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[PP:F7:NK:Complete] More Mats! More Friends! [Beat | Shield | Soredell]


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ID# 79112: LD: 21 (17+4) = 1 T1 Mat found

Beat smiled as the dungeon was found, having only explored one before and even then, not without a huge carry. He hadn't seen Rain in quite some time, which he thought was sad since he and Shield certainly owned the man a great debt for starting them off in such a fashion. They had gained several levels of experience and a hefty haul of loot in less than a day. It was also the quest that had started Beat along the path of martial arts. 

We certainly owe that guy a lot don't we? 

Refocusing and eager to start exploring the dungeon, he looked to Anemone, watching as she recorded the map location. IT was always interesting how the game allowed you to save the dungeon, basically, and come back later, ensuring someone else wouldn't come by and clear it before you. 

"Alright guys, what do you guys say to exploring this bad boy and seeing what kind of treasure we can find?" 




1 SP

100 col


1 T1 mat (Found)


[1x] F7-intermediate dungeon map [ID#78518]

8 T1 Mats (Found) 


3 T1 mats (Found)


2 T1 Mats (Found)

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