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[F06-PP] Fire Fire Fire Fire Catsss! <<Deforestation>> [completed]


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ID#77703: MD - 10 (7+3)

ID#77704: MD - 12 (9+3)

ID#77705: MD - 11 (8+3)

ID#77706: MD - 8 (5+3)

All MOBS have +3 Acc

Angels of Death Member 1 [222/250]: 60 dmg to Shield before mitigation and regen. 28 dmg from thorns 

Angels of Death Member 2 [250/250]: 66 dmg to Shield before mitigation and regen.

Angels of Death Member 3 [222/250]: 60 dmg to Shield before mitigation and regen. 28 dmg from thorns

Angels of Death Member 4 [222/250]: 60 dmg to Shield before mitigation and regen. 28 dmg from thorns

Taking no offensive action.

Their stealth was rewarded as they slowly came up on a small group of players, all featuring orange icons. Beat had never actually seen a player with an orange icon before so that sight stuck out like a sore thumb. His stomach felt like it dropped two feet and his abdomen wouldn’t relax. He knew he didn’t need to point it out to Shield and he wondered what was going through his friend’s head. They had only ever seen a monster slay another player and their reaction had been less than subtle.

This is entirely different. These people are living with blood on their hands. Bastards!

Despite every fiber of his being wanting to bring the group of but he would let the tank take the lead this time, unsure of what level they were and what abilities they could have. They appeared to be geared well enough for the current floor, but he doubted they would compare to either Shield or himself individually.

“You can stop hiding! We know you’re there!”

Beat was somewhat surprised, but he figured that it made sense for a player killer to have good detection skills. He stood up, glaring at the one who had spoken out, still resisting the urge to pounce as he surveyed them. The group of three men on one petite woman were all clad in similar garb: Primarily white with ashen grey as a secondary color featuring hoods with a simple, flowing design all with an emblem over their heart that appeared to be a hooded, white and grey angel with its head lowered. Despite their player icons, they did not seem to give off a bad vibe. 

"They don't seem like bad people, but their icons would indicate otherwise. I don't like this..."

Beat clenched and relaxed his hands repeatedly as he continued to stop himself from prematurely doling out some justice. The taller gentleman who had spotted them before chuckled as the rest of the group seemed focused and awaiting the leader's next command. He took a step forward as he drew his two handed sword and pointed it at Shield.

“Seems you have no idea who we are. You’re about to be freed from all of this, so it is not anything you need to concern yourself with. End their suffering.”

The three others charged ahead with the leader following closely behind, all leaping after Shield since he was the largest and closest target.

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Four weapons streaked through Shield's body, but despite their accuracy and one even having connected with the tank's temple, each attack left a streak of red pixels in the air and a wound that closed immediately after. The players paused, their eyes wide. The four of them looked around at one another in confusion with their weapons still out and at the ready as they tried to make sense of how their combined attacks could leave no sign of damage on their target.

"Believe it or not," Shield said, swinging his axe to knock the nearest blade to the side, "some of us are well suited to the suffering you seek to end. Taking this way out is short-sighted and cowardly."

His eyes roved across the four stunned faces before flicking over towards Beat. He took a deep breath, preparing his lungs to deliver one of his signature howls.

"Let's show them the resolve that is going to someday beat this game!"

The force of his verbal challenge sent the PKers stumbling back. It was impossible to say if it was more from the force of his shout or from how much he had shaken them, but it was safe to assume that both were definitely factors.

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ID#77718: BD - 1 MD - 10 (7+3)

ID#77719: MD - 13 (10+3)

ID#77720: MD - 7 (4+3)

ID#77721: MD - 4 (1+3)

Beat: Miss -2 EP

[420/420] [40/42]

All MOBS have +3 Acc

Angels of Death Member 1 [194/250]: 60 dmg to Shield before mitigation and regen. 28 dmg from thorns 

Angels of Death Member 2 [250/250]: 72 dmg to Shield before mitigation and regen.

Angels of Death Member 3 [194/250]: 60 dmg to Shield before mitigation and regen. 28 dmg from thorns

Angels of Death Member 4 [222/250]: Miss


Beat smirked as each blow struck home with surprising accuracy, but, as usual, to no effect. In fact, three of them had come out worse for wear for their troubles. As if to punctuate Shield’s shout Beat leaped up and spun just over Shield’s head, his shining foot missing them by a wide margin. Beat landed off balance and scowled at his poor timing.

I forgot his shout can move them like that...damn.

The leader recovered quickly and waited for his comrades as he rebutted Shield’s comment, his tone one of a preacher, but his words and message were clearly the result of immersion and indoctrination. He was merely repeating the message he was taught.

“Short-sighted or enlightened?! It is naive to think that you can conquer one hundred gradually more difficult floors. We’re trying to help you!”

With his words they attacked once again, each wielding a different weapon with surprising proficiency.

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ID# 77722 results: Battle: 2 - Miss

Again, each weapon passed through Shield harmlessly, at least down to the last attacker, who was so shocked to see how stoic Shield remained in the face of another blinding volley that he flubbed his attack entirely. Shield took a swipe at the leader, forcing him to jump back out of axe's reach.

"And answer me this, O reverend of death," Shield quipped back, his sarcastic voice full of bile. "What of the players who are content to live within SAO?"

Shield's stony face had not even flinched in the course of the attacks that he had absorbed. His dark eyes continued to bore into those of the leader.

"Some players have found happiness in making a life in here. Are you saying oblivion is preferably to contentedness?"

Tough the heat of battle may not have been the best place for a philosophical debate, there was already one disciple who seemed to be showing signs of being shaken by the encounter. If he could get inside of their heads, demoralizing them might make quicker work for them.

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ID#77723: BD - 8 (5+3)  MD - 11 (8+3)

ID#77724: MD - 11 (8+3)

ID#77725: MD - 7 (4+3)

ID#77726: MD - 5 (2+3)

Tornado Kick - 1x6 - AoE - Dmg- 10 * 6 = 60

Beat: [420/420] [29/42] -12 EP  |  +1 EP

All MOBS have +3 Acc

Angels of Death Member 1 [106/250]: 60 dmg to Shield before mitigation and regen. 28 dmg from thorns 

Angels of Death Member 2 [162/250]: 60 dmg to Shield before mitigation and regen. 28 dmg from thorns 

Angels of Death Member 3 [106/250]: 60 dmg to Shield before mitigation and regen. 28 dmg from thorns

Angels of Death Member 4 [162/250]: Miss

As the player killers remained baffled by Shield's seemingly impenetrable defenses, Beat was enjoying watching Shield and the apparent leader of the troupe argue about ideals and philosophies. It seemed out of place, but it was amusing nonetheless. Beat took his time and maneuvered around the group of orange icons, leaping in from behind and landing directly in the middle of the frustrated group. He smiled at the petite rougish woman as his leg began to glow while a look of fear appeared on her face. 


Beat spun quickly, using his leg as a whip, catching each of his foes in the side of the face as they turned to look at him just before his attack hit home. They staggered as Beat repositioned himself behind Shield once again, forcing them to go through him. Begrudgingly, they did just that, coming at him with a frustrated ferocity that would likely earn them no merit. 

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ID# 77731 results: Battle: 6

2 dmg against # 2

Shield watched with no small amount of satisfaction as his distraction paid off, letting Beat slip in suddenly for his attack. Using the confusion of the impromptu Trojan Horse, he took a moment to choose his next target. There was one player who had hit him twice now and another who had twice avoided his thorns by missing altogether. He decided the first was the bigger threat.

With a step and a turn of his hips, he swung his axe upward at the underside of the player's jaw. It caught the edge, though he was unable to trigger the bleed effect he had been hoping for.

Only minimal damage. That's alright though. They still aren't any threat to us.

There was still something nagging at the back of his mind though. He was trying his very best not to let it overcome him, but this is the first time he had really tried swinging at a sprite that had a real, beating heart behind it.

I know they're killers, but it feels wrong...

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ID#77736: BD - 9 (6+3)  MD - 12 (9+3)

ID#77737: MD - 11 (8+3)

ID#77738: MD - 8 (5+3)

ID#77740: MD - 13 (10+3)

Tornado Kick - 1x6 - AoE - Dmg- 10 * 6 = 60

Beat: [420/420] [18/42] -12 EP  |  +1 EP

All MOBS have +3 Acc

Angels of Death Member 1 [46/250]: 66 dmg to Shield before mitigation and regen.

Angels of Death Member 2 [72/250]: 60 dmg to Shield before mitigation and regen. 28 dmg from thorns 

Angels of Death Member 3 [18/250]: 60 dmg to Shield before mitigation and regen. 28 dmg from thorns

Angels of Death Member 4 [102/250]: 72 dmg to Shield before mitigation and regen.

Beat watched for his moment again as the dark guild members were forced to deal with Shield, unable to find a safe route to the evasive martial artist. He quickly darted in as they attacked and spun around again with the same sword art as before, catching each of them in the ribs this time with force that would have broken their real ribs. 

"You guys sure can pick'em huh?" 

Beat watched as the pain he inflicted on them seemed to register just a little more. With a mob sprite, the creatures appeared to feel pain, but he always knew that it wasn't real, but these people would die if they fought this fight to the finish. one in particular looked like he was at death's door. The assassin's slowly picked themselves up and charged towards Shield once again as Beat maneuvered behind his tank. 

"Come my brothers and sisters! We will find freedom in death!"

Beat, had kept his focus enough to move back behind his tank, but he was not able to say that he was enjoying himself as he normally did. He spoke softly so only Shield could hear, their enemies' suicidal cause pulling at his heart strings.  

"This feels terrible...they're going to get themselves killed if we don't do something."

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Shield's face was grim, even more so than its usual stoniness. His jaw was clenched harder than usual, and his grip was tight enough on his axe that he was surprised the weapon was not visibly shaking.

"Look at their cursors," he said out of the side of his mouth to Beat, having to also half-way convince himself as he spoke. "Those cursors mean they've already killed. Their actions prove they have intent to kill them again. They chose to walk the path of death. Let's just make sure it's theirs and not anyone else's."

The covert message delivered, he filled his lungs again, knowing that Beat had already drawn a fair amount of attention. Shield didn't need crazed death cultists switching their sights to his companion.

"If you wish to run onto my axe blade, then your death is on your own hands," Shield bellowed, sending a shock wave of sound through the dense foliage of the jungle floor. "I normally don't believe that might makes right, but I'm happy to claim both this time around! Come on!"

His voice was more dynamic this time than it had been before with more ups and downs, the same way someone who is trying not to weep will avoid using the part of their vocal cord beside the lump in their throat.

No person deserves to die in here.... but more are going to if they're allowed to live.

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ID#77743: BD - 13 (10+3)  LD: 5 (1+4) = no bonus loot MD - 1

ID#77745: MD - 7 (4+3)

ID#77746: MD - 7 (4+3)

ID#77747: MD - 13 (10+3)

Tornado Kick - 1x6 - AoE - Dmg- 12 * 6 = 72 +12 bleed for 2 rnds

Beat: [420/420] [7/42] -12 EP  |  +1 EP

All MOBS have +3 Acc

Angels of Death Member 1 [dead]

Angels of Death Member 2 [dead]

Angels of Death Member 3 [dead]

Angels of Death Member 4 [18/250]: 72 dmg to Shield before mitigation and regen.

Beat nodded hesitantly as he was forced to agree with Shield’s assessment. THey had to be pragmatic in this instance. The assassins would keep trying to kill the two of them until one side was dead. The idea of ending someone’s life made his stomach feel like it would turn inside out, but he knew what he had to do.

“Damn it! You DAMN FOOLS!!”

In a blur of motion, Beat went from behind Shield to slamming his glowing leg into their faces, taking three of their heads straight off, putting everything he had into the attack to hopefully end their lives quickly. He straightened up, saddened by the fact that one was still alive, fighting his desire to follow his faith and his instincts for survival. Beat shook his head at the man, his chest tightening from the sight of three human heads leaving their bodies.

“You can leave! Right now! My bleed effects will leave you alive! Yo-!”

The man roared loudly as he charged shield, his eyes mad with delusion.

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ID# 77748 results: Battle: 10 - 2 dmg + 2 = 4 dmg + 12 bleed (next two rounds)

Sensing Beat's distress he took the young man's shoulder and forced him to turn around, spinning his face away from the fight as the tank turned back to the charging player just in time to catch him in the chin with a swift uppercut of his barbed axe. Pixels streamed out of the gash in his jaw, spilling red into the air as the man was lifted off of his feet. The misguided player landed square on his back, the life gone from his eyes as his health bar began to drain away.

"Will... will I be free?" he asked, his eyes staring blankly ahead into the canopy above him.

Shield stepped closer, kneeling down beside him. It was hard to know how to answer him, but since this was the first human life that he had a tangible part in eliminating, he almost felt obligated. He took a deep breath, trying to quiet the inner turmoil that bubbled just below the surface.

"You won't be trapped anymore, no," Shield said. "And I think you're all wrong about your views on life and death and freedom... but even if you are, at least for your sake, I hope there's some peace to be found in death."

The whole thing felt surreal, like he was giving a eulogy to the man even as he was still living. It turned his stomach.

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ID# 77749: BD - 9 (6+3)  LD: 14 (10+4) = HP x5 col 

Aggressive Twins - 2x1 - AoE- Dmg- 10 * 2 = 20 

Beat: [420/420] [4/42] -4 EP  |  +1 EP

All MOBS have +3 Acc

Angels of Death Member 1 [dead]

Angels of Death Member 2 [dead]

Angels of Death Member 3 [dead]

Angels of Death Member 4 [Dead]

Loot: 4 T1 Mats and 2500 col

Beat’s eyes lowered as the delusional assassin managed to avoid death by the razor blades protruding from Shield’s armor. He saw the wound from both his and Shield’s strike leaking a steady stream of red particles, but even though he knew the man wasn’t technically suffering from a pain perspective, he wanted the horrible feeling in his stomach to go away as quickly as possible. He grit his teeth as he walked up to the man and grabbed him by the front of his armor, lifting him up into the air with one arm.

“You can rationalize anything, including killing people. You make me sick. Take your stupid freedom and leave us alone.”

Beat’s left hand glowed faintly as he activated one of his lowest sword arts, but one he knew would end the ordeal that had gone on for far too long. His fist found the cheekbones of his target twice before the man’s health bar drained completely. The man’s face relaxed completely as a look of fulfillment washed over his face.


Beat glared up at him, “Shut the hell up.”

He released the dead man and turned around, his head hung as he fought back the tears that had begun to well up in his eyes. His victim faded to a glowing pale white before bursting into pixels as Beat remained silent, heading back to the group of amazons.

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ID# 77768 results: Loot: 20 + 3 item + 1 skill + 1 skill item = 25 - +1 Material (5 total)

There was a long silence, during which Shield looked away to swap out his items. It was really more to busy himself than anything else. His shield and axe disappeared, replaced by a familiar earring and wrist band. In the dim light beneath the jungle canopy, it was easy to see the glow of the earring cast upon his shoulder. He glanced around, spotting the vibrant flower that was growing off of the nearby vine.

"You didn't have to do that," he said, plucking up the flower and banishing it to his inventory. "I know you know that, but still. Innocent or otherwise, there's no need for more blood on your hands than necessary."

He turned his shoulder towards the nearest tree trunk and leaned against it, not quite ready to look someone in the eyes after having just participated in the deaths of actual humans. As much as it stung though, he was glad for it. The last thing he wanted was to return home to his daughters numb to the idea of death.

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ID# 77769: LD - 15 (11+4) = 1 T1 Mat found. (3 Total)

Beat sighed as he nodded in acknowledgement. Shield was right and Beat had already known that he didn’t need to do what he did, but at the time, ending the whole situation as quickly as possible felt like the better option. I wasn’t sure if that fact that he killed them with his own hands or by bleeding them out would have made much of a difference. He figured the initial impact would have been smaller had he simply let him bleed out, but the lasting harm was about the same either way.

“I needed it to be over, sorry. In the long run, I didn’t think it would matter…”

He began to become frustrated as the tight, queasy feeling in his stomach refused to leave. The images of each of them dying by his hands continued to play through his head and he could only find a small amount of solace in that the game had little to no gore at all. He kicked a large divot into the ground in anger, freeing a chunk of rock and launching it high into the air. Horus spotted the dull, but shimmering mineral deposit and retrieved it. The large peregrine falcon swooped down and perched on his usual spot on Beat’s shoulder, dropping the mineral in the hand Beat had reflexively turned upwards to catch the material. He stashed the item before sitting down on the moist ground, his desire to go home leaving him.

“But you know what does matter? Its that there is someone convincing otherwise innocent people that death is preferable to living here….or ESCAPING!”

Beat’s fist made a small indention into the vegetation of the jungle floor as he repeatedly pounded the ground, his frustration coming more from anger rather than guilt. Anything ill feeling he had towards himself about the situation would pass quickly as he was already resolved that he had acted justly. He yelled up into the treetops as he leaned backwards, propping himself up on this arms.

“Who the hell does that and where can I find him so I can punch his stupid face!?”

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ID# 77771 results: Loot: 17 + 3 item + 1 skill + 1 skill item = 22 - +1 material (6 total)

Shield didn't say anything. Beat was in an emotional state right now, so words wouldn't have any impact on the situation except to potentially inflame it. This was something the younger man was going to have to work through on his own, and in all reality, Shield needed to do the same. He tilted his head back and focused on keeping his breathing steady, taking long, slow breaths in and out.

He focused on the physical sensations around him. The rough bark under his forearm. The stickiness and heat of the jungle air. The weight of his own body on the soles of his feet. Whenever things got to be too much, this was his favorite way to ground himself. It did not erase the things that were there and on his mind, but it gave him a few seconds away from them in order to breathe.

As he returned his eyes back to head level, he spotted another of the same type of flower he had found before and plucked it from the vine, storing it with the others. 

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ID# 77772: LD - 19 (15+4) = 1 T1 Mat found (4 Total)

Horus, feeling the tension venting from his bonded master, gave him a light peck that was more like a nuzzle than anything. The telepathic bond they had shared for a few moments after Horus’s right of ascension had finished would have been extremely convenient as the falcon was feeling frustrated himself for being unable to accurately communicate as they had before. Beat leaned into Horus’s beak as he sighed, giving the falcon’s feathers an affectionate stroke.

“I need to lie down and think buddy.”

Fortunately, Horus had no trouble understanding Beat and made a quick ascent to a low hanging branch, unwilling to let Beat out of his sight completely. Beat let his arms move out from underneath him, allowing his back to hit the somewhat forgiving jungle floor. He closed his eyes as he ran through the images that continued to flash through his head, trying to process everything that had happened in mere seconds, his face contorted in concentration. His heaving chest slowly began to regulate and his body began to cool down as his mind slowly calmed down while the ambiance of the jungle lulled the young man to sleep. The fight had not been too strenuous, but his mind needed time to digest and internalize all of the new feelings and information he had just gotten. After what was no more than ten minutes, Beat finally opened his eyes and slowly sat up, picking a mushroom that he had avoided crushing with his head by mere inches.

No more...

The rage from before was now a strong sense of injustice and Beat's eyes were hard with determination. He looked over to Shield after standing to his feet, his face relaxed, but his brow possessing enough crinkles for his friend to know that he was still unhappy.

“I don’t ever want to take another life again...but if I am going to, I want it to be the leader of whatever organization those people belong to so they can’t kill anyone else.”

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ID# 77780 results: Loot: 1 + 3 item + 1 skill + 1 skill item = 6 - No materials (6 total)

Shield took a seat against his tree as Beat settled down to rest his weary mind. Unfortunately, the mark of advanced years was a restlessness in these sorts of situations. Even if he had wanted to sleep, he couldn't have. Every couple of minutes, the thoughts in his head overcame him, and he would need to stand and pace, giving his body something active to do in order to cope with the restless feeling in his mind and legs.

As Beat roused himself, he sat upright, listening from his place on the ground as the younger man's mind came back into focus.

"What you're talking about is a difficult thing," he said, a hint of warning behind his voice. "And that can be a slippery slope, creating an enemy for yourself like that." 

He planted his hand on the ground and struggled up to his feet, turning to face the younger man.

"I'm not saying that justice shouldn't be carried out," he went on, not eager to risk invoking his companion's anger again. "However, those words sounded like revenge more so than justice. I'm not saying don't go after them... just know that if you succeed at justice, you can rest easy one day. If you succeed at revenge, you can't. Success won't quench that fire."

He motioned with his head back the direction they came from.

"Come on," he said. "Let's get you walking and start heading back. moving your feet might help clear your head a little."

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ID# 77807: LD - 14 (10+4) = no mats (3 total)


Beat planned to reply to Shield’s words of wisdom, but he was calmer now and the nature of recent events had gotten him to look inwards at himself so he wanted to make sure that he really did want justice before easing his friend’s concerns. He knew that he certainly felt a fire in his heart, but it was no longer a wild rage. The feeling in his chest had gone from a force that simply needed an outlet, to a power that could be directed for a cause. After a few minutes of introspection, Beat spoke again, his eye lifting to look ahead as he spoke.

“Sure, I’m still angry right now, but I don’t think that’s why I want to do it.”

He paused for a moment, ducking a low vine that threatened to attempt to strangle him. He quickly straightened up and made sure Horus was still with them before continuing,

“I don’t want revenge...I want to stop them from taking the lives of innocent people that are probably resigned to living here or fighting to get out. For them to assume everyone is suffering and thus should just die is beyond wrong. I really wonder if they actually believe they’re helping or if they are simply using that interpretation as an excuse to murder people.”

Beat's fists clenched again as the mere thought of people like that angered him. 

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ID# 77802 results: Loot: 15 + 3 item + 1 skill + 1 skill item = 20 - +1 Material (7 total)

"That's another hard one," Shield said, running a broad hand back through his matted hair. "From my understanding, 'because they like to murder' is rarely an actual reason that people commit murder. People either do it out of anger or a twisted sense of ideal. We're not likely to run into the entire rest of the gang now, though."

He glanced over at the younger man and reached out, tapping him on the shoulder with his fist in a gesture of comfort.

"We'll have time to sort it out," he assured Beat. "It's not like we need to have all of the answers now."

As they came back to the swath of destruction that the field boss had created, he spotted an especially prominent hunk of blackened wood. He might have just passed it by, but he spotted a familiar golden glow on his shoulder. Bending over he inspected what he assumed to be a piece of charcoal before picking it up. Much to his surprise, it registered as a collectible material as he attempted to store it.

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ID# 77878: LD - 13 (9+4) = no mats    (4 Total)

Beat rubbed his chin as they entered the charred section of the forest where their target he decided to make its last stand. The flames has ceased entirely by this point and the temperature was a little nicer without the tree coverage. Beat also didn’t mind being able to walk without having to remove vegetation out of his way every ten feet.

“I know you’re right that most people don’t murder because they like it, but if someone got into the game with the idea that we were all suffering and that we all needed to die to be free, that person needs to be dealt with, though I would rather not kill them…”

Beat sighed and shut his eyes tightly before opening them again and trying to shake the cloud of sadness/anger that was hovering over him. He forced a smile as he spoke.

“Well, you’re right about the fact that we don’t have all the answers and we’ll probably be without them for quite some time, so for now, I suppose it would be better to move on, at least for today…”

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ID# 77882 results: Loot: 20 + 3 item + 1 skill + 1 skill item = 25 - Advanced Dungeon!

Shield put his hand on the younger player's head and mussed his hair up a little as a gesture both of comfort and to indicate that nothing else really needed to be said on the matter. They walked in relative silence back to the Amazon settlement, Norbert's feet continually crawling along the treadmill of Shield's back.

As they neared the end of the charred clearing where they had first entered, however, a bright light began to issue from his earring. He had seen the aura of its light on his shoulder before, but this was different. It shone so brightly that he could see the halo of light just in the still lightly smoky air around them. Glancing around for an explanation, Shield spotted a tree stump that looked to be very much out of place. It had not been charred in the least, despite its neighbors all being blackened, or in many cases nothing more than cinders.

Reaching out to touch it, he found that it was not, in fact, wooden. It seemed to be made of camouflaged stone, hence why it had not burned like those around it. He glanced over at Beat and shrugged before turning his dark eyes back onto the stone curiosity. Walking in slow circles, he paced around the oddity, inspecting it top to bottom. Along the side furthest from the settlement, there was a very prominent knot where it seemed a limb had been cut off. Reaching out, he touched it gently.

Immediately, a line formed down the sides and across the top of the previously unmarked stump, and the entire thing split down the center, sliding away from one another like twin glaciers. The halves parted to reveal a downward shaft that dropped straight into the pitch black of the earth, with only a single ladder dropping down the side of it. He sent a wide-eyed glance back over at Beat.

"...Another time," he said, with a shake of his head, opening his HUD map to begin making note of the dungeon's location. "I'd say we've had enough adventure for today."

With a flourish, he finished marking the map, touched the knot on the side of the split trunk, which slowly slid itself back into place. He gestured for Beat to follow.

"Come on. Let's go find some tall women to get our reward."


[Quest Rewards]

- Each -

5 SP (3 quest completion, 2 thread length)

1650 Col ([800 thread length + 2500 loot] / 2)

<<Tiger Rage>> A potion which grants +2 damage. Lasts for one thread. Takes a post action to apply


- Shield -

Advanced Dungeon Map - F6

8 T1 Materials (split extras with Beat)


- Beat -

7 T1 Materials

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