen to face Shield again. 

"Glad you're getting a kick out of this. It's kind of fun when things attack you actually. It's also weird how no matter how many items I beat on those wasp soldiers the other day, they just kept going back to you." 

He watched Shield hunt for materials for a moment before turning back to the frustrated fishmen who were making an odd gurgling noise in their anger. Beat laughed and beckoned them to come towards him. 

"So fierce! Come at me then!" 

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Action: Howl

Noting that Beat seemed to be down to only his basic attacks, Shield decided to help speed up the process. He took a step forward, filling up his lungs to let out an amplified howl. As he expelled air, the spiny fins on the backs of the fishmen ruffling as in a heavy wind.

"HEY, FISH FACES!" he bellowed, immediately grabbing their attention. "Why not pick on me? I'm weak and defenseless!"

He waved his spear around, letting his wrist go limp as if he lacked the power to properly wield it altogether. The little oblong men looked at one another and shrugged, abandoning their target to charge in a gurgle frenzy towards the new potential victim. On the way, the leader's clumsy little legs failed him, and we went sprawling, tripping the fishmen on either side of him so that all three toppled to the ground.

"Lovely! Self-defeating enemies!"

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ID # 75929: BD: 11 (8+3) MD: 5 (2+3)

ID # 75930: MD: 9 (6+3)

ID # 75931: MD: 12 (9+3)

Basic Attack against # 1 - Dmg: 9 -1 Ep + 1 EP

 Fish Man 1 -3/60]: [Dead]

Fish Man 2 [6/60]: 11 dmg to Shield

Fish Man 3 [-8/60]: 10 Dmg to Shield 14 thorns damage [Dead]

Beat: HP[229/260] EP [1/26]

Beat doubled over in laughter as the waist high fish men scrambled over each other in their attempt to assault the taunting man. While laughing Beat managed to punt one of them back into the lake before it exploded into red shards. The others ignored Beat's offense, including his incessant laughter, and charged towards Shield, now back on their feet. The leader leaped towards the man, but the second his teeth dug in, he was instantly destroyed by the offensive effect of Shield's armor. The lone fish man, realizing that he was the only one left, turned tail and fled, hoping to escape back into the water. The fish man grit its teeth as Beat's laughter and taunting could still be heard. 

"Aww come on! Don't be such a wuss. You respawn!" 

Beat took off after the amphibian, a gleeful smile on his face and hoping that the creature would trip comically again. Beat had needed a laugh like this for a while.

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Ignore Mat roll. Still technically in combat.

Seeing the creature turn tail, Shield decided that his work was done. There was no way the creatures posed any threat or even the opportunity to drop loot of any significance. Still, as the creature hoofed it, Shield decided to go ahead and make it interesting. With a heave, he launched his spear, and the point buried itself in the ground right in front of the craven little creature.

It turned on the spot and tried to escape in that direction, but in its confusion it had almost run headlong into Beat. Its retreat took on a new level of urgency, and as it ended up charging directly back towards Shield, it began frothing at the mouth, waving all of its limbs in a dead panic. Shield happily stepped in the way, holding out his arms to invite any attack that the creature could bring itself to throw at him.

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