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Username: Tomas
Real name: Juan Torquemada
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"

About: History/personality

Born into a rigidly Catholic family, the fifth of seven children, Juan led a somewhat sheltered life, at least outside of the digital realm. From the time he could walk, talk, and begin comprehending the material he was being presented with Juan was brought up parochially in what would be referred to by many as extremist, even inquisitorial, orthodoxy. His education in the home continued throughout his childhood until he reached an age where it became necessary to send him off, as his brothers and sisters were or would be depending on the case, to a church-run mono-gendered (All Boys) institution for continued education up through the completion of a high school diploma. With the diploma in hand he was enrolled in another Catholic institution, only to emerge three and a half years later with a history degree that had focused heavily on the study of the military monastic orders (the Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaller, Order of the Holy Sepulcher, etc.).

In short order, by his own choice, Juan had entered a monastery and taken vows to enter the novitiate. Over the next five years Juan completed the equivalent of a Master's Degree while a member of the order and was in the process of completing a doctoral degree with the intention of becoming a professor when he was sucked into the world of Sword Art Online, having turned to video games as a means of relaxation. Over the first several months of his incarceration within the digital prison Juan kept himself cloistered away in the Town of Beginnings following the rigidly monastic lifestyle that had been ingrained from his earliest days as a candidate and then member of the novitiate. During this time his world view, and sanity, gradually began to skew around until he reached a point where he was prepared to become somewhat more proactive within the player community.


Rigid - Once he has settled on a course of action Juan will rigidly follow that course. He can be depended on to see things through to the end, provided he has either given his word to do so or he has decided on his own that the course of action he is taking is either correct or righteous. This physical and mental rigidity are beneficial in that they give Juan the necessary strength to see things through to the end despite obstacles.

Charismatic - For better or worse, Juan is a charismatic person. When he chooses to employ his talents in this area he can generally convince other people to follow him. While he is a typically cold and distant person, when the occasion calls for it he is quite capable of pouring on the charm or blending into a crowd.

Patient - Due to his parochial education and lifestyle choices, Juan can always be counted on to be patient. He rarely loses his temper or behaves in a rash or uncalculated manner. He is quite capable of moving with glacial slowness when the occasion merits it and he has no qualms with  passing up potentially good circumstances for enacting his plans until the perfect and ideal situation lines itself up.


Rigid - Juan is a very black and white world view kind of person. There is his view, which he indisputably views as the correct one, and there is the view of everyone else. Where the views of others deviate from his own views Juan will, categorically, view the other person or group of people as being incorrect.

Distant - Juan is the type of person that likes to keep everyone at arm's length. He is not the type to be running around player populated areas spouting his views and beliefs. He's also not the type to spill any details about his real life or, in general terms, his deepest thoughts to other people. He likes to play things close to the vest.

Skewed - Over the course of the time that he has been trapped within the digital prison of Sword Art Online Juan has developed a very skewed personal belief system based around his religion. He has warped and misapplied the tenants of his faith to the point where they could be called many things, but valid application is not one of them. These views have fundamentally changed Juan from the person that he was and have turned him into an extremely dangerous individual.

Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.)




» Light Armor - Level 1 (5 SP)

Weapon skills:
» Rapier - Level 1 (5 SP)


Player Related:
» Level - 4
» Skill Points - 10 (10 Used)
» Health Points - 80
» Energy - 8
» Damage - 5
» Accuracy - 3
» Evasion - 0
» Mitigation - 27

» Iron Rapier
» Viper's Strike: +3 DMG

» Beginner Clothes - Black
» Duelist's Gloves: +3 ACC
» Midnight's Purpose: +27 MIT


» Col - 0
» T1 Materials - 0
» T2 Materials - 0
» T3 Materials - 0

» [Event] Dance of the Crossed Paths - +1 SP
» [Event] True Love Strikes Harder - +3 SP
» [Open] New Friends, Frights, and a Fresh Start - +1 SP

Relationships (optional)

Story Thus Far (optional)

Edited by Tomas
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